The real cause of Abraham Lincoln’s depression

The real cause of Abraham Lincoln’s depression


Abraham Lincoln is the American president who aided abolishment of slavery and shaped modern democracy. He fought clinical depression then called melancholia throughout all of his life. Yet suicidal thoughts were not alien to him. “His melancholy dripped from him as he walked”, said his law partner William Herndon.

Abraham Lincoln 10 days before Gettysburg address 19 11 1863Abraham Lincoln’s depression is clearly encoded in his natal chart. Generally, it consist in the Saturn – Neptune conjunction occupying the highest place in his chart and its square to Mercury. Lincoln’s Moon is extremely weak by sign, house and aspect and is void of course so it only worsens his mental state. It indicates fear of feelings, alienation, and a chronic condition that is difficult to influence. This combination is a classic indicator of melancholy or depression and tends to provoke suicidal thoughts. The Mercury-Pluto conjunction that he has in his map is quite supportive to the latter as it directs thoughts toward afterlife. In addition, with the first five planets in detriment and Jupiter unaspected, Lincoln must have been quite reticent and felt that happiness was almost unattainable.

Weak psyche but strong will

With the unconscious and sensitive feminine planets weak and afflicted, Lincoln was hypersensitive, melancholic and alienated. However, the main masculine element in his chart was maximally energized and compensated for the weakness of the feminine planets. The active masculine principle, the rising Sun, its trine to Mars and strong ruler of the map endowing his conscious will with the energy to override the unconscious fears. Clearly, Abraham Lincoln birth chart contains his psychotic condition, and the potential to overcome it.


The relationship between mental illness and genius is well known. Its astrological explanation is elemental. Astrologically implanted qualities are archetypal, complex, and multifunctional. Any horoscopic abnormality may relate to variations in different norms.

On the other hand, depression is disillusionment or lack of hope. Some researchers call this effect “depressive realism.” The sad but wise character reflected in impersonal proverbs is the embodiment of Saturn-Neptune conjunction, which is highlighted in Lincoln’s horoscope. Astrology also explains the realism of sadness.

According to some researchers, Lincoln’s problematic character is the instrument that allowed him to save the nation. Some Lincoln biographers believe that his depression deepened his thinking and made him very involved with the suffering of others, helping him to fulfil his historical role: to stop racial oppression and to abolish slavery. And in fact they are right, because Lincoln’s melancholy is of Saturnian-Neptunian type. It stems from his inability to rest satisfied and from the painful sympathy with those who slavery forces into such a situation.

Tall of stature

Abraham Lincoln was one head higher than his contemporaries. He was 193 centimeters tall and weighed over 90 kg. His tall and slim body gave grounds to some wise guys to assume that he was suffering from a syndrome but in a mild form. Obviously, they believe that the growth is recorded in centimeters somewhere in the genome, and that any deviation from norm is abnormal or illness, which is unjustified. Doctors should know which traits may be of genetic origin and which could not. Moreover, their assumption is superfluous because there are traditional astrological reasons for the high stature of the president. The greater than the average height of Abraham Lincoln is encoded in his horoscope. The sign, decade and degrees of his Sun, ascendant and its ruler, as well as the presence of most planets in the ascending arc of the zodiac, are conditions of tallness. In addition, the exact Sun-ascendant conjunction and its trine and Mars, is a union of fiery influences that supply the body and the will with energy for growth and increase body height.

Maryland, Antietam, President Lincoln on the Battlefield

Body habitus

In 2007, Dr. John Sotos even proposed that Lincoln had a mild form of cancer called multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2b. In this way the doctor attempt to explain a set of Lincoln’s characteristics such as large jaw, large and bumpy lips, constipation, low muscular tone (hypotonia), the asymmetry of his face, the “mole” on his right cheek and his drooping eyelid.

But he does not know that medical astrology explains the presence of all these traits and does not consider them to be morbid deviations. They would not bother a good physician in the middle ages or in an earlier age because they are more or less logical consequences from Lincoln’s horoscope. With his luminaries in Saturn signs and a relaxed Saturn due to its conjunction to Neptune, Lincoln must be a very phlegmatic type with slow movements or low muscle tone, as is fashionable to say today. Applied to the intestinal peristalsis, phlegmaticalness normally gives a sluggish bowel or constipation.

Lincoln’s Saturnian Lights, elevated Saturn, and weak Moon in Capricorn guarantee leanness.

Abraham Lincoln left and right halves of the faceLincoln had strabismus. His left eye was set slightly higher, it tended to roll upwards and its eyelid to droop when he was tired or excited. Some attributed these eye peculiarities to a trauma in his youth. However, the severe imbalance of feminine and masculine planets in Lincoln horoscope can explain all of them. The greater is the imbalance, the greater is the expected difference between all parameters of the eyes including their position. Lincoln’s Moon is considerably weaker than his Sun and tends to make the left half of his face including eye lymphatic, flabby, weaker and melancholic. As a result the left half of Lincoln’s face appears sadder and morose.

The facial asymmetry, the drooping eyelid, and the mole on the right cheek are also set in the Lincoln horoscope. The main reason for the left-right symmetry is in the unequal power and lack of connection between the luminaries. A principal discussion of horoscopic programming of facial asymmetry can be found here. As for the wart, it is also of nongenetic origin. Another world-famous person, born only a few hours before Lincoln, has a similar mole in a nearby location.

The large and protuberant lower lip, as well as Lincoln’s upright hair, is due to his Sun totem, which is resolutely stronger than the lunar one, and defines largely his appearance, including his height. Lincoln’s Sun totem is a large, sluggish but lean, ruminant mammal with an upright forelock, a big muzzle, and a protruding aslant lower lip.

The rediscovery of the essentials is forthcoming

We have shown that traditional astrology explains both Abraham Lincoln’s depression, melancholy, character or mental attitude, and his stature. There is no other explanation for them. However, the astrological explanation is neglected, and other side causes are sought as if people should be identical at birth.

Abraham Lincoln mirrored left and right halves of the faceIgnorance creates artificial medical riddles. The reverse causal relationship employed by psychology to explain everything – the unconscious experience – tries to solve them. Artificial medical puzzles are created, which are solved by the causal relationship that psychology uses to explain everything: to gain unconscious experience.

The reason for neglecting knowledge is in the rash eviction of astrology by universities and especially by medical schools in the 18th century. The specialization of knowledge distracts and simplifies it to such an extent that the whole loses its meaning and the mechanistic philosophy takes precedence. Science drives away the spirit and becomes interested only in the obvious specific reasons. This culminated during the 20th century with the acceptation of the theory of relativity, which theoretically eradicated the ᴂther and the carrier of the spiritual. The search for the concrete has the opposite effect because the invisible mediator or spirit exists and eventually, each theory comes to it. The paradoxical result is that today we have mechanistic physics that works with insubstantial factors. This is also the case with medicine and psychology, who try to explain the states of their subjects with external unknown but specific reasons. Support Bio-Astrology with any amount – it only takes seconds. Thank you. donate-to-bio-astrology-long-yel

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