AIDS in Astrological Perspective

AIDS in Astrological Perspective

Sex and death fixation

A continual energizing of Scorpio preconditions occurrence of Scorpio diseases. During 1983-1984 Pluto, Mars and Saturn entered Scorpio nearly simultaneously. Then a pandemic of Scorpio-Saturnian-Martian nature broke out. The epidemiologic reasoning adopted in describing another Scorpionic disease  – Ebola – was automatically applied in defining the Autoimmune Deficiency Syndrome, but this time with a special focus on sex.

The concept of AIDS resembles a psychological fixation that merges sex and death and that is typical of Scorpio. In 1983 Scorpio was super energized which is an astrological precondition for the occurrence of Scorpionic manias. The major factor in the activation of Scorpio is Pluto’s transit. And Pluto is not a frequent guest at all. Once every 250 years he visits each zodiacal sign and sojourns in it for a period between 12 and 32 years. Transiting his own sign empowers the Scorpionic predilection for all humanity. It raises the tension and awakes an interest in that which is unknown. The most direct and mass manifestation of the Scorpionic influence is an increase in sexuality and fear of death.

It is already classic to associate the influence of Pluto in Scorpio with a compulsive interest in sex and death and in their manipulation such as with obsessions with genetic engineering, cloning and therefore with the replication of nucleonic acids.

The Scorpio instinct amalgamates sexuality and fear of death in an integral whole. The reasoning subjected to this fixation is driven to find the cause of fear. But the attempt of logical reasoning to shake off irrational fears only leads to their legalization and institutionalization. Making up an invisible agent of psychological fixations materializes it.

Pluto’s previous visits in Scorpio may have led to religious asceticism or to witch hunts. But the 20th century is specific for its notion of the virus. It describes the existence of an invisible lethal danger and in mid-20th century it had already become an important element in modern demonology. The notion of virus perfectly matches to the apprehensive Scorpionic attitude. When Pluto enters Scorpio it increases its influence and adds elusiveness, furtiveness, sexual transmission and lethality to the notion of virus, all of which culminate in the idea of HIV.

According to bio-astrology the instinct of stalking underlies the Scorpio archetype. The stalker considers everybody else a stalker and therefore representing hidden danger. And such are the properties of the HIV virus in general. The very concept of the virus has Scorpionic nature. It is not surprising that the inventor of the virus Dmitri Ivanovsky was Scorpio.

AIDS is a syndrome so it has complex indications. The disease has no characteristic symptoms of its own but exhibits a variable and complex set of symptoms. This describes its agent as an adeptly transforming secret and subversive agent; such traits are well-known Scorpionic characteristics. The arbitrariness of the incubation period of the disease not only reveals helplessness in defining it but also is in unison with the Scorpio archetype because it veils the disease in mystery and injects the feeling of an unknown danger into it.

On the 6th of November 1983 Pluto advents its own sign Scorpio. This increases Scorpio’s influence and gives a new impetus to ideas connecting invisible lethal threat with sexuality. During the next ten years Pluto transits Scorpio and themes of mass lethal infection with lethal viruses, turning into zombies or vampires become popular – all of them being conditions transmitted by an invisible agent just like Ebola and AIDS. In medicine the strive for finding out the cause of the immune system exhaustion that has killed people from times unknown increases. The obsession of physicians and virologists with the secrets related to sex and death conceived the idea of AIDS.

Anatomically, Scorpio sign governs the anus and the perineum so it governs anal sex. Scorpio is responsible for cuts especially the deeper and more poisonous ones such as those caused by a sting, so it governs injections. A deadly sexually transmitted disease that penetrates into the body through the anus or intravenously like a scorpion’s sting, disguises itself as another disease and has a long incubational period of unknown duration is a perfect incarnation of the Scorpionic ideology.

A fixation on the invisible evil in sexuality is a characteristic Scorpio attitude. A Scorpionic mass psychosis caused by the astrological influence during the 1983-1995 period led to defining the Autoimmune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and to its speedy and unimpeded popularization.


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