AIDS as Business

AIDS as Business

One of the measures that saved the AIDS concept and AIDS business was the categorization of African hepatitis as AIDS. The attributing of this traditional African disease to the original AIDS led to a dramatic increase in AIDS because the portion of African virus carriers is large – it is about 70% of all. This recalculation overcompensated and concealed the great decline in AIDS morbidity in the Western world that took place around 1995.

The renaming of the African disease and the new diagnostic methods reversed the rapidly falling curve of the number of people living with AIDS after 1995. This tactics increased the subsidies allocated to AIDS. What’s ugliest in those manipulative approaches is the waste of money for ineffective treatments instead of using it for uncovering the essence of the immunodeficiency.

The AIDS-mania marginalized and silenced renowned virologists and geneticists who didn’t acknowledge the reality of the virus. The regular physicians admire their bosses and specialists, and fear the disease. How many of them dare question the official version? How many clerks dare challenge the system and risk their jobs? It is not doubt and initiative that give out diplomas and salaries but following the establishment. It’s not assuming individual responsibility but hiding in the collective irresponsibility that brings patients along. And how many of the people practicing a prestigious profession would in fact doubt its usefulness? And we cannot expect something different from the politicians who are ignorant of medical issues but are specialized in utilizing others’ resources. The last thing a diplomat would is take the risk of questioning the use of the river of money flowing into senseless or even harmful treatments?

In Greek mythology Pluto is the keeper of the underworld. It is sadly ironic that the treatment of AIDS practiced up to 1996-1997 (the so called monotherapies) was very harmful and even lethal. This seemingly confirmed the incurability of the syndrome and avalanched its toll. Many patients survived the treatment because they stopped it. They united on the internet against their medics. But if we acknowledge that a modern analogue of the underground world is mafia things would fall into place.

In 1995 Pluto left Scorpio. Then the fear of sexuality and death declined and the AIDS-mania faded. The treatment of virus carriers normalized and the treatment of the syndrome ameliorated. The physicians declared that AIDS’ incubation period may prolong indefinitely and even never become acute. It turned out that virus carriers may never know that they are such. This is equivalent to saying that the virus is ubiquitous in dormant form as the virus of herpes for instance or that it is harmless or has only a virtual existence. Also it turned out that catching AIDS is quite difficult and that many other diseases produce AIDS antibodies so that serum-positive blood tests results do not mean HIV infection. Actually this admits that the countless cases treated during the most active period of the pandemic have been needlessly or wrongly subjected to the unhealthy healings.

HAART-+-Pluto-40During 1996 the new and less harmful combination of drugs HAART (highly active antiretroviral therapy) was proposed instead of the killing/lethal monotherapies. A year later HAART began to be more widely applied. As Pluto left Scorpio AIDS went out of fashion. But not its drugs and treatment. The weakening of the epidemic was attributed to the new therapy. In a similar way the decline of the poliomyelitis1)poliomyelitis is considered a contagious viral disease, but its infectiousness was never proven despite the experiments with humans stemming from the reduced usage in the 60’s and the ban on DDT and other highly poisonous pesticides in 70’s in the developed countries, was ascribed to the polio vaccine which is still applied on a mass scale.

The new HAART treatment received the ovation for the normalization of Scorpio and disguised the medical and medico-astrological aspects of the syndrome. This masked the harmfulness of the monotherapies and maintained both the ignorance about and status quo of AIDS. The renaming of African hepatitis statistically increased the number of people living with the disease, prolonged its incubation period indefinitely and strengthened the pharmaceutical business.

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1. poliomyelitis is considered a contagious viral disease, but its infectiousness was never proven despite the experiments with humans

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