AIDS horoscope

AIDS horoscope

Conception of AIDS: Pluto reaches for Scorpio

In 1881 in America a statistical relation between collapse of immune system and intravenous taking of heroin, male homosexuality and haemophilia was noticed. Firstly the complex of symptoms was called ‘the 4 h’ as the fourth ‘h’ came from the great proportion of sick Haitians. In 1882 the complex of symptoms was renamed to ‘Homosexuality-related immune deficiency’. This name, however, was also imprecise. Besides it appeared homophobic. For those reasons on 27th of July 1982 the term Autoimmune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) was proposed. Interestingly, at that time a tight planetary stellium spreading from 17° Libra to 2° Scorpio was formed in the heavens with the help of the fastest planet – the Moon. The stellium was built from Saturn (25° Libra), Mars (27° Libra) and Jupiter (2° Scorpio) accompanied by the Moon. It is a planetary bridge through which Pluto stretched ahead in the zodiac, reached his Scorpionic grounds and ‘fertilized the soil’ for his future rulership. A most concise symbolism of the planets constituting the bridge could describe it as a morbid, enervating and life-consuming (Saturn), penetrating, stinging, deadly and sexual (Pluto), acute and masculine (Mars), emotional and feminine (Moon), and impatient, theoretical and preliminary (Jupiter), public (Libra) interest in the secrets of sex and death (Scorpio). Undoubtedly, the symbolism of the planetary stellium that existed at the name-day of AIDS describes it very well.

The nature of the syndrome takes shape

As Pluto neared Scorpio the interest in dangerous sexually transmitted diseases grew and became more and more serious. On 20th of May 1983 Science magazine published the supposition that a retrovirus causes AIDS. Then Pluto was only two degrees away from Scorpio and Saturn who had just returned from a six-month journey in Scorpio was only a half degree away from Scorpio. In this way in the days before the publication Pluto was once again connected with a planetary bridge to Scorpio. This time, however, the stellium was small and only consisted of the keeper of the underworld kingdom Pluto and of the grave reaper Saturn.

The symbolism of this short planetary bridge is similar to that existing at the time when AIDS was named, but is much more compact and uncompromising. It may be described as a dangerous, stinging and poisonous (Pluto), and serious, morbid and deadly (Saturn) public interest in the secrets of sex and death (stellium touching Scorpio at the end of Libra). Briefly, it describes with top seriousness an impeding invisible deadly sex-related danger. The symbolism of the Pluto-Saturn conjunction that took place during the official scientific analysis of the syndrome matches its nature quite well.

A curious detail is that both planets were retrograde when the retrovirus was suggested and announced. Actually, an unusually large number of planets were retrograde at that time (from about 20 and for 5 more days). Retrograde were Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Quaoar and Ixion. Thus the ratio of retrograde to prograde planets was 6:2. And if we take into account Quaoar and Ixion as they seem to relate to AIDS the ratio becomes 8:2. The backward motion of the planets corresponds to the backward synthesis of nucleonic acids supposedly producing retroviruses – from RNA to DNA. Both planets forming the tight stellium – Saturn and Pluto – had achieved their maximal retrograde velocity and strength about a month earlier or approximately at the time when the articles were being prepared and sent for approval. The participation of Pluto and Saturn in these preparatory events shows that they have a secondary role in the epidemic.

AIDS birthday

On 24th of April 1984 Pluto achieved maximal velocity and strength for the first time since he entered Scorpio – a thing he had last done 246 years ago. Just the previous day and therefore simultaneously happened to be AIDS’ official birthday. On 23rd of April 1984 the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary rashly announced at a press conference that the probable cause of AIDS had been discovered. The statement, however, to put it mildly, was premature. It was based on a hypothesis, it was made in the absence of proof of existence of the retrovirus and without respecting the medical requirement for establishing a new disease that needs certain number of proven cases.

The rash declaration betrayed that an intense interest in the topic was in the air at that time. It was hardly motivated solely by the careerism of the declarer because in normal conditions the ungrounded statements undermine scientific career. But in that case nothing harmed it. On the contrary, the hasty and unreliable news gained undeserved popularity. Both mass media and public turned out to be strangely suggestible to the idea that a grave new danger stalks in sex. We can consider this suggestibility as a direct manifestation of the mundane influence of the overexcited Scorpio archetype in all people.

Of course, at the official birthday of AIDS both rulers of Scorpio – Mars and Pluto – were at home, or at Scorpio in other words.  The other traditional malefactor – Saturn – was also paying Scorpio a visit. Besides, he was situated exactly at the Mars-Pluto midpoint, which additionally activated him and related his fatal action to theirs.


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