Airplane Accidents and Astrological Influences

Airplane Accidents and Astrological Influences

Classical astrology finds correspondence between heavenly and worldly affairs but does not intend to explain them. It is not interested in the physical nature of the astrological factors and influences but simply takes account of them. After all, physics is a new branch of natural sciences and its view of the world fluctuates too often for it to be taken seriously. Classical astrology is a statistical science just like physics of gases or quantum physics. Unlike physics, however, astrology does not operate with virtual objects, even microscopic ones.

In some cases the relation between heavenly and worldly events is clear-cut and has a big prognostic value. In other cases it is less obvious and outlines general trends. The effectiveness of astrological prognosis depends on how important the factors it accounts for are to the events in question. Low effectiveness means that the observed factors are unrepresentative. They may be inessential or more than needed. Classical astrology, for instance, makes no distinction between physical and psychological astrological influences. Contemporary physics is comfortably sleeping on the pseudoscientific couch of theory of relativity and dogmatically denies the existence of meaningful cosmic influences. For that reason it does not help astrology in specifying the factors it accounts for.

Generally, according to bio-astrology the effect of astrological factors is due to changes in the density of space or aetheric density that heavenly bodies cause. Although incorrectly, the curvature in the space-time continuum with which general theory of relativity describes gravity may be used illustrate the density of space. The theories of relativity have expelled the luminiferous aether from the scientific paradigm and replaced it with constants and special relativistic ethers. So let the prejudiced readers think of the space-time continuum curvatures instead of aetheric densities. In order not to lose them I’ll speak of density of astronomical systems instead. Density or curvature of space cannot be measured directly and locally by rough electric devises because they concern the universal filling of space and therefore everything including electric charges. The changes of space density, however, exert measurable influence on more complex, plastic chemical systems and especially on living creatures.

Living organisms are the most precise measurable instruments to celestial influences. Their complexity is incomparably greater than that of measuring devices and so is their sensitivity.

Density of space affects chemical balance and therefore velocity and intensity of chemical reactions. These include fuel consumption, cohesion of materials and their electrostatic charge. The peaks of space density change circumstances in many respects and create conditions for unpleasant surprises in the operation of engines especially when they are working almost at their full capacity. Many technical misfortunes, airplane crashes including the tragedies with the space shuttles Challenger and Columbia are sad examples of the effect of the marginal states of space filling.

Although not quite sharply, bio-astrology differentiates between biological and physical effects of cosmic influences. The amount of change in space density relates mostly to physical and physiological conditions whilst its cyclicity and phases – to emotional or psychological attitudes.

New Moons as well as other planetary conjunctions are important astrological factors. According to bio-astrology they are synchronized with peaks in space density and are powerful physical factors having universal impact. Concentration of accidents is often not accidental and may be caused by a change in density of the cosmic system to which Earth belongs. So astrological factors have a direct physical influence and not only a psychological one. The direct influences are maximal during syzygy of the cosmic systems.

Flying engines often work in conditions near the limit of their technical abilities. For that reason most of the accidents that are not caused by human factor happen during times of ‘space-time’ anomalies, i.e., compressions or decompression in the cosmic systems. Especially affected by the space-time curvatures are small and military airplanes. The case of the night of July 26 -27th 2014 exemplifies this. Then four small planes crashed in different parts of the world. They are yet another unpleasant example of the direct physical influence of astrological factors. So let’s take a look at the astrological events that according to bio-astrology that may have physically preconditioned the plain accidents that happened almost simultaneously that night.

On July 26th 23;41 (GMT+1) there was a new moon (10) as both Sun and Moon were at exact conjunction with Jupiter (2) who has the same declination as that of the Sun (3). Event 1 is synchronized with a monthly maximum in the density of the Sun-Earth-Moon system while event 2 and 3 – with maximums in the density of the Sun-Jupiter-Earth-Moon system,

Event 1 is the strongest one but it has nearly 30-day cyclicity so it doesn’t present an anomalous condition. Event 2 and 3, however, are rarer events. Sun, Earth and Moon align twice a year. Not each time Moon aligns with them but when she does she contributes for anomalous peaks in density of the four-body system.

The number of alignments of heavenly bodies in certain configuration depends on the exactness of angles or the orb we use in calculation. For instance, for the period 2000-2016 the four bodies align 16 times if we take it that Jupiter to be 3 degrees away from the Sun.1)4.05.2000 4:00 (GMT+2), 25.11.2000 20:00, 30.12.2001 8:00, 1.02.2003 8:00,
6.03.2004 20:00, 20.11.2006 20:00, 24.12.2007 0:00, 26.01.2009 4:00, 28.02.2010 14:00, 23.09.2010 6:00, 3.04.2011 10:00, 26.10.2011 18:00, 23.06.2013 10:00, 26.07.2014 20:00, 4.02.2015 6:00, 29.08.2015 16:00
Half of these cases are new Moons.

Reduction of the orb with just one degree reduces the number of cases in half. Thus, for the same period there are 4 new moons with 2 degrees orb for Jupiter.2)21.11.2006 0:16 (GMT+2), 26.01.2009 9:55 (GMT+2), 3.04.2011 17:33 (GMT+3), 27.07.2014 1:44 (GMT+3) In the fourth of them Jupiter declination is within one degree of that of the Sun so event 3 is also fulfilled.

So the new Moon on July 27th 2014 presented an anomalously high density of the Sun-Jupiter-Earth-Moon system. Then there was a relatively rare peak in density of near-earth space. In my opinion, it was between 30% to 50% higher than that of an ordinary new moon. The change of near-earth space density was unusually high. Especially rapid was the density’s decline after the new Moon because Moon arrived at its apogee a day later. The high value and amplitude of space density during the new moon increases the risk of technical accidents and explains the four plane crashes that happened that night. Although planes are made increasingly more reliable heaven still challenges weak engines by presenting peaks and rapid changes in its density. Support Bio-Astrology with any amount – it only takes seconds. Thank you. donate-to-bio-astrology-long-yel

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1. 4.05.2000 4:00 (GMT+2), 25.11.2000 20:00, 30.12.2001 8:00, 1.02.2003 8:00,
6.03.2004 20:00, 20.11.2006 20:00, 24.12.2007 0:00, 26.01.2009 4:00, 28.02.2010 14:00, 23.09.2010 6:00, 3.04.2011 10:00, 26.10.2011 18:00, 23.06.2013 10:00, 26.07.2014 20:00, 4.02.2015 6:00, 29.08.2015 16:00
2. 21.11.2006 0:16 (GMT+2), 26.01.2009 9:55 (GMT+2), 3.04.2011 17:33 (GMT+3), 27.07.2014 1:44 (GMT+3

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