Angela Merkel’s rise and fall in a graph

Angela Merkel’s rise and fall in a graph

Angela Merkel‘s primary direction graphic clearly indicates the peak of her life and career. It shows as maximum of the green curve by the end of 2018. The direction indicates the long term programming performed by the motion of the celestial bodies after birth. This equatorial direction It is an improved version of the solar arc prophecy method referred to in the Bible as “a day equals a year“.

The eclipses of the past two years have passed near the sensitive points of her horoscope, have helped her act hasty, and make mistakes, which the graphics do not reflect. For example, the lunar eclipse on 11 February 2017 took place on her Pluto and questioned her governing position, but at the same time gave her more power by situating Jupiter on her zenith. The partial lunar eclipse of 7 August 2017 opposed Sun and Mars to Merkel’s overly liberal Aquarian Moon and gave her enemies, but the following total solar eclipse on 21 August 2017 and gave her more secret, apparent and military power. Luckily, the eclipses of 2018 closely missed Merkel’s luminaries. They shook her but did not overturn her.

On 29 October 2018, Merkel resigned as leader of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and announced she would leave politics after her canceler mandate expires in 2021, thus once again manifesting the wonderful intuition of her totem.

Let me remind you that everyone can order such a graphic showing the hills of his life. But not everyone’s graphic is as beneficial and eloquent as Angela’s.

Instructions how to read similar two-line graphs can be found, for instance, here.

Angela Merkel rises hands, graphAngela Merkel’s Sun totem

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