Angela Merkel’s spasmodism is embedded in her birth chart along with her success

Angela Merkel’s spasmodism is embedded in her birth chart along with her success


Three times in the last month, Angela Merkel had spasms and trembling during official ceremonies. The reason for this is unknown to modern medicine, but not to traditional medical astrology.

Uranus is the planet in charge of spasms, and it is particularly strong in Merkel’s map. Uranus is in conjunction to her Sun and controls her Moon, as the latter tenants its sign. Both Merkel’s luminaries are closely linked to Uranus. This makes Merkel quite radical as a character, but physically makes her spasmodic.

The neurologist professor Leslie Findley said that Merkel had tremor in the right hand of unknown origin prior to the shaking accidents. Astrologically this can be explained with the Sun-Uranus conjunction in Merkel’s chart, because Sun rules the right side of the body and Uranus is responsible tremors.

The ruler of nervous system Mercury is also concerned with spasms, and in Markel horoscope it is together with Jupiter – the second sun and the ideologist that keeps it always loaded and ready to shoot answers.

All mental planets in the Merkel map are strongly accentuated by fire and are overactive. This gives high muscle tone and therefore great excitability and tendency to spasms of entire muscle groups. Taking into account the planets involved, we can guess which these muscle groups are. These are the muscles of thighs, calves, heart and hands, and also of the tongue, listed in order of involvement.

The muscles of the legs, the heart and the hands are the most and largest part of the voluntary muscles of the body. This suggests that the larges part of Merkel’s body has a propensity to go into spasms muscle and that spasms are most intense in the legs. In confirmation, in all three cases, Merkel’s spasms look strongest in her thighs.

Angela Merkel’s spasmodism can manifest itself at excessive and stressful energization of her Sun/Uranus and Jupiter/Mercury conjunctions. Spasms are most likely to occur and intensify when the muscles are idle, because then the energy accumulates in them. This mechanism of spasm formation corresponds to Merkel’s attacks because all three of them happened when she stood still and listened to hymns. And the spasms disappeared as she began to move.

We can even assume that Merkel had already experienced such conditions before, and learned to end them by moving that allowed them to remain hidden. Her assurance that she is well, despite the medical ambiguity of the matter, is in favor of the assumption. The summer of 2019 the astrological influences greatly enhanced Merkel’s spasmodism, and she failed to suppress spasms with the usual methods and they become worldly known.

The appropriate astrological conditions for activating Merkel’s innate spasmodism culminate in June 2019. And here’s how. This year, the directional ascendant transits over the Uranian of Moon Merkel and energizes it, creating conditions for spasms. This influence occurs no more than once in a person’s life. Merkel’s progressive Moon energizes her Jupiter and Mercury by conjunction, and so does the full solar eclipse on July 2, which puts the Sun and Moon right on them. Tis also charges its Sun and Uranus, which are in the same sign and are ruled by the Moon. At the same time, the minor progressive Mars passes on its Sun and Uranus and energizes them in a similar way, the tertiary progressive Sun, Moon, Saturn and Mercury are in Sagittarius energizing her Jupiter additionally, and on her birthday 2018 Mars is near her Moon and Uranus is badly injured by Saturn, which inclines her to have a spasmodic year. All of her astrological phases charge her Uranus, Mars, and Jupiter. In June 2019 the transit began to charge it too.

The three cases in which Merkel received spasms at public ceremonies were 18.6.2019, 27.6.2019 и 10.7. 2019. The first case of shaking is very indicative because it is on the day of the opposition of the transit Sun to her natal Mars. These planets had no other aspects that could channel tensions away. In addition, the opposition the opposition took place on the degree of the last syzygy, which charged the planets further. Meanwhile, Jupiter was on Merkel’s ascendant where it will stay for another 4 months and will energize her strongly in a way that it does once every 12 years.

Merkel’s lunar return (21.6) puts Mars and Mercury in exact conjunction to her Sun and Uranus and loads them energetically for a month ahead. And the next lunar return (18.7) puts the Sun in their place, leaving no chance for energy discharge next month and creating the conditions for the second public tremor.

Similarly, the other two cases are indicative of the cause of Merkel’s trembling and confirm our conclusions. The total solar eclipse of 2 July strongly stresses and energizes her Jupiter and Mercury, creating conditions for the third case of public trembling. And the upcoming lunar eclipse on 16 July falls exactly on her Sun and Uranus. Merkel tries to fight the effect of over-energizing her muscles from astrological influences, including eclipses through willful efforts. In her case, excessive muscular stimulation causes spasms due to the spasmodic character of her horoscope.

By itself, trembling does not seem harmful to health unless it affects the heart. But the Sun rules the heart, and the oncoming lunar eclipse launches exactly directly on Merkel’s Sun and Uranus and puts it under stress and the risk of arrhythmia. It is advisable Merkel to take a vacation because she is not stronger than the planets. It is good for her to change her lifestyle in order to to reduce the impact of the eclipses, which is likely to intensify at least until November. This is what the ancient rulers did when they faced a personal eclipse: they descended from the throne, and enthroned a dummy. Support the author of this medical astrology research with any amount. donate-to-bio-astrology-long-yel

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