Apple Martin’s facial asymmetry is embedded in her horoscope

Apple Martin’s facial asymmetry is embedded in her horoscope


Apple Blythe Alison Martin original photo asymmetric faceApple Blythe Alison Martin, the daughter of actress Gwyneth Paltrow and the Coldplay musician Chris Martin, has developed a relatively large facial asymmetry at the age of 14. This became clear when her mother published a picture of her, something she had avoided so far. They probably think that Apple’s asymmetry can interfere with her career in cinema. But let them know that moderate facial asymmetry often helps social careers because it makes the expression ambiguous and evokes mixed feelings. In many cases, facial asymmetry calls for sympathy after people become accustomed to it.

Non-genetic origin

Apple’s asymmetry has developed gradually over time. Perhaps it has reached full size at the beginning of teenage age. The few pictures of Apple as a child that can be seen on the internet seem to confirm this. The reasons for the emergence of the asymmetry are unknown to modern science. Asymmetry is missing in Apple parents and siblings, showing that its origin is not genetic. Moreover, it is virtually impossible that the bilateral asymmetries have a genetic origin because the genes are unable to tell apart lift and right. The only possible scientific hypothesis for the causeless occurrence of bodily asymmetry may be a local mutation. However, this is not an explanation but merely a sticking of a scientific label. Moreover, how a mutation can only affect growth of cells without changing their number quality is even theoretically inexplicable.

Large male-female inequality

Apple Blythe Alison Martin asymmetric face animated gifMedical astrology, however, can explain Apple’s facial asymmetry. The asymmetry seems to be due to the unequal distribution of energy in the left and the right halves of the body of Apple implanted at her birth-moment. The female and male halves of human body are generally energetically uneven, so most people have a leading hand and body side. In Apple, however, the energetic inequality of the two halves is larger than the ordinary, making it more noticeable on the physical plane.

Many astrologically implanted physical features and proportions typically develop gradually during childhood. They overgrow the parental and genetic traits and become visible at some time depending on their strength and the movement of the planets – real or symbolic.

Yang preponderance in the head

Apple Blythe Alison Martin right part of face mirroredHoroscopic factors causing bodily asymmetry are different. In the case of Apple, there is isolation and inequality between the Sun and the Moon, as well as between the male and female elements and planets in the map. Generally, the Sun governs the right half of the body, and the Moon – the left. At Apple, the Sun and the right half have a significant superiority over the let lunar part. Their great inequality produces a noticeable facial asymmetry.

Apple’s horoscope is multifaceted and indicates an interesting person with various potentials. The mutually injurious female planets in her map, for instance, make her restless and incapable to relax satisfied, and throw her into the career of a dancer, a talent she has already shown to possess. Her luminaries, however, are unequal because the aspects they receive are either lacking or tense, which has the physical expression of facial asymmetry, because the growth of body parts is proportional to the amount of energy they receive.

Unaspected Sun concentrates energy in the head

Apple’s Sun doesn’t receive aspects from planets, if we do not count a fading sextile from the Moon that lasts for twenty minutes more and that, according to many astrologers, is insignificant. Her Sun is in Taurus that governs the head and especially its lower part. Due to the lack of aspects of the Sun, its energy is difficult to distribute to other body parts and tends to concentrate in the head. This may have caused a faster growth of Apple’s head at her early age. And if the Moon is weak, as is the case with Apple, the Sun’s half of the head will be considerably stronger than the Moon’s half, and the right half of the face will grow more than the left.

Very weak Moon and left side

Apple Blythe Alison Martin left part of face mirroredApple’s Moon is very weak, and so is the situation with the female half of her face. Her Moon is weak because it is void of course, because it receives negative aspects from the classical malefics Mars and Saturn, from the feminine planets Venus & Neptune and from the prenatal total lunar eclipse occurred 10 days before her birth.

The Moon is not only in the zodiac sign with the lowest energy, but is in its weakest spot – at its very end, in the last angular minute of the last degree of Pisces. This is the very end of the zodiac, no one’s waters or the lull before the storm. The Moon enters Aries only two minutes after Apple’s birth, at 11am 2 minutes and 18 seconds.

The Moon is weak by house position too. The Moon just has entered VIII house where it is in fall and is supressed and inadequate. Just a minute before it has left the IX house where she doesn’t feel very well. This transition from a fiery to a water house is inverse in character to its imminent transition from water to fire sign. Nearly the simultaneous change of fire with water and water with fire has a confusing, stressful and weakening effect on the Moon and on the lunar parts of the body.

In addition, the water elements that generally support Pisces and the Moon are inhabited by evil planets and do not provide energy to the water half of the body and the face, that is the left half.

A drunk makes the unstable couple reel

Apple Blythe Alison Martin horoscopeChiron casts aspects to both the Sun and Moon of Apple. But this minor planet has extremely eccentric orbit and only encourages the development of asymmetries. Allegorically speaking, if a single-legged man (Sun lacking aspects) and a feeble woman (weak Moon) lead a drunken man (cast aspects to Chiron), the whole group will lurch. The transit Chiron reaches Apple’s natal Moon in 2018 probably marking the culmination of her facial asymmetry. It also indicates the time when the asymmetry is revealed to the world.

Is relief possible?

Astrology points to the causes of Apple’s facial asymmetry and shows it to be of energetic nature. But whether Apple can reduce the asymmetry?

Perhaps she could reduce the asymmetry to certain small extent, but at the cost of strenuous exercises that she will have to perform for long time or forever. The effect will be small because Apple has already grown up and changing its energy matrix will hardly affect the development of its body proportions. Preventive exercises or therapies performed during childhood could have had a greater effect. How great, however, is unknown because of the lack of experience. This is so because modern medicine totally disregards the vast potential of medical astrology and preventative treatments it could offer.

In other words, it is a little late for Apple to get a tangible effect. And a try-out would cost a lot of effort. Not to mention that she would have to give up her favourite activities, such as dancing, because they utilize the energy that she should redirect for treatment purposes. Apple’s dancing helps her face asymmetry by reducing the energy support on the lunar left side of her face. Theoretically, Apple’s asymmetry could decrease a bit if she makes energy exercise for years instead of dancing. But that’s hardly worth it.

Verification of horoscope-based bodily asymmetry

I could check whether one’s body or facial asymmetry has energetic, that is, horoscopic reasons. If the asymmetry is embedded in one’s horoscope, means it is not a genetic anomaly and it not of genetic origin, but is a normal feature for him. Such knowledge could save him unnecessary treatments and needless concerns about the cause of asymmetry.

I know people who have been subjected to improvised treatments designed to cure their horoscopic asymmetries. Needless to say that the ‘healing’ was a waste of time and effort. Some people fear that asymmetry is the manifestation of some other illness or anomaly, including mental. It would be good to them, their fears to be scattered, if they were baseless. A friend of mine was discharged from the army service because of his facial asymmetry. Despite this occasional benefit from his asymmetry, he has suffered the negatives of many unnecessary treatments and groundless suspicions.

Database of horoscopes of people with body asymmetry

In order to improve the understanding of poor research, a question of horoscopic handwriting and the origin of bodily asymmetry, I collect horoscopic data for people with congenital bodily asymmetry. Of course, I am interested only in asymmetries that have no known hereditary or physical cause. If you know such cases, please send me the horoscopic data to the asymmetry owners. Apply a description of asymmetry, when it occurred and a photo if possible. However, I do not accept anonymous submissions because the sender should be responsible for his data. I will post the database here, with the asymmetry bearer names available to members only.

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