Ariana Grande as an attractor to Islamic radicalism

Ariana Grande as an attractor to Islamic radicalism

A fantastic stimulating and alluring feminine

Ariana Grande seductive divaAriana Grande attracts Islamic terrorists, because her horoscope and therefore appearance and behaviour typify Islamic ideal of heaven. The symbolic correspondence of her horoscope to the Islamic ideal is amazing. Ariana Grande horoscope is an epitome of women of the Islamic heavenly harem.

There are various indications that Ariana Grande horoscope has subconsciously attracted the perpetrator of Manchester Arena bombing to her concert. Ariana Grande is a Cancerian with very strong Moon and Venus, the planets depicted on Islam flags. Her Venus is strong because it is in the Venusian sign Taurus and is well aspected. Her Moon is in the other Venusian sign Libra and is well expressed because it closely joins the spiritualizing Jupiter. Ariana Grande is a jovial Venusian Cancerian. In other words, she is an exciting seductive super female.

Moon goddess of a feminine cult

Ariana Grande tempting in moonlight and showing Moon body partsAriana Grande’s strongest horoscopic factor is that of Moon, which links her to Manchester that is named after a Moon goddess. Her first name is Arian, which relates to England that is said to be ruled by Mars. Her second name Grande is jovial. It amplifies all of these qualities and links her to religion. The overall result is a lunar religion or faith in women such as Islam is.

Grande’s Moon is well expressed, as she is an exact conjunction to Jupiter, a position that gives dramatic talent, energizes, sexualizes, attracts public and pertains to travel and religion. This position guarantees that she will attract men of Jovian types. Most of religious radicals are Jovian types so Ariana Grande must have a special appealed to Islamic terrorists.

Ariana-Grande lustful divaThe other two feminine planets, Venus and Neptune, are very strong in Ariana Grande horoscope too. Undoubtedly, this makes her relates to her musicality. Lilith, the fourth feminine factor is also accentuated in her horoscope as it opposes Moon and Jupiter. This aspects make her seductive and challenging. The well-situated strong womanish planets is Ariana Grande horoscope make her very womanish, sexually appealing super-woman. Ariana Grande has a strong and tempting femme fatale in her chart that is especially resonant to Islam. Moon and Venus are on the Islamic flag, and Lilith symbolizes the virgins in Islamic paradise.

Ariana Grande in LondonThe Sun-Moon/Jupiter squares in Grande horoscope makes her overacting, dissatisfied and adds ambiguousness to her message so one is free to interpret it according to his own preferences, expectations or belief. Muslims lacking ‘the sin skin’ and believing that heavenly virgins are waiting for martyrs in heaven would find Ariana Grande fascinating and her concert – a perfect place for launching ascension.

A powerful future of Ariana horoscope is the exact conjunction of Neptune, Uranus and ascendant. This combination symbolizes a rebellious, extravagant and explosive musicality. It equally signifies a radical religious enterprise, an extreme spiritual readiness and fanatic or mystical sexuality.

A benign Osama on her ascendant

Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman costumeThe Uranus-Neptune conjunction pertains to a cycle of spiritual, religious, and mystic developments. It occurs in maps of spiritual and ideological reformers. Salman Ramadan Abed, the Manchester suicide bomber, had it in his horoscope too. Hard aspects of those planets contribute to religious radicalism. For that reason, it is often found accentuated in maps of Islamic terrorists such as Osama Bin Laden. Radicalised Muslim men will love to see conjunction’s action freely expressed and personified by a young diva, something that a female pop star having it on her ascendant could vividly express. The free manifestation of this type of spirituality could lend them paradise-bound wings.

The importance of the Uranus-Neptune-ascendant union to the terrorist’ choice of location for his suicide is shown by the once-in-a-lifetime transit of Pluto, the ruler of the underworld, to conjunction. The transit began in February 2017 and will linger about two years. It joins the deadly, sexual and vindictive Pluto to Ariana Grande’s mystic sexuality. It intensifies Ariana Grande’s life and adds sexuality and fatality to her appeal. These qualities find expression in her ‘Dangerous woman’ album and tour. They certainly fascinate religious fanatics believing in heavenly sexual bliss, and especially those who suffer erogenous desensitization.

Ariana Grande in cloud like sheets

Remarkably, the ‘Dangerous woman’ tour began February 2017 simultaneously with the conjunction of the transit Pluto to her ascendant, Uranus and Neptune.

The conjunction endows Ariana Grande with open expression of unorthodox views. The spiritual reformism is made from radical beliefs and resembles an altruistic variant of al-Qaeda’s radicalism. But the transit of Pluto adds fatalism to its meaning and transforms it into an invitation to the afterlife.

A dangerous plutonian lady: a real femme fatale

Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman femme fataleThese few features of Ariana Grande horoscope that we mentioned portray her as an intense, tempting, sexually hyperactive super-girl with mystic and unearthly charm. This description is closely reminiscent of the harems of the Islamic paradise. To a sexually dissatisfied radical Muslim Ariana Grande may appear an embodiment of heavenly virgins. Her performance could challenge him to make his sacrifice that ejects him into heaven. And subconsciously or intentionally, this is what she actually does.

The Manchester bombing proves the unquestionable success of the ‘Dangerous woman’ concept

Not only the mundane aspects were in their monthly worse at the time of the Manchester suicide bombing but the transit aspects to Ariana Grande’s horoscope. Remarkably, the day of the terrorist act, hard transit aspects to her horoscope predominate and achieve their worst peak the hour of the suicide bombing. The red peaks in the two diagrams illustrate this. Ariana Grande wouldn’t be performing at such a time. The entire year actually. Her astrologer had to warn her, hadn’t he?

Ariana Grande dangerous woman, Salman Ramadan Abed the Manchester suicide bomber

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