Astrological virology

Astrological virology


Virtual viruses

In an influenza epidemic, there is talk of a virus everywhere, and one may be left with the impression that the virus has been observed in a medical laboratory and thus the identity of the offender is established. But medical practice is not like that at all. The symptoms of the disease are observed, attributed to a virus, because this is how the medical paradigm postulates and because someone must still be guilty. Epidemiologists make a pathological portrait of the virus and spread it on the media, with which they and journalists report on the work they have done. Similarly, criminologists draw a psychological and even physical portrait of the alleged criminals. However, the alleged criminals are usually not made public while we are being bombarded with information about the viruses, even though they are even more supposed.

Unreliable tests support the concept

Blood tests for a viral disease do not directly detect the presence of the virus chemically. There are many reasons. The virus is intercellular nucleic acid, DNA or RNA, and any chemical agent that binds to it will damage it, causing serious genetic problems. There is no test for something as complex, vital and substitutable as a mutating nucleic acid. Blood tests for a viral disease detect the presence of some blood factor in the blood, which is usually a protein and has been observed to be found in the blood of patients. But these concomitant blood factors are not very specific and appear in many other cases for unclear reasons. The blood test for AIDS, for example, establishes the presence of a protein found in the blood of people who have had another 60 diseases, including hepatitis and some types of flu. Virus tests are quite nonspecific and unreliable, but this makes the idea of ​​the virus even more daunting.

The scientific absurdity of antiviral drugs

Viruses are intracellular nucleic acids that cannot be chemically affected without the cell being destroyed. In other words, no anti-flu chemicals or vaccines can exist. They will be much more dangerous than viral diseases. Genetics knows this, but the pharmacy doesn’t ask them at all.

The inventors of the vaccines against viral diseases themselves do not know why vaccines work because the theory does not predict this. But they accept the honors and the payment for making them. That’s the case for encephalitis and hepatitis. Even the case of AIDS is the same, which is shown in the wonderful, though belated, documentary ‘House of Numbers’. I recommend the movie to everyone because it reveals the absurdity of scientific dogma. And for those who believe that AIDS is caused by a new virus and are afraid of the disease, the movie is a must. It argues that the AIDS virus is theoretically fabricated, but it does not arrive to the suggestion that this may be the case with all viruses. 1)House of Numbers’ movie) lights up
the invention of the virus and the outbreak of the epidemic quite objectively. The astrological implantation of the pandemic idea is discussed here. The film has won awards for best documentary, includes interviews with famous scientists and shows how fear has become a business. You can easily find the movie online. On YouTube, it is provided with automatic subtitles. It will hardly be seen soon on TV because of commercial and economic considerations.
Since the 1970s, the ignorance of why vaccines work began to be silenced, and the sale of antiviruses remedies and anti-flu vaccines become a thriving business.

Sometimes it seems that antiviral vaccines work, mostly because the poison or influence that caused the abnormal DNA synthesis has disappeared. An example of the former is the paralysis vaccine, which has been guess-worked for about a decade, during which the strong toxins such as DDT that are able to cause paralysis alone have been banned. An example of the latter is the Ebola or AIDS epidemics.

If they sell you anti-virus vaccines, they are lying to you or are just ignorant. The fact that medical doctors repeat standard postulates as spells indicates a misunderstanding of the issue and their clerical attitude to the profession. The only sober voice I heard on Bulgarian television to announce that an influenza vaccine could not exist was from a BAS woman. Journalists did not interview her anymore because they were looking for sensations.

Ancillary drugs may make sense

Medicines, the prescription of which makes medical sense in viral diseases, are not related to viruses, but to the general condition of the body. Antibiotics are prescribed to prevent any bacterial complications. Agents that are thought to boost immunity are automatically prescribed to support the body’s fight against the disease. What medicine can do for a patient with a viral disease is to wait for the mysterious immune system to do its job. Everything else is just commerce. The benefits of auxiliaries are not very clear. Even the nutrition of the sick, which is being done everywhere today, aggravates their illness according to many traditions and authorities, such as Hippocrates, for example.

Hunting for witches and money

As a rule, the conclusion that a virus is the cause of the flu is purely theoretical. The modern paradigm does not allow for an alternative in which it resembles the pursuit of evil forces. For example, in no laboratory in Bulgaria is the flu virus physically observed. Not only is virus monitoring very difficult, expensive and slow, but it is also pointless because it is irrelevant to treatment and prevention. The virus pictures they show you on TV are all computer-generated images. However, the flow of money they give rise to is real. And if something is sold, then it really exists, right? And therefore, it does what they say.

Invisible Evil Forces: Contemporary and Traditional

Modern medicine explains influenza epidemics as being caused by harmful viruses that attack basically healthy people. According to it viruses are invisible and practically elusive all-pervading malicious external DNA/RNA molecules that enter us, become part of us, multiply at our expense and cause us suffering. In other words, viral disease possesses us like a pervasive invisible evil force. Individual susceptibility to the disease is also explained by heredity, that is, again by an invisible, unexplored and incomprehensibly complex DNA molecule, but this time our own. What makes us sick are invisible and unpredictable demons, but generally material ones.

The astrological understanding of diseases is quite similar in terms of the invisibility of the causative agent, but is much simpler and synchronized with observable objects. According to it, diseases and susceptibility to them are caused by invisible malicious influences on observable cosmic bodies. Cosmic influences leave an energy imprint on people at birth and determine their individual susceptibility to subsequent influences.

The main difference in perspective is the physicality or observability of the causative agent of the disease. Viruses are material, but almost unobservable, or observed post factum, after the disease and in dead frozen cells, and not during their suggested action. Their causal role in the disease is mainly theoretical. Their specificity does not lead to accurate predictions of their action. In contrast, the abstract influence of the planets gives a great deal of forethought because the nature, timing and power of their action is statistically significant. In fact, it turns out that the specificity of the virus is abstract, and the ghostly planetary influence is empirical and real.

The pervasive evil of materialistic demonology

Questions such as why the incidence is not constant or why there are epidemics at all, why not all people become infected with an epidemic and why epidemics have different symptoms today are indirectly explained by a variety of unprovable and often mutually exclusive arguments, such as hereditary factors, attenuation of immunity due to side-effects, secretly acquired immunity or mutations of the invisible, almost always only a suspected but theoretically known virus. The idea of ​​an all-pervasive and virus that takes any shape is the basis of the modern demonology. The need for concreteness has embodied it into a real, though invisible and terribly complex molecule.

Modern medicine believes that disease propensity is somehow indirectly recorded in genes. Whether or not an individual becomes ill in an epidemic is predetermined once and for all in history and is unknown until he or she becomes ill.

Infinitely variable but existing?

In fact, the phenomenal level of mutation of viruses completely renders them meaningless. But their stated materiality has already hypnotized logical reason, dealing with concrete facts, even if they are merely letters, numbers and words. The thesis that the flu is due to something material and concrete, but invisible, extremely variable and extremely complex, is as acceptable to the concrete mind as paradoxical as it may be. even the most accurate astrological prediction for the emergence and development of congenital predispositions to disease will not be taken seriously by the same factual reason, because the modern science does not recognize the carrier of influence as material. The rational mind feeds on concreteness and does not accept the action of intangible forces.

The twentieth century is materialistic and its science is full of virtual alleged realties. For example, virtual particles of quantum physics are elusive, unobservable, but theoretically specific, and have many common and paradoxical features with viruses.

Unpredictability of the viruses versus the predictability of influences

The development and emergence of influenza is unpredictable for medicine. This helplessness is justified by the assumption that the flu virus mutates and changes constantly. This is also the backdoor of genetic theory, which tries to explain all the qualities of living organisms with their genes, but fails for most and most important ones. When viruses mutate so rapidly, the underlying quality of heritability that ensures its survival, namely its conservativeness, does not seem to apply to them. The rapidly mutating flu virus is the epitome of pure evolution. It must be the pinnacle of evolution that has transcended its limits. It is a kind of software that is outside the laws of the material world. Such absurdities are contained in justifying viral elusiveness by mutation.

When two different systems explain the same phenomenon with radically different reasons, they are mutually damaging. But one that does not compromise is the new medicine that invented the concept of the virus in the mid-20th century and became economically involved with it, making pharmaceuticals one of the most profitable industries. It is the modern scientific dogma that does not allow the existence of astrological influences and even arrogantly refuses to study them statistically. In contrast, astrology does not deny the medical dogma, but embraces it and even understands the causes of its bias and its temporary existence.

Nothing more than an effect on gene expression

It is noteworthy that medical astrology does not deny the existence of hereditary inclinations and diseases. It only notes and statistically proves that the vast majority of disease states and their manifestation are set by the energy matrix of a person, which forms in his body at the moment of birth due to astrological effects before and after birth, which is reflected in his horoscope. In other words, astrological factors influence gene expression. That is, astrological influences do not create qualities out of nothing, but only affect the manifestation of hereditary assets.

Very few genes are active at one time and their activity changes over time. Activation and transcription of genes is called gene expression. It is thought to be controlled by other genes, but what controls them is unclear. Gene activity is also known to be affected by chemical agents, especially poisons and radiation. And here we come very close to understanding how astrological influences can alter the activity of our genes. Cosmic influences are weak for coarse measuring instruments, but their cycles affect the energy of fine biological processes, which controls gene expression and therefore the synthesis of nucleic acids, the excess of which are actually viruses.

The abandonment of ancestors places the blame on them

It is the official medicine that categorically ignores the arguments of medical astrology and unification with traditional medicine a priori. It selfishly rejects the medical wisdom of millennia and narrowly neglects the opportunity to increase its efficiency by about 1000 percent, in my estimation. Modern official medicine tramples on the ancestral heritage and attributes the cause of all diseases to heredity.

However, our ancestors were more modest in their original perfection and explained the diseases, including flu epidemics with congenital predispositions reflected in the horoscope and with astrological influences and movements of the celestial bodies that activated them. In this, astrological understanding explains incomparably more details of the disease and the epidemic with incidental events. Influenza was called influenza in Italy during the 17th century, and its meaning is “influence from the stars” and comes from ancient times. It is equally valid today. And it’s shamefully easy to show.

Extra DNA synthesis

malefics-as-flu-virusesExtreme, rare and unusual conditions such as radiation or astrological influences alter the energy of the body. Like poison, they can cause pathogenic conditions and extraordinary synthesis of DNA. The extra DNA produced is due to the influences, but can falsely accused for their cause and termed a virus. No wonder the viral disease is not amenable to drug treatment. In most cases, it is a consequence, not a cause of the disease. Treatment of viral diseases is reduced to waiting for the body to cope and detoxify. In practice, it is the waiting influence that caused the flu to fade and the body to adapt to it.

The virus as a natural immunization

In rare diseases and cases, additional DNA, especially if large, can be pathogenic and infectious, which is not surprising given its biological significance, its versatility and its relatively easy penetration into cells upon injury. It is also possible to infect DNA formed under the influence of some deleterious environmental factor because it offers ready-made DNA that can accelerate the synthesis of antibodies before encountering antigens. The synthesis of extra DNA under the influence of astrological factors may be a natural immunization that takes place during the impact. But at first glance, the contagiousness of extraordinary DNA reinforces the belief that the cause of the disease is a foreign molecule. According to this widespread doctrine, health is simply hygiene and one will never get sick if they live sterile, which of course is not true.

There are some contagious pathogenic viruses of classical diseases, such as rabies, but their infection is by injecting them into the body and its infectivity depends a lot on the state of immunity of the infected. Rapidly mutated airborne viruses are not among them.

A multitude of silenced paradoxes

There are many pitfalls and paradoxes in the standard hypothesis. According to it, for example, the virus outwits the immune system and enters the cells, where it begins to multiply at the expense of their resources. It is paradoxical that the immune system cannot recognize the virus, because DNA is universal and infinitely more complex than it, but still manages to destroy it somehow and without the aid of antibodies, which, in principle, cannot enter cells.  Somehow, the body self-medicates without the use of antibodies that are otherwise put into vaccines when taken from the blood of diseased animals.

Virus contamination is such a strong suggestion that few people know that most viral diseases are not proven contagious. If they were contagious, wouldn’t the doctors be sick all the time? For example, hepatitis is not contagious, whatever you read on Wikipedia. Excluding cases of intoxication that has damaged the liver, hepatitis is entirely caused by congenital energy or horoscopic predispositions and is activated by astrological influences. We will look at this topic later.

The disease is a toxic fluid or energy

Astrological pathogenic influence is external, but it acquired an internal character. In this it closely resembles a virus. The original definition of the virus is “toxic fluid” because it passes through filters that stop bacteria. The tendency to become ill or the power of immunity is set in the individual horoscope. The same is true of time of strengthening and weakening of immunity. Outbreaks occur because certain planetary transits activate one’s predispositions excessively. Not everyone catches the flu because not everyone has horoscopic predispositions.

The peak of an energy or astrological influence is felt as an abnormal condition or illness. Sickness consists in experiencing it and leads to developing immunity to it, because the body’s energy system learns about the existence of such extremes and adapts to them. Children get sick often because they experience different influences for the first time. Older people get sick often because their energy, which is also the immune system, is weaker. However, the flu does not give clear immunity, because the influences that cause it are complex and diverse combinations of astrological adverse effects that are not practically repeated in the course of a single human life.

The heterogeneous concept of influenza

Influenza is a common mild malaise with a very wide range of symptoms, making it difficult to classify and examine it, including astrologically. Influenza is a temporary malaise that occurs massively at the same time. In other words, influenza is an epidemic.

There are astrological influences that have traditionally been associated with influenza epidemics. Despite the large spectrum of influenza conditions, these traditional influences almost inevitably trigger flu outbreaks. The flu epidemic in Bulgaria in January 2019 is an example of a synchronization of an epidemic with cosmic influences.

Astrological effects and the flu epidemic of January 2019 and March 2020

Here are some traditional astrological prerequisites for the flu epidemic that emerged in January 2019. Flu has grown into an epidemic between the two eclipses – solar and lunar on January 6 and 21, respectively, which is a classic condition for an epidemic to occur. January is relatively common in northern latitudes because of the diminished energy of the Saturn sign. In January 2019, Saturn is in Capricorn too, reducing the energy even further. Pluto is also there, causing profound and intense changes in heredity with the possible synthesis of additional DNA. The flu began in early January, exactly during the eclipse corridor and when the Sun merged with Saturn and grew into an epidemic after January 15, when the Sun approached Pluto.

The 2019 influenza was acute and relatively short. Its symptoms were fever and muscle and joint pain. They are characteristic of the disease action of Mars and Saturn. It was these two planets that were especially powerful during the flu because each was in its own sign. Mars entered Aries on January 1, the Moon joined and strengthened it from 12 to 15, which coincides with the formation of the flu wave. Mars formed a square with Saturn on January 18th, which peaks on January 21st, exacerbating the epidemic further. The peak of the square coincides with the day of Total Lunar Eclipse, which may prolong or complicate the epidemic.

These astrological influences are precisely synchronized with the flu epidemic and their nature is similar to its symptoms. Astrological influences explain quite well the flu epidemic of spring 2019. However, they are not the only ones, they are just the fastest and most responsible for the most severe indications of the flu. There are other longer-lasting influences that underpin these and make the epidemic unique. None of them is at their maximum, which explains why most people get the flu relatively lightly.

Such aspects are, for instance, the forthcoming Saturn-Uranus and Pluto-Uranus squares and the slowly occurring Saturn-Pluto conjunction next year, which are epidemiological factors, the Jupiter-Neptune square, which weakens the immunity and the Saturn-Neptune sextile, which also destabilizes immunity. Astrological influences usually explain not only this epidemic, but everyone else’s as well.

Thus, late February and March 2020 all of these planets and aspects will be actual again with the main variance that Mars is in the same sign with them instead of in its own, which again empowers it. Therefore, at this time, flu with similar symptoms can be expected: fever and muscle aches, but less severe because it comes two months after the eclipse season.

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1. House of Numbers’ movie) lights up
the invention of the virus and the outbreak of the epidemic quite objectively. The astrological implantation of the pandemic idea is discussed here. The film has won awards for best documentary, includes interviews with famous scientists and shows how fear has become a business. You can easily find the movie online. On YouTube, it is provided with automatic subtitles. It will hardly be seen soon on TV because of commercial and economic considerations.

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