Naval conflict above and below: WW3 postponed

Naval conflict above and below: WW3 postponed

The mundane astrological influences stimulate the manifestation of the hostile intentions of people and states, which is the subject of Mundane Astrology.

The tense aspects that the military and sea planets made in the sky in November and December 2018 also stimulated a naval conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Both aspects and the conflict are culminating on December 7. The main astrological event predisposing to a marine conflict is the unity of Mars with Neptune, the planets governing the war and the sea, which takes place in the watery sign Pisces. The conjunction is exact and strongest on 7 December at 14h (UTC) and has began at least a week or so before.

This conjunction alone is not enough to provoke a conflict, since it occurs in about two years, and mankind is accustomed to the moods it creates. This time, however, Mars and Neptune meet in a military setting because Sun throws them a tense square. Sun represents the great power, and is in the militant Sagittarius, which has been particularly strong and impatient for some time. The Moon conjoins the Sun, casting squares to Mars and Neptune too, doubling the tension with a peak at 7:20 the same day.

The graphs show the aspects only between the mentioned planets and thus illustrate the conflict that we hope will not deviate from the heavenly command and will indeed reach its peak on December 7. For a more credible prognosis of the conflict, however, all factors need to be addressed in the long term.

There are a few more details explaining why tension has grown particularly high this time. The long-lasting Sun-Mars quadrature and the Jupiter-Neptune and Jupiter-Mars quadrature that preceded it  , for example, are such and play a role in the strikes in Europe.

Symbolically, the Mars-Neptune conjunction casting a square to Sun can be likened to a child that has entered the sea and from there annoys its heroic and authoritative father on the shore. And if we add the other two planets, it happens that the marine scamp is in a scandal with the whole family. Pretty literal is the analogy that happens on earth. Or as above, so below, as Hermes said.

Black sea Ukraine Russia naval clashVehrgil, 8 12 2018



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