Colombia plane crash: Why Brazilian Chapecoense Soccer Team’s Plane Ran out of Fuel

Colombia plane crash: Why Brazilian Chapecoense Soccer Team’s Plane Ran out of Fuel

Sadly, once again a plane crashed during New Moon.

Shortly after 22 h local time on 28 November 2016 LaMia flight LMI-2933 carrying the Brazilian Chapecoense football squad crashed in the Colombian jungle killing 75 people. Experts consider that the plane ran out of fuel, which caused an electrical fault and downed it. The cause for insufficiency of fuel is unclear. However, it may not be the pilot to blame for the miscalculation of fuel, but the impotence of the aetherless science to account for change in rate of combustion related to relative positions of the nearest to Earth planets.

During the flight and at the time of the plane crash, the Moon and the Sun were closely packed together. The Moon was only four degrees behind the Sun and was approaching it. The exact new Moon was about nine hours later1)at 7.18 local time on 29 November. On 28 November, the Sun-Earth-Moon system was approaching its maximal compression for the month and one of the highest for the year because Earth was heading towards perihelion. As we have discussed here, here and here the compactness of cosmic systems increases density of space filling and slightly speeds up chemical reactions and therefore increases the rate of fuel combustion. Long flights embarked during such conditions should carry some extra fuel in order to prevent its exhaustion. LaMia LMI-2933 was such a long-distance flight. It was held during a day of densest space but it was refuelled with the exact amount of fuel needed for the journey and ran out of it earlier than expected.

Unfortunately, the same mistake is bound to happen again and again until the space density factor, its relationship with planetary positions and their impact on electrochemical processes are unrecognized.


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1. at 7.18 local time on 29 November

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