Coronavirus epidemic and earthquakes in Turkey and Jamaica as resulting from a Solar eclipse

Coronavirus epidemic and earthquakes in Turkey and Jamaica as resulting from a Solar eclipse


The great power and morbidity of the eclipse

The eclipse on 26 December 2019 is particularly strong because Jupiter also participates. The most massive planet in the Solar system is aligned with the and “weighs” along with them on the same side of the Earth. The Eclipse is pathogenic because a malicious planet rules it and because it takes place close in time and zodiacal longitude to the conjunction of the heavy planets Saturn and Pluto. In addition, Saturn and Pluto are at their southern nodes at the time of the eclipse and of their conjunction, and Jupiter is only 5 degrees from its own southern node and all these planets are in parallel aspect to each other and to the luminaries, which, apart from being a rare phenomenon, amplifies and focuses their action.

Annular Solar Eclipse 26.12.2019 eclipse path

Flu epidemic in Wuhan, China

The coronavirus epidemic appeared in Wuhan, China, because there the Solar eclipse was the strongest and most morbid. The longitude of Wuhan during totality was between those of the Sun, Moon and Jupiter and Saturn and Pluto. Wuhan is among the areas where the eclipse was visible for the longest time, although it does not reach totality. Thus, these two planetary conjunctions, both boding an epidemic, are at the highest position in Wuhan and the strongest at its longitude.

Astrological causes of the outbreak

Mars is very strong by sign during the eclipse and is the most aspected planet, and it is the principal causative agent of acute diseases leading to fever. Mars casts aspects to all planets without Uranus and Neptune, as only two of them – to Saturn and to Pluto – are harmonious. Thus, it fights almost every planet, but it has great power because his own sign Scorpio and its new ruler Pluto support him.

Именно на географската дължина на Ухан Марс е особено силен и злотворен по време на слънчевото затъмнение. Намира се в свой знак, а в Ухан и на върха на нощния си дом, в стресов куинконс към асцендента и злотворната Ерис, която е точно на асцендента. Слънчевото затъмнение в Ухан е не само най-дълго, но и най-марсианско, а Марс има най-бързата изява. Затова и епидемията започва там веднага след него. В Ухан и околността Марс се явява управител на следващото лунно затъмнение от 10 януари 2020 година.

Mars is particularly strong and malignant precisely at the longitude of Wuhan during the solar eclipse. It is located in its sign, and in Wuhan and on the top of its nocturnal hose, casts a stressful quincunx to the ascendant and the malicious Eris, that is right on the ascendant. The solar eclipse in Wuhan is not only the longest, but also the most Martian, and Martian influences are the fastest. That’s why the epidemic starts right there. In Wuhan and the surrounding area Mars is the governor of the next lunar eclipse since January 10, 2020.


Increased body temperature

Mars produces fever. During the eclipse Mars is very strong because it is in its nocturnal sign Scorpio and is casts supportive aspected to his cousin Pluto. But Mars is also over-energized by its sextile to Saturn and is challengingly associated with the Sun, Moon and Jupiter. And because of this, it severely damages the already weak Venus by the quintile that he throws at her

Muscle and joint pain

The eclipses greatly shock Capricorn, the presence of the hostile to it Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and Pluto disturbs it as well, and Mars annoys all of them from its sign. The stressed Capricorn and Saturn produce muscle and joint pains and thicken phlegm and increase sputum production, which are some of the symptoms of the flu. Muscle and joint pain is the physiological correspondence of the Saturn-Mars tension, just as that between the super-powerful Mars and the planets in saturnian Capricorn during the eclipse.


But there are weaker and more stressed planets than Saturn, which determine the symptoms of covid-19 at greater extent. The injured planets are Mercury, Venus and Neptune, ordered in order of severity of their injury. Mercury that rules the lungs seems to be the worst damaged. It is in detriment, it is hurt by both Mars and Neptune and lacks good aspects. Mars sends fire and inflammation to the lungs, and Neptune – water or lymph and interferes with breathing, resulting in pneumonia.

Cough and phlegm

During the eclipse, Venus is weak by sign and injured by Mars and at the longitude of Wuhan – by the ascendant too. She is in Aquarius, casts a square to her ruler Uranus and a quintile to a very strong and irritated Mars and lacks other aspects. Venus controls the throat and these influences tend to warm and dry it. Cough and sore throat are the second most important symptoms of cov-19. The anxious Venus boosts metabolism by intensifying thyroid function and has the opposite effect of Capricorn, which slows them down.

Compromised immunity

Neptune governs the immune response. During the eclipse, it receives the aspects from five unrelated planets in Capricorn. This sharpens the sensitivity to influences, exacerbates the immune response, and prepares conditions for an epidemic. Adequate immune system predisposes to severe disease.

Why the coronavirus takes ill mostly elderly people

In short, because covid-19 is the result of the damage to Saturn and Capricorn that rule the elderly people.

Capricorn and its ruler Saturn slow down metabolism. For that reason, Capricorn is the sign of longevity and old age. Saturnian type people, that is, those with strong Saturn in their horoscopes or who are in a saturnian period, as well as people with slow metabolism and old people, are more influenced by the condition of Capricorn and Saturn. Injuring Saturn or Capricorn would hurt the old people.

The eclipses in Capricorn and the residing of dissimilar planets in it, the tense aspects to it, or to Saturn, especially thrown by fiery planets, would have an adverse effect mainly on the elderly. And the worst would be on those of them who have weak Saturn.

The Covid-19 epidemic affects mostly old people because it is the result of stressful and fiery influences on Capricorn. Such influences are the two eclipses and the ill-fated Saturn-Pluto conjunction, which involve the Sun and Mercury, and the transit of fiery Jupiter and Mars through Capricorn. Capricorn eclipses desynchronized mostly saturnian and old people, and the three fiery planets Sun, Jupiter, and Mars and the semi-fiery Pluto transiting Capricorn accelerated their metabolic rate and caused fever.

The eclipses stimulating the development of covid-19 were on 26.12.2019 and 20.1.2020, and the exact Saturn-Pluto coinjunction was on 12.1.1010. Between February 15 and March 31, Mars, Jupiter, the Sun, and Pluto – all of them hostile to Saturn and invoking fever planets are in Capricorn, greatly affecting saturnian and elderly people. Saturn himself is also in Capricorn until March 22, which hurts him even more during until then. The epidemic should therefore end by the end of March 2020.

If the fiery planets had clustered in Aries, the sign of youth, mostly young people would have fallen ill, as has been the several cases of measles epidemics during the last decade.

Annular Solar Eclipse 26-12-2019 path coronavirus Wuhan flu outbreak earthquakes Elazig Turkey Lucea JamaicaAnnular Solar Eclipse 26.12.2019 eclipse path, epicenters of Wuhan coronavirus flu outbreak and earthquakes in Elazig, Turkey and Lucea, Jamaica; the projections of five planets and of their longitudes on both sides of Earth

The mechanism of the epidemiological action of astrological influences

The biological mechanism of astrological virus generation is discussed here. Let’s mention it again to anticipate question from those who are unfamiliar with it. Viruses are made up of nuclear acids and are formed in cells under the influence of enhanced radiation, including the body’s own electromagnetic energy, which can be stimulated by cosmic influences. In rare cases and special situations, some viruses may be contagious, but in principle they are not. Coronaviruses formed within the cells in the respective diseases: they accompany the diseases, and are not their cause. Even if the viruses are intracellular parasites, such as official opinion claims, they do not have no reason to kill their host.

The unconventional conclusions that can be drawn from the astrological causality of these events are many. Various preventive measures can be taken against flu that do not include vaccines. Moving patients from the epicenter of an epidemic can alleviate their disease and will not spread it. A new field of study in epigenetics emerges concerning the dependence of gene expression on cosmic factors.

The earthquake 6.8 M in Elazig, Turkey on 24 January 2020

The Middle East and Turkey are on the eastern horizon of the eclipse, where in principle takes place the fastest change in etheric compression due to the rotation of the earth. At the beginning of the eclipse, the Moon, the Sun, and Jupiter, stacked behind each other, rise simultaneously and therefore weigh there.

Jupiter’s position is such that it contributes and nearly maximizes the effectiveness of the eclipse to displace the Earth’s layers, which explains the great power of the earthquake in turkey of 6.8 Richter. this also explains the great strength of the next major earthquake that took place in Jamaica of 7.7 while I was finishing this article.

Annular Solar Eclipse 26.12.2019 eclipse path

The eclipse ’enters’ the scene across the Middle East. The northern part of its shadow is on Turkey and is the place where the eclipse was observed for the longest and its penumbra stayed the longest. The eclipse marked the northern part of the Middle East and western Turkey as the region with the fastest change in compression and with the longest lasting shade, and therefore with the most likely displacements of the earth’s layers. 1)Taking into account the exact localization of Jupiter,
the localization of the earthquake may be appointed even more accurate.
The film exemplifies this quite well.

Following the stretching and decompression of the Sun-Moon-Earth-Jupiter system, the stress that was pumped into the crust during the eclipse can be released by displacing the lithospheric layers at the nearest ridges. Normalization occurs on the next New Moon as Earth exits from the corridor of eclipses.

The 7.7 М earthquake near Jamaica on 28 January 2020

Jamaica is located exactly on the meridian of the solar eclipse of 26 December, but on the opposite side of the earth. Jamaica is the place of the earth that was farthest from the mass of the solar system and from the pressures of the sun, moon and Jupiter during the eclipse. The relative difference between the changes that the eclipse caused in different parts of the earth is greatest between Jamaica and China, because they are farthest and closest to the luminaries respectively. Offsetting this difference will be at the expense of changes in displacements in the earth layers, which will tend to be strongest in these places. This explains the high magnitude of the 7.7 earthquake near Lucea, Jamaica in the Caribbean Sea.

One month after the eclipse, the Sun-Moon-Earth-Jupiter system was spaced out enough for the tectonic plates that had been distorted and displaced by the eclipse to begin actively restoring their shape and to settle. During the Jamaica earthquake, the Sun and Moon were at the highest place and equidistant from the zenith and all planets were above the horizon. The fact that their situation during the eclipse was the opposite, suggests that the earthquake is precisely a normalization of the deformations of the earth caused by the eclipse. A similar reversed position of the luminaries during the eclipse and earthquake is present in Turkey. There the eclipse occurred after sunrise and the earthquake stroke after sunset.

Exacerbating the war in Syria and hope for its ending

The worst humanitarian catastrophe in the nine-year war in Syria unfolded towards the end of February 2020. The astrological preconditions for the fierce conflict are the same that triggered the earthquake in Turkey, the Caribbean earthquake and the Covid-19 epidemic, namely the eclipses of 12/26/2019 and 10/1/2020. Syria is located right at the beginning of the eclipse path and below the earthquakes in Turkey. The earthquake series and the humanitarian crisis are so close that we don’t need to map the latter explicitly. The subsequent stressful movements of the human layers there are quite natural. The blackout exacerbates Syria’s civil war and gives hope for a healing crisis.


We have seen that where the shadow of eclipse is the fastest and where it sojourns the longest as well as right on the opposite side of the earth the most obvious initial consequences of the eclipse occur. this is so because the shadow of the eclipse is a fairly accurate expression of the density of the global field, which affects all processes – from displacement of tectonic plates to syntheses of nucleic acids. Support the author of this research with any amount. donate-to-bio-astrology-long-yel

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1. Taking into account the exact localization of Jupiter,
the localization of the earthquake may be appointed even more accurate.

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