Daylight Saving Time Creates Risks during Heat

Daylight Saving Time Creates Risks during Heat

The daylight savings time (DST) confuses our biological clocks, and desynchronization is known to accompany all diseases. However, it is also harmful because it creates risks of overheating by misplacing our expectations for the hottest time of the day. DST makes hot summers dangerous.

For instance, let us regard Bulgaria. Because of its location in the time zone, the ordinary Bulgarian time outstrips the actual astronomical time and events by 15 to 35 minutes in the different regions of the country. This offset is one of the main problems of the time zone system. Thus, during normal non-daylight saving time also referred as winter time the midday in Burgas occurs at 12.15 and in Sofia at 12.32 instead of at 12.00. Obviously the capitol is always ahead more than half an hour from the actual astronomical time.

DTS further pushes the clock’s hands another hour ahead and informs people it’s an hour later than it actually is. Therefore, during the daylight saving time in Sofia, the sun is at its highest and temperature is at its highest value at 13.32 and not at 12.00, as people tend to think. The daylight saving time misleads Bulgarians into thinking that the peak of the heat occurs an hour and a half before it arrives. Their physiology, however, cannot be cheated and works in real time.

Most people end up working at 17-18 o’clock. This means that the Sofia residents leave their offices at 15.30-16.30 according to the real astronomical time and get into the fiery city before the heat has noticeably diminished. For all those who aren’t blast-furnace workers in metallurgical plants, this is a physiological shock. One of the most obvious ones that the daylight saving time offers.

The daylight savings time saves nothing save our health.


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