Alexis Tsipras
Αλέξης Τσίπρας
Алексис Ципрас

  • Alexis Tsipras and lapwing
  • lapwing and Alexis Tsipras
  • Alexis Tsipras and lapwing
  • Alexis Tsipras and lapwing
  • Alexis Tsipras and lapwing
  • Alexis Tsipras and lapwing
  • Northern lapwing and Alexis Tsipras
  • Alexis Tsipras, Delyan Peevski
  • Delyan Peevski, Alexis Tsipra
  • Delyan Peevski and Alexis Tsipras
  • Delyan Peevski and Alexis Tsipra
  • Delyan Peevski and Alexis Tsipras
  • Делян Пеевски и Алексис Ципрас
  • Delyan Peevski and Alexis Tsipras laughing

 Alexis Tsipras (Αλέξης Τσίπρας), his Sun degree totem, and his Sun degree twin are shown in the gallery.
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Alexis Tsipras and Delyan Peevski are Sun degree twins. They were born on the same day six years apart. Thus, they share the same Sun totemthe lapwing. This makes them have many things in common because the Sun is the mightiest astrological influence. Their physical and psychological resemblance, the similarity of worldview and their pursuits, as well as the simultaneity of their success are not surprising. The similarities stem from the non-genetic imprinting of physical and mental traits conditioned by the strongest cosmic influence at the time of birth.

Astrological influences operate on basic physical and biological levels and equally determine bodily proportions, instinctual nature and mental dispositions. Usually, the Sun is the strongest astrological influence and has the greatest imprinting power. Generally, its contribution to the physical and mental traits of individuals is more than 50% and up to 90%. Sun’s influence determines the physical resemblance of the persons to both their Sun degree totem, which in this case is the lapwing, and to persons having the same Sun totem, i.e., born when the Sun has been on the same zodiacal degree. Our gallery illustrates this.

Irena Krasteva and his son Delyan Peevski r-80Despite Delyan Peevski is chubby he has a remarkable resemblance to Alexis Tsipras. His plumpness does not stem from his Sun degree or horoscope and does not seem to have any astrological cause. It must have a genetic origin, which the roundness of his mother Irena Krasteva attests. Everybody knows that people usually look like their parents. However, they also bear resemblance to their astrological totems, which only those who have inside knowledge of astrology discern. Both genetic and astrological factors implant traits. Non-genetic heredity is a phenomenon that this website illustrates. Astrology doesn’t deny genetics but the latter narrow-mindedly renounces astrology. Although ancient the Queen of the sciences1)Astrology in the Renaissance was acclaimed as the Queen of the Sciences, capable of providing an explanation for the birth,
growth and decline of all things in the Material World.
is more open-minded and tolerant than the new conservative and prejudiced biology and medicine. The reason for this is that in the unspiritual realm of rationalism these natural sciences have found to be courtiers of the newly crowned queen of sciences – Physics which is not only dogmatic and conservative but also uncertain and relativistic and the ambiguity of which imitates spirituality.

This is not a personal horoscope, but a brief overview of the corresponding Sun degree.

Masked Lapwing carches a worm 60The lapwing (Vanellus) is a genus of waders. It restlessly picks out worms from the mud and is very annoying. Always on the lookout for worms, it rushes to catch them and freezes back into position. It lives by fits and starts, and has an erratic way of flying. It gives out a shrill and irritating whining shriek, like a crying puppy, which in some species is similar to a combination of the grating sound given out by a huge locust and a police whistle.

The lapwing degree is nasty, but also weird and mysterious. When giving out its whining cry, the lapwing darts forward, as if seeking to peck at someone. Similarly, the lapwing-person is aggressive. It attacks while complaining. It meddles with everything and stands in the way of everyone. He is a gossip, an intriguer and envious. He is noxious and unpleasant. He is of short stature, cresty, with matted hair and small eyes giving out an intimidating, yet patronizing look. He is always mumbling something unintelligibly.

Alexis Tsipras redThe lapwing-person is endowed with excellent abilities, which are often used for evil. He is in constant disputes with his relatives and family. Full of mischief, he undermines others and is derisively sarcastic. The opinion of others is never for him to respect and he keeps on nagging at them. Never able to grow up, he remains a mischievous child, the eternal pioneer. He never keeps a job for long. Although capricious, he has luck with money, especially with spending them. He will often begin something that he will not finish. Besides, he is tenacious, persistent, vigilant, a logical thinker with good memory, capable of grasping anything and with good research abilities, but is superficial and overly fixated on his actions and ideas.

Alexis Tsipras and greek patriarch 40Lapwings are not only noisy and deafening but may have a loud appearance. The northern lapwing is natty and has a sailor’s crest. Many species have red or yellow facial wattles and dewlaps of different sizes sometimes covering the whole face like a mask. The large or colourful bright caruncles indicate high levels of testosterone and help thermoregulation. They also protect birds’ faces when digging in the mud. Perhaps they also serve as receptor helping the bird catch its prey. The caruncles are multifunctional – they have advertising, protective, adaptive and hunting roles. Perhaps the eyes of the lapwing-person appear small because of his relatively fleshy face or the vice versa: his face appears fleshy because of his sunken distrustfully seeking eyes.

The lapwing has the habit of drawing potential predators away from its nest by trailing one wing as if it were broken. The lapwing-person is also able to pretend and to draw away the attention of others from his own affairs. His incoherent actions make him appear more provident and quick-witted than he actually is whereas he is mostly after his own affairs.

Alexis Tsipras and Northern Lapwing wing-beating o-53The lapwing is always on the lookout. It is obsessed with the hunt of lower creatures that it feeds on and doesn’t want to miss even one. It flaps its wings in a changeable rhythm because they are comparatively large and it beats them less often. Thus, the bird has more time between the beatings of its wings and is able to better see the traces of the vermin that it feeds with. Like his totem, the lapwing person wants to achieve a lot at one blow.

The lapwing degree fills with endless dissatisfaction with one’s affections and hobbies, and endows with a huge appetite and ambitions. It makes one a power-hungry and haughty invader prone to exaggeration. This is one of the degrees of thirst leading to excess. Maybe this is why the peewit-person hangs about men of power and tends to become athletes’ coach or masseur who slathers their bodies with oil.

The lapwing degree is good for one’s career, but gives great self-love. It symbolizes complications resulting from the hasty signing of documents.

The lapwing-person hangs about people of power The lapwing-person hangs about people of power (with Angela Merkel and with Vladimir Putin)
Човекът-калугерица се навърта около силните (с Ахгела Меркел и в Владимир Путин)


The lapwing intrigues may get it into politics, especially if the population’s level of sophistication is low. The fact that its degree has recently become a key problem in Bulgaria and Greece in the person of Alexis Tsipras and Delyan Peevski also envisages the deep sociocultural division in these nations.

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This is a description of the one out of the thirty categories of zodiacal degrees to which the discussed above degree belongs.
Degrees of Thirst and Exaggeration

alexis-tsipras-smiles-at-theresa-may-and-jean-claude-juncker-60This category of degrees give a chronically big thirst for life, dissatisfaction with one’s accomplishments and strive for perfection. The person in whom this degree is prominent, has enormous appetites and ambitions, and takes risks. He wishes to try everything in life and has an advanced invader’s instinct. No matter how much he gets, it is never enough.

Those are the degrees of excess and exaggeration. The person having such a degree likes to keep in the shadows. He judges everything and everyone according to his ideal, which is often fabricated from his passions and bears no connection to reality. At worst, as it happens with underdeveloped personalities, those degrees give insatiable vanity and wish for showing-off. At best, they indicate a person who attracts others, who represents a unique leader gathering adherents. Support Bio-Astrology with any amount – it only takes seconds. Thank you. donate-to-bio-astrology-long-yel

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1. Astrology in the Renaissance was acclaimed as the Queen of the Sciences, capable of providing an explanation for the birth,
growth and decline of all things in the Material World.