Barack Obama

  • president Obama and African buffalo
  • president Obama and Cape buffalo
  • African buffalo and Barack Obama speaking
  • Barack Obama angry and Cape buffalo
  • African buffalo calf, Barack Obama as a baby
  • Barack Obama as a kid and African buffalo calf
  • Barack Obama as a boy and African buffalo calf
  • Barack Obama youngster and Cape buffalo
  • Cape buffalo and Barack Obama smiling
  • Barack Obama and African buffalo smiling
  • Cape buffalo, Barack Obama
  • president Barack Obama and African buffalo
  • Barack Obama speaking and African buffalo
  • Barack Obama young and African buffalo
  • African buffalo and Barack Obama
  • Barack Obama and Cape buffalo
  • African buffalo and Barack Obama as youngster
  • African buffalo and Barack Obama smiling

Barack Obama and his Sun degree totem are shown in the gallery.
This is not a personal horoscope, but an overview of the related Sun degree.
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Barack Obama pronounced nostrilsThe African buffalo (Syncerus caffer), also known as Cape buffalo has a rather red and rather buffalo-like muffle. Calves, females and forest buffaloes are reddish-brown in colour while savannah buffaloes become dark brown with age. For this reason, in many languages the animal is called ‘red buffalo’. The person born on its day is a steadfast materialist, pragmatic, niggard and is a real capitalist. He is slow, tenacious, hard-working, efficient, and resourceful. He paws the ground and his mind wants to reach everything. Provided there are good mental indicators in his horoscope, he may be genius. This is the typical American capitalist that is described by Theodore Dreiser, who starts earning from an early age. He has a code of honour of his own. If you read Dreiser’s books, you’ll find everything about him described there. Some of the typical buffalo features given by this degree are the pronounced nostrils, the strong neck, the reddish complexion, the funnel-shaped ears and the wide forehead. With ageing, the buffalo will fatten and grow in width.

Cape buffalos chase lioness 1600 10Unlike his Asian peer, the African buffalo does not yield to taming. Its behaviour is unpredictable and it is quite dangerous and aggressive towards intruders and people. The black buffalo is very sociable and his herds have a complex hierarchy. Through some sort of a “voting” process the females agree on which direction they should lead the heard in. Buffalos show amazing selflessness and altruism. They crowd when attacked and protect their calves within the herd’s centre. Not only mothers respond to the cries for help of calves in danger, but the whole herd rushes to help, too. It can sometimes chase the attackers for hours.

The funnel-shaped ears of the African buffalo.Фуниевидните уши на африканския бивол.The person born on the day of the African buffalo has a will of iron, a huge creative potential and is very persisting, especially in practical affairs. He is restless, but strong and internally mature. He may sacrifice a lot to his principles, regardless of obstacles. He is harsh, cautious, steady, retrospective and patriotic. He is a reliable person. He finds himself with not too few goods at his dispense and he manages to use fortune’s gift as intended. The possessors of this degree will often become tutors and teachers in the broad sense of the word or will reach a prominent position, and their perseverance and their open-heartedness may instigate respect even in their enemies. Their lives are very unstable and at stake, but they are cheerful and face changes with optimism. They are surrounded by a clear and a transparent aura that feeds everyone within its scope. This degree is the symbol of exaltation. It is one of the degrees under the duty of fate.

Cape buffalos chase lion 1600 20 lcattle degrees 1, 2, 3, 4
other hollow-horned (Bovine) degrees 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

This is a description of the characteristics of the one out of the thirty categories of zodiacal degrees to which the discussed above degree belongs.

Degrees of Fate Service

This is one of the dozen of the heaviest and fateful degrees manifesting divine providence. The person born on some of these days is chosen by God’ and considerable demands were imposed on him. The person finds himself to be the medium of something that is not of his own free will. His life is full of predestinations, a lot of unusual events, coincidences and enigmas. He is the toy of fate and will leave a number of oddities and mysteries after himself.

 Barack Obama as a young man