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  • white donkey and Bill Gates as young
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  • donkey and Bill Gates
  • Bill Gates young and donkey
  • white donkey and Bill Gates
  • Bill Gates and white donkey
  • Bill Gates and white donkey
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Bill Gates and his Sun degree totem are shown in the gallery.
This is not a personal horoscope, but an overview of the related Sun degree.
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The white donkey is a breed of large riding donkeys. It was selected several thousand years ago in Damascus, with which it glorified the oldest continuously existing city. The proverbial stubbornness of the ass is mainly due to the fact that they are more fearful than horses. They are domesticated much later than horses and their relationship to humans is weaker and taming has not been able to change them very much. It’s much harder to get a donkey to do something it finds dangerous. But if you win its trust, it becomes a social partner on whom one can rely for work.

Donkeys have long ears and are shaggy. They are peaceful, calm and patient. Donkeys are quite intelligent, cautious, curious, playful, friendly, and willing to learn. They are considered sacred animals. The white donkey, however, is nasty, because it is fierce and has a dual nature. On the one hand, it is pretty calm and gives the appearance of an idler who don’t understand anything, but on the other hand it is very insolent and pushy. It puts on an appearance of ignorance, but, if anything happens, it brazenly pokes its muzzle. In general, it knows how to get a lot.

Golden ass  dung The persons born on the white donkey’s degree are being burned by the gold rush. They seem modest, but in fact, insatiable craving moves them. They are ambitious, thirsty and greedy. They are passionately looking for new values that promise abundance. They are stubborn, hardworking, very patient, business and practical. They are self-centered and focused on the material side of life. they let themselves dawdle for some time, but gradually heap negative potential and then spreads it everywhere. They perform best as suppliers.

Priapus PompeiiThe degree of the white donkey gives great sexuality. They even pictured the donkey as the ancient Greek fertility god Priapus, who has a huge member in a state of eternal erection. Today, thanks to the suggested fear of sexuality by the Abrahamic religions, the phallus is mostly associated with lust, and the huge sexual organ is perceived as a threat and a symbol of debauchery and anarchy. Let’s remind, however, that for the natural and free-hearted peoples of antiquity, the phallus was an extremely important and multi-layered symbol that is associated with fertility and success. In ancient Greece and Rome, the fertility god Priapus protects livestock, fruit plants, gardens and male genitalia and patronizes the maritime trade, guards and guides sailors.

metamorphosis of LuciusIn ancient Greece, the phallus was thought to have its own animal mind that is independent of the man and can rule him. Abrahamics associate the penis with the devil. Likewise, the white ass-man carries seemingly contradictory qualities. He may seem indifferent, but he is actually very curious and potentially interested in everything. He may seem calm, but he’s actually tense. Like a donkey, he appears benevolent, but his ears are always pricked up. As he is distracted and idle, he can suddenly become impertinent or kick all over around.

The ability to transform and incarnate is associated with the degree of the white donkey. The famous adventure novel ‘The Golden Ass’1)originally titled Metamorphoses is written by the ancient Roman writer and philosopher Lucius Apuleius and is the only fully preserved Latin novel of that time)) gives an idea of it. The main character of the novel is a man who re-embodies in a donkey and vice versa.

Svejk 1956 Hrusinksy 1200 10The white donkey-person may look foolisher than he is. He likes to play the fool, the, innocent and weak lop-eared incomprehensive little donkey. But he isn’t really a fool and he understands everything. He pretends to be stupid to save himself from something. The image of The Good Soldier Švejk, who pretends to be an ass, is perfectly suited to him. He is usually medium in height or a little shorter, with noticeable ears, shaggy and with a wide donkey smile. He’s often blond or at least gives the impression that he’s whitish. He has a modest and humble look and a looks down, but in fact he knows very well what he wants.

Швейк залавя бяло магареSvejk captured a white donkeyThe donkey has large ears and is constantly listening with both ears. it wants to know what’s going on around and even farther. It is full of apprehensions. Its dishevelled hair betrays its high internal tension. The white donkey is even tenser than ordinary donkeys because unpredictable and capricious creatures ride it. It is cowardly and prudent at the same time. It may appear as depressed and ambitious, vigilant and greedy, or deliberately and harshly depending on the context of the situation and its horoscope. It is no coincidence that it is associated with duality and metamorphosis.

Bill Gates 1988The white donkey is harnessed and saddled. It is suppressed and has more internal inhibitions and tensions and is more potent and thirsty than ordinary donkeys. Such is the white donkey-person: tense and having two seemingly different sides as most of the time one of them is hidden. He constantly fights with himself and hesitates between two opposing feelings: the one is exalting and the other – degrading. That which prevails, will rule him. An eagle holding a snake in its beak symbolizes this. Generally, the combination of two dangerous animals is significant and risky for the observer.

Lucius encounters the murderous wife - Illustration by Jean de Bosschere The eagle that endures adversity and deprivation behaves yieldingly and moderately, but from time to time can lose its temper. Figuratively speaking, it is like an eagle in donkey skin and role. He is patient and hardworking, but he is not humble, although he gives the appearance of one. Internally it is oppressed and tense, it fears the worst, and therefore yearns for the best. It can be said that the white donkey-man has the character of a frightened eagle: the more he tries to be a vegetarian, the more hungry and the more insatiable he gets.

амбицията на Приап, стенопис от Помпей; Priapus' anbition, PompeiiThe depression of the white donkey-persons interferes with their contentment and indicates misfortune in their relationships and subordinates them to their partners. Similar to its animal analogue, a white ass-person sometimes needs help and must be guided. The concern generates dissatisfaction, insatiability and greed. The white ass-people are over-ambitious and alert. Therefore, the degree is also a symbol of vigilance, ambition and gold rush.

The greatness of man is in that he can always be greater. His endless ambition can raise or lower him. Thirst and insatiability are the basis of all great human achievements, be they spiritual or material. Greed and lust are just unnaturally exaggerated social and love sentiments.

The degree of the white ass bestows insistence, endurance, work capacity, diligence, patience, cunning, variability, prominence and wealth. At unfavorable horoscopic and life factors, it adds sensuality, duality, deceit, narrow-mindedness and lack of mutual understanding. It is possible to lead to persecution by superiors and premature death due to kings’ wrath, old texts report. In other words, craving leads to success, but it also entails the corresponding risks.

Bill-Gates-10hollow-horned (Bovine) degrees 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

This is a description of the characteristics of the one out of the thirty categories of zodiacal degrees to which the discussed above degree belongs.

Degrees of Humility

This category of degrees makes the native careful, introverted, analytic, passive, and deprives him of leadership ambitions. In the best case, it endows him with compliance, diligence, thoughtfulness, conscience, humility, attentiveness to details and precision. They are also degrees of secrecy and mystery. In the worst case scenario, the life strategy of the native is complete passivity and indifference to everything that is happening around. Such a person is shrouded, meticulous and narrow-minded. He takes no active part in the life of society and is pleased with what he has. He obeys uncomplainingly the destiny, wants nothing, and strives for nothing. Support Bio-Astrology with any amount – it only takes seconds. Thank you. donate-to-bio-astrology-long-yel

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1. originally titled Metamorphoses