Dynamo magician (Steven Frayne)

  • Dynamo magician (Steven Frayne), saw-scaled viper
  • Dynamo magician (Steven Frayne), saw-scaled viper
  • saw-scaled viper, Dynamo magician (Steven Frayne)
  • Orlovs viper, Dynamo magician (Steven Frayne)
  • Dynamo magician (Steven Frayne), saw-scaled viper
  • magician Dynamo and Pope Francis
  • Pope Francis and magician Dynamo
  • magician Dynamo and Pope Francis
  • magician Dynamo and Pope Francis
  • Pope Francis and magician Dynamo rituals
  • magician Dynamo and Pope Francis
  • Pope Francis and magician Dynamo rituals
  • magician Dynamo and Pope Francis
  • magician Dynamo and Pope Francis
  • magician Dynamo, Pope Francis seductive looks: Sun degree twins
  • magician Dynamo and Pope Francis
  • Pope Francis and magician Dynamo
  • magician Dynamo and Pope Francis
  • Pope Francis and magician Dynamo
  • magician Dynamo and Pope Francis
  • Pope Francis, magician Dynamo: Sun degree twins
  • magician Dynamo and Pope Francis
  • magician Dynamo and Pope Francis
  • Brad Pitt and magician Dynamo: Sun degree twins
  • magician Dynamo, Brad Pitt: Sun degree twins
  • Brad Pitt, Dynamo magician: Sun degree twins
  • magician Dynamo, Brad Pitt
  • Brad Pitt and Dynamo magician: Sun degree twins
  • magician Dynamo, Brad Pitt: Sun degree twins
  • Brad Pitt and Dynamo magician: Sun degree twins
  • magician Dynamo, Brad Pitt: Sun degree twins
  • Brad Pitt and Dynamo magician
  • magician Dynamo and Petar Moskov: Sun degree twins: Sun degree twins
  • Petar Moskov, magician Dynamo: Sun degree twins
  • magician Dynamo and Petar Moskov: Sun degree twins
  • Петър Москов и магьосникът Динамо: Sun degree twins
  • магьосникът Динамо, Петър Москов
  • Petar Moskov, magician Dynamo
  • >магьосникът Динамо, Петър Москов: Sun degree twins
  • Петър Москов и магьосникът Динамо (Note the snakeskin-like pattern of Moskov's tie): Sun degree twins
  • Andreas Gunter Lubitz, Dynamo magician (Steven Frayne): Sun degree twins
  • магьосникът Динамо. Андреас Гюнтер Любиц
  • Andreas Gunter Lubitz, Steven Frayne (Dynamo magician): Sun degree twins
  • Steven Frayne - magician Dynamo, Andreas Gunter Lubitz: Sun degree twins
  • магьосникът Динамо. Андреас Гюнтер Любиц (note the snakeskin pattern of Dynamo's collar)
  • Steven Frayne, Andreas Gunter Lubitz: Sun degree twins
  • магьосникът Динамо. Андреас Гюнтер Любиц: Sun degree twins
  • Pope Francis, magician Dynamo, Peter Moskov: Sun degree twins

magician Dynamo (Steven Frayne), his Sun degree totem, and Sun degree twins are shown in the gallery.
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Magician Dynamo (Steven Frayne), Pope Francis (Jorge Bergoglio), Brad Pitt (William Bradley), Petar Moskov and Andreas Gunter Lubitz1)Andreas Lubitz is the Germanwings suicidal pilot who deliberately crashed the airplane he was piloting killing all of the passengers.
There are nine articles on Lubitz’s horoscope in this site.
were born when the Sun was on the same degree of the ecliptic. They are Sun degree twins. Correspondingly, they have the same Sun totem – the saw-scaled viper.

Astrological influences operate on basic physical and biological level and determine equally bodily proportions, instinctual nature and mental dispositions. Usually, Sun has the strongest astrological factors and has the greatest imprinting power. Generally, its contribution to the physical and mental traits of individuals is more than 60%. It determines the physical resemblance of the persons both to their Sun degree totem, which in this case is the saw-scaled viper, as well as the resemblance of persons having the same Sun totem to each other. Our gallery illustrates this. The Sun degree determines also great amount of the psychological characteristics of these well-known historical figures.

A saw-scaled viper in its characteristic postureThe saw-scaled viper is as a loaded crossbow equipped with poison arrows that is buried in the sand and waits for an opportunity to shoot. A great forward directed force is concentrated in the viper. Its degree symbolizes consecration to an ideal, focusing intent and concentration of mental power. It is associated with enlightenment, missionary and religion. It indicates a gifted person who is ahead of its time and who could be a harbinger of a cause. His talents may surpass the capabilities to implementation similarly to the viper’s venom the strength of which exceeds many times the practical needs.

The astrological strength of the Sun depends on various horoscopic factors. It is proportional to the manifestation of the Sun totem and of the Sun degree qualities. If the Sun is lacking aspects to planets, it is comparatively weak and its degree is less prominent with about a third. In the horoscope of Brad Pitt, the Sun casts no aspects to the planets. Accordingly, his similarity to the Sun totem and to the other four representatives of degree regarded here is somewhat less obvious.

Note that the physical similarity becomes increasingly difficult to observe with difference in age, sex, racial and species belonging. Despite this, it is here for all to see. Living things including man are not merely an outgrowth of DNA molecules. For they are also a spiritual cosmic beings, a reality to which the modern materialistic science is totally blind.

This is not a comprehensive Steven Frayne horoscope, but an overview on the astrological influence of his sun degree.

The saw-scaled viper (Echis carinatus) is one of the most venomous snake species. It is responsible for the most snakebite cases and deaths in Asia. Besides the toxicity of its poison, snake’s covertness and extremely aggressive nature are responsible for this record. It often attacks without a warning. The viper is small and thin; it barely carries a soul, but is very militant.

Pope Francis takes part in certain religious ritual at VaticanThe saw-scaled viper spends much of the time buried in the sand and stalking prey with only its eyes showing up. Its coloration merges with the sandy soil and makes it almost invisible. Even when the saw-scaled viper is not buried in the sand, it is difficult to notice. The people who have its degree prominent in their horoscopes are also masters of mimicry, imitation, illusion, diplomacy and able to conceal their nature.

The tiny viper can squeeze into each slit. Its human analogies have similar abilities. They are able to enter into any role, to infiltrate into each group and are skilful diplomats. They are very supple and flexible both bodily and mentally. Often they become acrobats and work in circus. The extreme serpentine-like flexibility of magician Dynamo’s small fingerThey are fond of art and pretence, especially of theatre. Dexterous, charming and captivating, they are experts in mass disinformation.

The degree indicates talents. It bestows eloquent oratorical gift, wit, ingenuity, ease of communication, respect and prestige. It brings many connections, friends, benefits and luxury and is associated with nobility. It evokes deep feelings and a strong need for physical and bodily pleasures.

A medieval symbol describing the degree is ‘Two brightly dressed girls swinging on a sseesaw while a jester holds a glass of wine in the middle.’ Pope Francis raises a golden cup of vineIt indicates a person who likes sports and entertainment, for whom bodily pleasure is the very essence of being. He can indulge himself in desires to the extremes. Most likely, however, he will repeatedly experience rise and fall. His philosophy is oriented towards the pursuit of excitement and happiness. He will use his mental gifts for putting his own plans into action. This is a symbol of Pleasure. But overindulgence can bring a bad name.

The saw-scaled viper is is disproportionally toxic for its small size. It is small but extremely venomous and injects its venom very deep. It coils in a characteristic posture resembling an arbalest, enabling it to rebound instantly repulsing from its own body. It attacks suddenly and its poison quickly produces an effect. The characteristic arbalest-shaped posture of the saw-scaled viperThe degree of the saw-scaled viper gives a very injurious and insidious character. It has been stated for the viper-person that as in the age of Tiberius he divides all people into two groups: of those who must be immediately destroyed and of those who have to be destroyed later. He leaves some for later, in order to have something to keep him busy.

When feeling threatened, the saw-scaled viper rubs its coils into one another so that special scales found along its body produce a surprisingly high-pitched and piercing sound similar to that of a rattlesnake. The saw-scaled viper-people often mistrust anyone. They are extremely independent and careful and behave with dignity and respect. They are highly skilful in the art of seduction. Great tempters they are. Several times, they change their skin and lifestyle like snakes shed their skins. TThe saw-scaled viper-people often mistrust anyone.hey transform as werewolves do and change their environment and acquaintances. Smart and enticing they are good actors.

Snakes lack limbs and their mobility is limited. For that reason, they are keenly intrigued by what lies ahead. They are hypersensitive and telepathic. These talents enable snakes find prey, mates and to avoid dangers. Snakes’ survival depends on their sensitivity and intuition.

Snakes are constantly licking the air with their tongues. They are actually actively tasting and smelling it. They are always in a process of foretasting and foresmelling. Contrary to what one may assume the external nose obstructs the direct The saw-scaled viper-people are ahead of their time and place. Dynamo magician poses with the snub-nosed and reptile-like ETI.perception of smells and weakens the sense of smell. Snakes don’t need noses and their nostrils are just openings.

The sense of smell is the oldest sense and it delivers the most direct, most reliable and most essential information. The nostrils are the genuine windows to the soul, not the eyes. Openness of the nostrils and therefore snubbiness of the nose shows a childlike insistence and urgency of desire.

The saw-scaled viper-people are very fine, sensitive and foretasting. They come to know their opponents’ intentions ten moves in advance. They can be forerunners or flag bearers in certain fields. They may be ahead of their time and even place or may be ahead on the road and closer to the goal. Their noses tend to be turned up so as not to obstruct the shortest outlet of the nostrils, which, like а second pair of dark eyes open toward a frontal observer.

The nostrils of Brad Pitt, a saw-scaled viper-man himself, compete with his eyes for markedness and expressiveness.The saw-scaled viper-persons are well liked. The degree bestows on them an inexplicable feminine charm. Women having it prominent in their horoscopes are very popular among men precisely because of their bitingness, venomousness, bitchiness and unbearableness. Shrewishness is not a men’s privilege. The male privilege is dullness. It is exactly what appeals to women. The simpler, the more homely and predictable is a man, the more women are to like him.

Perhaps the femininity peculiar to the saw-scaled viper’s degree is due to immaturity and underdevelopment of sexual characteristics and proportions as they are in children. Perhaps it is actually sexlessness, infantilism, primariness and directness. It may be a physical expression of innate impatience, precipitance and escapism.

Biologically, female sex is primary. Even the primary male sexual characteristics are complements and outgrowths of the feminine ones, not vice versa.2)The embryonic development, for instance, shows that the penis is an overdeveloped clitoris. Growing to manhood happens after childhood and is a modification of the feminine beginning. Therefore, the asexual childishness may be perceived as being somewhat feminine. Probably the femininity that the degree of the saw-scaled viper bestows is petulant, because of its extreme impatience and greed for instant change verging to militancy. The degree implants an innocent childish appearance and urgent insistence. The first quality makes men appear childish, a bit womanly hence popular, while the second makes women influential.magician Dynamo, Pope Francis seductive looks

Children’s foolishness is a great force because, for better or worse, it overcomes reason. Faith in instant satisfaction or attainment can work wonders, but also can cause destruction. Like a saw-scaled viper, a child is relatively helpless physically, but its desires have great power over others.

magician Dynamo with the snub-nosed and reptilian-like Yoda from the Star WarsThe saw-scaled viper moves sideways in a worryingly quick manner and leaves a characteristic S-shaped trail in the sand. When crawling, its body touches the hot sand at two points only that shift along its body. Figuratively speaking this fire-dancer almost levitates. On its crown, it has a bright cruciform pattern resembling the shape of an airplane or a taut bow with an arrow.

The degree is strongly associated with religion, missionary, preaching and journeys that can be dangerous. It bestows love of truth and martyrdom on the nativity. The saw-scaled person can be advised to live at one place. He takes upon himself the blows of fate, bears dissension and suffering, but never loses interest in life. On the contrary, it’s as if adversities raise his interest. But hardships also thicken his poison or fanaticism of his concepts, and make him bitter and biting.

The Sabian symbol of the degree is ‘A flag bearer distinguishes himself in a hand-to-hand fight.’ It shows a positive side of aggressiveness of the threatened viper: the boundless bravery. A flag bearer in a hand-to-hand fight.It describes the manifestation of physical courage required to reach the higher racial or group ideals. It indicates a talent exceeding the possibility of realization. It portrays the nobly accepted subservience of the individual to collective values and goals. Although unarmed and defenceless, such a person can become a focus or milestone and make the life of a large group of people meaningful. ‘Are you ready to accept the role of a conscious and responsible servant of humanity?’ the symbol is asking.

The degree of the saw-scaled viper is a symbol of consecration to an ideal. But in a large dose or concentration the ideal may become toxic. The saw-scaled viper-persons have venom and can be very dangerous, but only when revenging. Otherwise, they are fine, kind and insidious. They can never be revealed, because they are well disguised, intuitive and telepathic. Adverse horoscopic or mundane factors endanger them with neurasthenia, premature violent death or suicide.

Examples of the Effect of the Saw-scaled Viper’s Degree

Hermes Trismegistus Caduceus with two Kundalini snakes and wings against the background of a medical crossThe two hundred sixty-sixth zodiacal degree is associated with the saw-scaled viper. The qualities that it implants relate not only to the nature of the totem, but correspond to the character of the people born on it. Such are Pope Francis, magician Dynamo, Brad Pitt, Petar Moskov and Andreas Gunter Lubitz. To show the correspondence below next to each person I’ve placed degree’s characteristics. A slight change in order and emphasis of the characteristics makes their correspondence to personal qualities more evident. The result exemplifies the essence of the degree and the supremacy of the Sun’s imprinting power.

The saw-scaled viper can be described as being an expert in the use of venoms, an dedicated anaesthesiologist, a pragmatic desensitizer, an initiator into the unconscious, an intoxicating stupefier, a NDE initiator, a master of the comatose, a stupefier by death, a doorman of the great beyond, a channeler into afterlife, a secretive and needlessly cruel avenger, a mass killer, a hiding poisoner, a deadly disinformer.

Magician Dynamo walks on Thames RiverMagician Dynamo is a demonstrator of a parallel reality, an initiator into miracles, a flagbearer of the invisible worlds, an enthusiastic missionary, a dedicated hypnotizer, an expert in concentration, a master of the invisible unconscious, a desensitizer/anaesthesiologist, an introducer of the great unknown a stupefier by amazement, a diplomat-reformer, an illusionist, a provoking disinformer.

Pope Francis may be portrayed as a devoted missionary, a diplomat-reformer, a flagbearer of an invisible world, an expert in consecration, a mass hypnotizer, a soul anaesthesiologist, an initiator into miracles, a stupefier by awe, a master of the invisible unconscious, a doorman of the great beyond, a channeler into afterlife, a master of the hereafter, an agent of death in the name of life, a fatalistic disinformer

Peter Moskov speaks about certain vaccines.Petar Moskov, an anesthesiologist and Minister of Health of Bulgaria, is a quite literal personification of the totem. He may be described as a dedicated anaesthesiologist, an expert in uses of venoms (concentrated substances), a master of the comatose, a desensitizer, an introducer of the unconscious state, a NDE initiator, a doorman of the death-like world, a stupefier by narcolepsy, an imposer of a small death in the name of life, a benevolent oppressor, a diplomat-reformer, a pragmatic idealist, unforgiving missionary, a wishful thinking disinformer.

Brad Pitt is an actor and his character is difficult to perceive. However, like any good performer, he has his own character and attracts roles that harmonize with the nature of his horoscope. In the Brad Pitt horoscope, the Sun is relatively weak and he is not religious. However, the Sun is always a strong factor of one’s horoscope weighting not less than half of it. The roles that ‘find’ Pitt are congruent with his solar degree. Many of his characters experience close encounters with death or introduce into it. In ‘Seven Years in Tibet’ his character narrowly misses death and befriends the Tibetan lama. In ‘The Devils’s Own’ Brad Pitt plays I.R.A.’s deadliest assassin-terrorists in hiding who has the nature of the saw-scaled viper. He performs an avenger in ‘Sleepers’; in ‘World War Z’ he is a missionary-explorer of a  zombie pandemic that turns people into zombies, while in “Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles” he turns into a vampire. Elegant and especially consonant with his Sun degree is his role of a leader into the afterlife in the ‘Meet Joe Black‘.airplane-bl-60

Andreas Gunter Lubitz may be described as an self-sacrificial desensitizer, an expert in uses of venoms (concentrated substances)3)he took neurotranquilizers, an initiator of the unconscious state, a fanatic anaesthesiologist, a deadly hypnotizer, a stupefier by death, a channeler into afterlife, an introducer of the great beyond, a secretive and needlessly cruel avenger, an initiator into death, a concealed mass killer, a death agent, a polite-anarchist, a suicidal missionary, a lethal disinformer. A series of astrological articles about Lubitz can be found here.

josef-stalin-snake-tongue-joke-60Joseph Stalin is the Soviet dictator who ranks second in the world by number of murders. He seems to be born on the day of the saw-scaled viper too. It is believed that he has sent forcefully to the afterlife between 40 and 62 million people. “There is a man – there is a problem, no man – no problem” is a famous quote of his. Stalin has managed to hypnotize all of Russia and its satellites. They called him ‘Father of the Peoples’. He was like a pope of the Communist world. He was painted on icons. Stalin was interested in NDE and he regularly sent cameramen to the front in order to shoot a real battle. He constantly held a pipe and sucked out of it, which reminds of the continuous tasting of the air with a tongue that the sand adder does and demonstrates drug addiction. He can be described as the most mass murderer with a contradictory attitude to religion ranging from complete eradication to flying an airplane with an icon over besieged Leningrad.

Interrelationship between Energy Structure, Coloration and Mind

The medieval symbol of the degree of the saw-scaled viper portraying two rocking girls and a jester reminds me of snake’s typical posture. The horseshoe-shaped curved snake looks like a seesaw swing, the extremities its two muscled curves correspond to the swinging girls personifying extreme desires and snakes’ head occupying central position and containing poison is analogue to the jester holding a glass of wine at the center of the picture.

The saw-scaled viper crown pattern and similar cruciform shapesA cruciform pattern crowns the saw-scaled viper’s head. Its shape resembles the outline of an airplane or a stretched to the extreme arbalester with an arrow and an invisible string. The characteristic arbalester-shaped posture of the snake somewhat resembles that pattern on its crown. It is possible that the innate instinct of the snake to assume its characteristic posture has much more direct relationship with its coloration as well as with the pattern of its crown than is considered. If the energy of the predominant intention, instinct or posture of the animal projects on its head that could help forming its pigmentation and coloration directly, without the need a special and undoubtedly very complex genetic apparatus to encode for it.

A cruciform pattern decorates the saw-scaled viper’s crown.At this condition, the shape of the cruciform pattern could be associated with the qualities of the totem and with symbols that describe it, including the one with the swinging girls and the clown. If so, we can expect that saw-scaled viper-people will be attracted by such symbols or figures or will try to reproduce them with their postures and gestures. Perhaps the energy structure of the body interconnects gestures, postures, instincts, color, intentions and mind in a more intimate way than modern science dares to suggest.

The typical posture of the saw-scaled viper resembles a living strained arbalester that is ready to shoot. The sign on viper’s crown also looks like a taut crossbow with an arrow and without a string. Somehow, the cross is linked to both posture and coloration of the viper. Yet it is also linked to the degree’s essence and to the zodiacal sign the degree belongs to. The cruciform and airplane-shaped posture of magician Dynamo.Is it a coincidence that the degree of the cross-bearing militant viper happens to be in the religious and militant Sagittarius and that the typical posture and the most prominent pattern of viper’s coloration resembles a crossbow? It is a coincidence that the cruciform and plane-shaped figures are central in life of the saw-scaled viper-persons?

The saw-scaled viper is crowned with a cruciform figure having the shape of a crossbow or a plane. Remarkably, the figure looks like the characteristic posture of the snake. Even more remarkable is that such a figure happens to be a central symbol of the lifework of the aforementioned four representatives of the viper’s degree. The cruciform shape is linked to both the saw-scaled viper and the qualities that its degree implants.

Various cruciform shapes and symbols linked to the degree of the saw-scaled viperThe Christian cross symbolizes Pope’s lifework, the medical cross symbolizes the lifework of the medical anaesthesiologist and the airplane-like cross resembles the silhouette typical of the levitating or advertising his movies magician as well as the outline of the weapon of the mass murderer pilot.

Magician Dynamo levitates above the Shardother snake totems 1, 2, 3

This is a description of the characteristics of the one out of the thirty categories of zodiacal degrees to which the discussed above degree belongs.

The Golden Mean Degrees

This group of zodiacal degrees implants an inclination to go the middle way. Those who have such a degree pronounced in their horoscopes seek that which is small or average. They don’t need much. They don’t like to take risks and to stand out. In the worst case, the middle path degrees operate as a “swamp” average bourgeois psychology that is characterized with a state of stagnation. According to its logic, it is best for one to not attract attention, but to promote someone else instead and so to achieve his goals unnoticedly. In the best case, the degrees relate to the golden mean, modesty and professionalism.

The persons having such degrees pronounced in their horoscopes know well their place in the world and do their jobs. Even if they become famous, they remain modest. They are suited to the role of mediators or balancers between what is new and old, progressive and conservative, actual and ideal and even between life and death. However, if they act as arbiters or as agents of any of these categories they may actually do service to the donate-to-bio-astrology-long-yelopposite. Support Bio-Astrology with any amount – it only takes seconds. Thank you. 

another representative of this category of degrees 1, 2, 3

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1. Andreas Lubitz is the Germanwings suicidal pilot who deliberately crashed the airplane he was piloting killing all of the passengers.
There are nine articles on Lubitz’s horoscope in this site.
2. The embryonic development, for instance, shows that the penis is an overdeveloped clitoris.
3. he took neurotranquilizers