Georgi Dimitrov

  • Georgi Dimitrov & Komodo dragon
  • Georgi Dimitrov & Komodo dragon
  • Georgi Dimitrov & Komodo dragon
  • Georgi Dimitrov & Komodo dragon
  • Georgi Dimitrov & Komodo dragon
  • Georgi Dimitrov & Komodo dragon
  • Georgi Dimitrov & Komodo dragon

Georgi Dimitrov and his official Sun degree totem are shown in the gallery.
This is not a personal
horoscope, but a brief overview of the related Sun degree.

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The Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis) is the largest terrestrial lizard, the largest poisonous animal and the one with the dirtiest mouth. It is a dangerous predator. All animals are on its menu regardless of their size. The infectious and poisonous cocktail that the reptile injects at biting acts slowly but surely. The varanus follows the bitten victim and patiently waits nearby for it to grow faint. The lizard may slobber after for large animals to weaken up to a month. After the victim falls into a helpless state due to the inflammation and the poison dragon begins to tear it up while it’s still alive.

The Komodo dragon is patient and adapts to any condition. He has a great inner strength and does not betray its emotions. It is sociable for a reptile and can be habituated. Dspite he is strong an slow, he is able to run when needed. The monitor lizard possesses a clear mind and the ability to monitor and evaluate. The dragon is a predator, but only on a very big game. It may long endure and wait his starry hour. It is pretty cool and is never distracted by trifles.

The Komodo dragon-people are serious and lack sense of humor. They are even asexual and indifferent to the opposite sex, which evokes trust. Their negative traits are that they often doze off and are irresponsible to relatives. Men-dragons often remain sworn bachelors and women-dragons – old unmarried bluestockings who viciously condemn others.

The degree of Komodo dragon implants diligence, sagacity, prudence, foresight, occult powers, wisdom, ability to withstand the most severe conditions, early maturity and independence. The komodo-persons struggle until they get the situation properly under control. They may be grey cardinals and pull the strings without attracting attention. They have the qualities of the Count of Monte Christo: they are good in revenge and punishment of their old enemies. Helping themselves they can bring lasting benefit to others. The degree symbolizes tirelessness and deliverance.

An interesting metaphor describing the degree is ‘a man who declared bankruptcy walks out of the court.’ This shows gaining independence and liberation from the requirements of society and the past, courage for new attempts, patronage and impunity. The degrees hints to the syndrome destructive infantilism.


This is a description of the characteristics of the one out of the thirty categories of zodiacal degrees to which the discussed above degree belongs.

Degrees of a Destructive Infantilism

This category of degrees imposes great naïveté and openness on natives. It makes them eternal kids and they exhibit a high level of infantilism. Thanks to this many objectionable things they do are being forgiven to them. For that reason the degrees of immaturity indicate wealth and benefits received just like that, undeservedly.

People having such a degree prominent in their charts are not stupid, but they can achieve something only pretending to be fools. To them infantilism is a comfortable life position. They lack firmly fixed purpose and act according to circumstances. It is this childlike position of them that allows them to act irresponsibly and do whatever they want. They create the impression of a constant activity, but actually it’s just a party to them.

Those people live unsystematically. They perform extremely illogical actions and involve others in their fields of action. In the worst scenario, they can bring chaos in every system, break any venture or destroy any business. They feel wonderful in an atmosphere of corruption, degradation and absence of system. They are great destroyers and disorganizers.