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John Kerry

John Kerry’s Sun and Moon degree totems, and his Sun degree twin are shown in the galley.
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In this article, I show the two most powerful zodiac totems coexisting in the horoscope of a person – the American politician John Kerry. As it happens, both totems are cloven-hoofed ruminants of the bovidae family, giving the elongated ‘equine’ face of the diplomat. These herbivores are the Snow sheep (Ovis nivicola) and the Saiga antelope (Saiga tatarica). The first one is already represented in our gallery of celebrities. The second we have so far only here.

Славчо Бинев и Джон Кери са родени на една и съща дата, представители са на същия зодиакален градус и имат същия тотем и микрозодия.  John Kerry and Slavcho Binev were born on the same day of the year and have the same zodiacal totem and micro-zodiacal sign.  The reason to show two totems is my desire to demonstrate the combined action and relative strength of the qualities implanted by the zodiacal degrees. The reader can observe snow sheep in both politicians separately, but also in the similarity between them. These similarities are primarily attributable to the influence of zodiacal degree and therefore are not genetic. The reader may also notice the resemblance of John Kerry to his second totem – the saiga – and thus gain an insight into how the zodiac qualities accumulate and build personality.

In the horoscope of a person, at least a dozen totem degrees are active. Their combined action has a decisive impact on his personality. In the other articles of the Degrees zodiac section only sun totem, which is usually the strongest, is shown, but here the second is also regarded. In this case, as it often happens, the second degree is quite strong and competes with the solar one. One could find out, which his or her zodiacal totems are here.

This is not a personal horoscope, but an overview of the corresponding Sun degree.

Slavcho Binew beats a lionThe Snow Sheep (or Siberian bighorn sheep, Ovis nivicola) has massive thick and circularly curved horns. It live in the mountainous areas of the Northern Hemisphere and, like the mountain goats, is a very good climber. The degree of snow sheep is associated with rudeness, arrogance and oppression of others. It implants a strong impulse, excessive sexuality, proneness to crime and alcoholism. The person born of this degree possesses great physical strength and a firm grip. He unceremoniously invades the lives of others and leads a scandalous and cynical life. Basically, he preaches the cult of power.

Snow sheep-person has bulging eyes and upper forehead, large head and strong hands. He is always striving forward and upward. He is tenacious and pushy. A very active, efficient, optimistic and sporty person he is. He is belligerent and aggressive, but to him rudeness is like a game. He risks and runs into trouble as a ram into a wall. He falls into the abyss that is he has prepared with his own hasty actions. He is threaten by prison, misfortunes and various troubles that he brings to himself with his mutton stubbornness and unwillingness to listen to good advice.

Sheep are gregarious animals and live in large herds. The ram is created to stand at the head, to lead and all time strives to be a step ahead and above. The male show sheeps are very sexual and fight in order to have more female and offspring. Or just to keep in shape. Female snow sheep can fight for social status when needed too.

The duel between rams during the breeding season is particularly impressive. Then they win the right over the harem. They raise on their hind legs, speed up and bang their heads with all their might. They do not hurt each other seriously because their skulls and the skin on their heads are very thick. The battle of rams is largely a ritual. The snow sheep-people have artistic talents. They constantly being subject life / genesis to a sober reassessment. They aspire to professional and social reorientation. Often they change and make transitions.

Джон КериThe mountain sheep-man is a strong and influential personality. If he focuses his energy to higher spiritual goals he can help the awakening of humanity and become the harbinger of world peace. When the conqueror is not obsessed with the problems of survival and dominance, he can be an innovator. A warrior can be an apostle too.

The roar of the impact on the horns of the fighting rams reverberates for miles in the mountains, but they are not botherd by the possibility of being heard. If predators show up, the snow sheep retreat in the inaccessible slopes. Like them the show sheep-person feels most relaxed when he is high up. He has high spirit, the confidence of a chief and behaves as being of high social standing.  It has happened snow rams to attack and push wolves into the abyss. Sometimes, however, rams fall through alone without predators because they fearlessly overestimate their abilities.

another representative of the same degree

Славчо Бинев и Джон Кери са родени на една и съща дата, представители са на същия зодиакален градус и имат същия тотем и микрозодияTotems and gestures. Slavcho Binev and John Kerry are born on the same day of the year and have the same zodiacal totem or micro-zodiacal sign. The ‘boxing’ gesture seems to portray the huge horns of the bighorn male. Perhaps it is their instinctual substitute.

This is a description of the characteristics of the one out of the thirty categories of zodiacal degrees to which the discussed above degree belongs.

Degrees of the Uninscribed Parvenus

This is one of a dozen zodiacal degrees that produce upstarts and anarchists. They show someone who challenges society and attracts condemnation. He may initiate scandals and denunciations, to get rich suddenly and jump up into the high society. At best, he has his own opinion about everything that can withstand the environment and benefit from the antagonism. He braves the poor environment. He doesn’t inscribe into any circle, however, even if he want to. He wears a stamp of an outcast and loneliness. In the worst case, these degrees impose tendency to anarchy, chaos and social escapism.

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John Kerry’s Moon totem

This is not a personal horoscope, but an overview of the corresponding zodiacal degree.

The saiga (Saiga tatarica) is an endangered antelope species dwelling at the open steppe of Central Asia. It has a characteristic bulging trunk-like humpbacked and curved down snout that resembles muzzles of dik-dik and tapir. The eyes of this horny ALF are located far apart and under bulging eyebrows.

ALF and saiga antelopeThe saiga антелопе  is a very good runner and can develop a speed of 80 km/h. It lives in large herds that regroup through the seasons. It undertakes seasonal migrations and can travel up to 120 kilometres a day. The degree of the Saiga gives speed, impetuosity, energy, stamina, sporting strength and passion. It also provides greater firmness, willpower and abilities to organize and control. It implants a sense of duty and responsibility towards close persons. It contributes to stability of marriage, for security and for finding true friends. The persons having this degree manifested in their charts know what to get, how to get it and who cannot be counted on.

The degree of саига indicates unusually brave man who feels invincible and becomes target of his enemies. But those who hit his weak spot, throw down on themselves an unexpected force that springs from his pain. The degree is a symbol of Invulnerability.

To focus on specific problems, the mind must be able to retain its independence from the physical environment. The saiga-person has such an ability to concentrate. He has a sharp mind and tongue, and is dexterous and optimistic and this makes him social. On the one hand, objectivity of mind requires comparisons and makes one observer, isolates and alienates him. On the other hand, it divides the mind because it provides alternative solutions. The degree of saiga gives a community feeling but also a distinctive character. It socializes, but also individualizes people. It bestows collectivism on the native, but also autonomy and therefore duality.

It is believed that the big nose of the saiga serves to warm the cold air during winter and to filter dust up during summer migrations. Whatever its function, it certainly keeps the smells of the past. The sense of smell is the oldest, wisest and most universal one, but it is farthest from words. Saiga lives in two parallel realities simultaneously. One is of the particular facts and the other is more abstract.

The entry into a new area of ​​activity generally alienates from the social environment. The saiga-person lives in the ordinary world, yet somehow not quite belongs to it. He looks for someone with whom he can speak his native language. This may be an old language, a primary language of wisdom, and not knowledge. A developed saiga-individual may perceives wisdom from the huge planetary reservoir of human experience. To ordinary people, however, he seems to speak a foreign language.

The saiga-person is an individualist. He strives for spiritual independence and freedom. He is always in a process of isolation, but is never all alone. From time to time, he finds people who understand him. He attracts attention.

The degree of the saiga gives good language and intermediary capabilities. Sometimes it implants traits of the opposite sex. Saiga-people have a dual attitude towards their personality and interests. In the worst case, the unfavourable horoscopic or mundane factors can manifest this duality as guile, flattery and deceit whilst the individualism can manifest itself as despotism. In the best case, duality rewards the native with good diplomatic skills. Support Bio-Astrology with any amount – it only takes seconds. Thank you. donate-to-bio-astrology-long-yel

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