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  • Sea snake, Kim Jong-un
  • Kim Jong-un, horned sea snake
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Kim Jong-un and his Sun degree totem are shown in the gallery.
This is not a personal
horoscope, but an overview of a Sun degree.

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This is a serpentine degree, and of the most treacherous snakes, namely the sea snakes. They have the most powerful venom that paralyzes their victims instantly and kills them in minutes. These serpents are mentioned repeatedly in the Bible Gospels. These species are also called coral reef snakes. They are close relatives to the poisonous Australian terrestrial snakes. They are a subfamily of venomous elapid snakes to which the majority of the deadliest snakes, including the black mamba and king cobra belong. The sea snakes inhabit the marine environment and are fully adapted to it. Most of them cannot move on land and are viviparous.

Kim Jong un in a corridor of frozen fish: the sea snake-man walks an artificial coral reef of fishThe coral snakes are guardians of coral reefs. Their degree is rather terrible. It is associated with black magic, with covertness and subversive action. The coral snake-person knows how to conceal his nature, wears all sorts of masks, foretastes all of the others’ actions, and suggests them his own ideas. People are drawn to him and follow him. Lying prophets and false teachers are often born with this degree. They master the art of seduction and are believed. They offer beautifully spoken information in which the central idea is subtly perverted. The sea snake is the most evil serpent. Its human equivalent can seduce whoever they wants. He is a stumbling block and a source of temptation for many. His appearance is insignificant, but many people are attracted to it.

Kim Jong-un inspects fish draught: the sea snake-man seems truly interested in the natural food of his sun totemThe sea snake is neither a fish nor a typical snake. It is a half-snake and half-fish. It breathes air, has paddle-like fishy tale, but cannot move on land. It has a dual nature. It feeds on fish but does not swim well like fish. It lives among its potential victims. It suffers the limitations of the environment, which it compensates with imperceptibility1)colorless or bright camouflage and toxicity. Its human analogue has similar qualities.

This degree is hardly a good influence. A few adverse influences can easily transform it into perfect evil. The ultimate sophistication (provided that it does not become wrapped into ostentation or even worse) and a certain mind promptness may compensate for the wickedness to certain extent.

The other features of the degree, good as they may appear, are all negative. Sea snake-people will challenge public opinion without having sufficiently good reason and just for the sake of the wrangle. They oppose in principle, like threatened predators, not because of the duty of a dignified man to revolt against idolized fallacies and organized crime.

Kim Jong-un inspects sea food catch: the sea snake-man is interested in the natural menu of his main totemHere is no trace of courage but an aggrieving and cowardly effrontery. There is no independence, rather a peevish tendency to be at cross with one’s interlocutors, sheepishly sponsoring the diametrically opposed point of view even if blatantly wrong. A blustering and chicken-hearted liar, erratic and stubborn, the sea snake-person will waste time and money on arbitrage, gambling and racing, shirking work with all possible means.

Under favourable aspects in the map, the sea snake-person can become a croupier or bookmaker. If the stars endow him with political opportunism as well (which does not exclude contrariness in other fields at all), he may prove a perfect agent provocateur or even better, a regular opportunist, a champion in that political double-dealing which Italians practice with such gusto.2)Adriano Carelli

Kim Jong-un surrounded by female admirers: the sea serpent-man likes to be in the spotlightThe duad3)an arc of ecliptic equal to 2 ½ angular degrees to which the degree belongs is associated with great personal pride, strong leadership abilities and with a need to be in the spotlight and to receive personal recognition. It bestows great determination, intensity and perseverance of ambition, flair for the dramatic and excellent sense of composition and structure. Many market analysts and investment managers are apt to have this duad prominent in their horoscope.4)Sakoian/Acker

‘The Union Jack flag files from a British warship‘ is degree’s Sabian symbol. Its keynote is the protection offered to individuals and groups by powerful institutions in charge of maintaining order. Power is required to maintain social order and relatively peaceful interpersonal as well as international relationships. Alas, this power can easily be misused under the pretext of ‘preserving law and order’. Justice and compassion must balance social power and especially the power of privileged groups. When this symbol appears, the need for protection may be in evidence – or it may be a warning against using power for selfish advantage. The degree brings the realization of the ambivalence of the POLITICAL POWER, its value and its dangers.5)Dane Rudhyar

British Union Jack Flag, the Flag of Workers' Party of KoreaThe symbol presents conditions prevailing in the past when the Great Britain’s fleet was policing the seas under the international principle of the freedom of the seas. It is associated with supervision. The Union Jack flag is composed of the union of three elements. The emblem of the Korean Workers’ Party somewhat resembles the flag, adding a new contemporary dimension to the symbol.

Kim Jong-un is a Supreme Commander: the fate of the sea serpent-man strongly depend on the others“Silvery robe lying in the mud, above it – gloomy clouds, foretelling a storm.” – is another symbol for the degree6)Kozminsky. It indicates a person whose fate will strongly depend on the actions of others. His life is closely connected with their hopes and aspirations. The sea snake-person will face difficult challenges and almost irresistible temptations. The only way to protect himself and his honor is to refuse to participate in various unworthy machinations. It is a symbol of Change. There is something amphibian in this symbol and the silver robe looks like a shed snake’s skin.

Another symbol7)Keane for the degree is “Narrow’. It denotes one whose ideology and life are circumscribed by narrow and uncompromising ideas and ideals. It indicates one who is generally in a rut of either his own making (as snakes are) or of circumstances too powerful for him to overcome. His imagination is limited. The sea snake-person has a strong, firm, protective, conservative, mentoring and governmental attitude and a community-minded spirit and successfully organises various events.

Stephen Hawking, the living speech table, is a populariser of the mainstream physics“A speech table” is a symbol that describes the good intellectual and conservative quality of the degree. It indicates that the degree is good for preaching, religion and ideology and gives brightness, brilliance, significance and knack for play in life. The person having this degree expressed makes a great career that is often a political one. Stephen Hawking, the famous popularizer of physics who is immobilized by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is born at that degree and is in effect a living professor’s speech table.

„A man cut in the middle: a faint-hearted man” is the symbol for the degree from the 4th century 8)Julius Firmicus Maternus. It signifies a fearful and hesitant man of weak will. Stephen Hawking, who is paralyzed by AMS and is born on this degree, portrays the symbol physically. Although the energy cause of his disease is clearly distinguishable in the structure of his horoscope, it is likely that the degree of weakness contributes to disease’s severity. Perhaps the energy structure of the totem of a legless animal inhabiting unfriendly environment is easier to give up the intention for management of the limbs.

The same source reports a propensity for the native born on this degree to kill his wife if Mercury, Venus, and Mars are at the same degree or sign. But the inclination of the sea snake-person to kill a relative seems to be able to manifest itself even without this horoscopic condition. For example, it is not fulfilled by the horoscope of Filiz Aker, who shot his lover and killed herself afterwards and is only partially satisfied by Mercury for Kim Jong-un who ordered the poisoning of his half-brother Kim Jong-nam and the brutal execution of his uncle Jang Song-thaek along with his whole family, including grandchildren.

Kim Jong-un salutes with nuclear missiles at the background“Two men in fierce strife” is another ancient symbol for the degree handed down to us by Sepharial that seems specially designed for the Korean dictator. It describes one whose aggressive and quarrelsome nature will lead him into all sorts of difficulties and dangers, from which he will not escape unhurt. Contentious, reviling and unorthodox, his mind will be at war with the prevailing opinions. He will create discord wherever he goes, and be a sorry test to men of humane and benevolent dispositions. His nature is devoid of frankness and he does not admit the truth even to himself, but opposes all and everyone on whatever ground is open to debate. In other words, he is an Ishmaelite,9)Ishmaelite – 1. A descendant of Ishmael, the traditional ancestor of the Arab peoples (the son of Abraham and Hagar), of whom it was said, “His hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him.” – Gen. xvi. 1; 
2. One at enmity with society; a wanderer; a vagabond; an outcast. – Thackeray
one who is at enmity with society who will finally be abandoned to the mercies of the mother Nature. It a degree of strife and antagonism. It bestows duplicity and spirit of contradiction. Sexual perversion, sadism or masochism are possible. The native is threatened by (large) animals, “carts and horses”, car accidents and unnatural death.

Kim Jong-un smiles in front of an atomic submarine: the sea serpent-man is proud of the military analogue and deadly substitute of his venomous sun totemother snake totems 1, 2, 3

This is a description of the characteristics of the one out of the thirty categories of zodiacal degrees to which the discussed above degree belongs.

Kim Jong-un amuses all by playing about with a dead catfish

Degrees of Concreteness

This category of degrees designate materialists and atheists living in the real world and tied to earthly joys. They are strong and healthy people, having no miracles in their lives. They never lose their heads, always have a foundation or ground under their feet. These are degrees of concreteness and of earthly life realities.

other degrees of this category


Kim Jong-un’s Phobia about Snakes and Obsession with Nuclear Submarines

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1. colorless or bright camouflage
2. Adriano Carelli
3. an arc of ecliptic equal to 2 ½ angular degrees
4. Sakoian/Acker
5. Dane Rudhyar
6. Kozminsky
7. Keane
8. Julius Firmicus Maternus
9. Ishmaelite – 1. A descendant of Ishmael, the traditional ancestor of the Arab peoples (the son of Abraham and Hagar), of whom it was said, “His hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him.” – Gen. xvi. 1; 
2. One at enmity with society; a wanderer; a vagabond; an outcast. – Thackeray