Meglena Kuneva

  • Meglena Kuneva and dodo
  • Dodo, Meglena Kuneva ---|--- додо, Меглена Кунева
  • Meglena Kuneva, dodo ---|--- Меглена Кунева, додо
  • Меглена Кунева, додо ---|--- Meglena Kuneva, dodo
  • Meglena Kuneva, dodo ---|--- Меглена Кунева, додо
  • Meglena Kuneva, dodo ---|--- Меглена Кунева, додо
  • додо, Меглена Кунева ---|--- Dodo, Meglena Kuneva
  • Meglena Kuneva, dodo ---|--- Меглена Кунева, додо
  • Меглена Кунева, додо ---|--- Meglena Kuneva, dodo
  • Meglena Kuneva, dodo ---|--- Меглена Кунева, додо
  • Meglena Kuneva, dodo ---|--- Меглена Кунева, додо
  • додо, Меглена Кунева ---|--- Dodo, Meglena Kuneva

Meglena Kuneva and his Sun degree totem are presented in the gallery.
This is not a personal horoscope, but a brief overview of the related Sun degree.

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The solstices are turning points in the annual cycle. Certain cultures consider summer solstice the beginning of the zodiac. For residents of the northern hemisphere the summer solstice means that the semiannual elevation of the sun and lengthening of the day are over. The summer solstice indicates the beginning of semiannual descend of the Sun and shortening of the day. 1)In the southern hemisphere, things are upside down
and it would be especially tempting the summer solstice be considered the beginning of the year.

This degree of the summer solstice is very interesting. It is one of the possible beginnings of the zodiac. It is the degree of the summer solstice, the beginning of astronomical summer and of the female (yin) half of the zodiacal circle. It is associated with the sacred in ancient Egypt scarab beetle (Scarabaeus sacer) and with the dodo. Usually the insect totem is the masculine manifestation of the degree, while the bird totem is the feminine.

The summer solstice implants a presentiment of the imminent start of a great descent. The implantees try to compensate by pulling back mentally. The degree of the summer solstice bestows emotional uncertainty and timidity on the natives. Involuntarily they tend to move backward like a scarab beetle. Or they feel like birds that are afraid of falling and refuse to use their wings like the dodo.

The dodo (Raphus cucullatus) was a huge clumsy flightless swan-sized pigeon. It reached the height of a meter or more, had a large beak and stunted wings. The Dodo disappeared during the 17th century due to human intervention. The people and the animals that they imported into its home islands, exterminated it.2)Dodo is also called dronte meaning ‘swollen’ in Dutch.

Dreaminess, unearthliness and constant sense of tragedy are typical of the dodo-women. It is as if to them all is in the past and everything is gone. Often they rush into living their lives, because they feel that everything will end tomorrow. They behave as if they feel that today is the last day of their lives and they plunge into life to enjoy it.

Dodo-women have many complexes. They suffer because of their appearance, although they have gorgeous bodies and beautiful eyes. They have low self-esteem despite the fact that almost everything with them is normal. They may remain unmarried, because they believe that nobody likes them. Like other people born on degrees of extinct species, they really look like coming from another world and feel that they are born at the wrong time.

This is a degree of bearded conservatism. Origin, tribal roots and following the parental example and heredity have a huge role in the lives of those who are born on this day. Their entire lives are scheduled and depend very much on what their ancestors and parents were. The summer solstice-people are highly susceptible to the influence of their parents or those caring for them. Often they are entirely shaped by parental upbringing and attitudes. The degree gives goodness, faithfulness to the chosen principles and reticence. It imputes attachment to traditions, past and reliable foundations. But often these time-honoured traits are accompanied by dependence, infantilism and the need for guardianship.

Typical of the representatives of the degree are readiness to start something new, to perform a sharp turnaround, to change of identity and the desire for union with significant currents of life are. The degree gives compassion, sensitivity, adaptability, friendliness, social confidence and the abilities to reset and repolarize. The collective will gradually captures the individual will of the people born under this degree and eventually completely conquers their personality and they become willing to do things for others. This transformation is the big time of the personality. During it, the person enjoys the opportunity to take a ‘free decision’. Readjustment is an individual act by which the individual demonstrates a viable choice position and attachments.

Curiously, the ancient images of pigeons have a large beak that is quite similar to that of the dodo. As far as the bird belongs to the family encompassing pigeons and doves (family Columbidae), we may assume that it has served as a model of the biblical image of the dove of peace. The contemporary rapacious and dirty representatives of this family that have occupied our cities, eat garbage and spread infection, hardly have the right to be associated with peace. Presumably, the dodo has greater right to be called the dove of peace than them.

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This is a description of the characteristics of the one out of the thirty categories of zodiacal degrees to which the discussed above degree belongs.

Degrees of Innovation and Reformation

These degrees relate to transition to a new level and to entering a new cycle of life experience and activities. The path that the person having any of them active in his horoscope takes is still unfamiliar, therefore mysterious: what lies ahead is unknown.

These degrees endow the native with the curiosity of a child that is yet to learn and gather knowledge. They instill an aspiration to urgent actions, initiative, some vanity, excessive liveliness and restlessness. They also relate to increasing the tempo of life. People who have more of these degrees active in their horoscopes are in a hurry to live. They need to get everything life has to give right now and are not pleased with anything less than that.

This degree category indicates hopeful and frank people. It is associated with unmasking and denunciation. Those who have it prominent in their horoscopes, are naïve, credulous and prone to being tempted and wiled. They fail to hide whatsoever in their life or work, even if they want much to, and in the end always get exposed.

This degrees require active deployment of the creative potential and energy, and stimulate to action. They give a thirst for life and strife for attracting other’s attention. The holder of such a degree tries to catch everything that captures his attention and that feels familiar to his heart and soul. He tries to “disseminate” himself everywhere and to suggest to any and all people his ideas, attitudes, beliefs and ideology. Such a person is characterized by optimism, self-confidence, diligence and capacity for work. In order for him to make his ideas and plans reality, he needs also traits such as dedication, ambition, eloquence, knowledge of people, artistic abilities as well as tenacity, perseverance, reserve, patience, self-discipline, self-control and composure. At first, of course, his actions are a little chaotic and not always consistent due to the lack of experience, but the abovementioned traits will be gradually gained. It will be for the better if they don’t go into excess.

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1. In the southern hemisphere, things are upside down
and it would be especially tempting the summer solstice be considered the beginning of the year.
2. Dodo is also called dronte meaning ‘swollen’ in Dutch