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  • otter, Stan Laurel

Stan Laurel, his Sun degree totem and his Sun degree twins are shown in the gallery.
This is not a personal horoscope, but an inclusive overview of the corresponding Sun degree.

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The otter (Lutra lutra, European/Eurasian otter) is a piscivorous predatory mustelid1)family Mustelidae. Zoroastrians considered it a sacred animal. They believed that the otter has a forboding of dangers. They considered that it is endowed with a strategic talent, insight, intelligence and wisdom. They attributed wonderful qualities to its nature and gave the otter rulership over one year of their calendar. “Learn from the otter to foresee and to lead” – instructs a sage of the Sassanid era.

The people born on the day of the otter have great flair and ability to anticipate, to see far and to keep their distance. For this reason, they often become priests, politicians, strategists and have a close relationship with those in power. They are able to take calculated risks in view of the paramount factors. They take small risks, stay on the safe side and soberly assess situations.

The otter-people have good abilities; they are resourceful and are able to learn from their mistakes. They are peace-loving and hospitable. Their friends help them, their contributions are recognized and their material problems are solved without effort. They have drawn the winning ticket at birth. These are mysterious, strange and cryptic predators. The smile of the otter-person is somewhat like a snarl.

The otter-persons face tangled and changing circumstances. They are leaning to superficiality and haste: the depths drag them, but they cannot remain there. Fantasies are detrimental to them: if they sink into them they can drown. Therefore, the degree is a symbol of temptation.

Usually, the otter-persons don’t need much and are satisfied by less. They don’t like to stand out, preferring to let others in the foreground, while they surreptitiously obtain theirs. This is one of the degrees of the golden mean.

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The Golden Mean Degrees

This is a description of the characteristics of the one out of the thirty categories of zodiacal degrees to which the discussed above degree belongs.

This group of zodiacal degrees implants an inclination to go the middle way. Those who have such a degree pronounced in their horoscopes seek that which is small or average. They don’t need much. They don’t like to take risks and to stand out. In the worst case, the middle path degrees operate as a “swamp” average bourgeois psychology that is characterized with a state of stagnation. According to its logic, it is best for one to not attract attention, but to promote someone else instead and so to achieve his goals unnoticedly. In the best case, the degrees relate to the golden mean, modesty and professionalism.

The persons having such degrees pronounced in their horoscopes know well their place in the world and do their jobs. Even if they become famous, they remain modest. They are suited to the role of mediators or balancers between what is new and old, progressive and conservative, actual and ideal and even between life and death. However, if they act as arbiters or as agents of any of these categories they may actually do service to the opposite. Support Bio-Astrology with any amount – it only takes seconds. Thank you. donate-to-bio-astrology-long-yel


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1. family Mustelidae