Theresa May

  • Theresa May, hairy pet dog
  • hairy pet dog, Theresa May
  • Theresa May September 2017, chipoodle black and white dog
  • white-fawn Bearded Collie dog, Theresa May
  • Newfoundland dog, Theresa May
  • British home secretary Theresa May, hairy dog
  • black dog, Theresa May
  • Theresa May, Portuguese Water Dog
  • black poodle, Theresa May young
  • Theresa May, Portuguese water dog
  • black and tan terrier dog, Theresa May smiling
  • Black Labrador with glasses, Theresa May with chain-necklace

Theresa May and her Sun degree totem are presented in the gallery.
This is not a personal horoscope, but a brief overview of the related Sun degree.
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…The hairy dog-persons are very serious, have strong sense of duty and are purposeful. They are loyal friends and like to wear chains as necklaces…

…Хората-дългокосмести кучета са много сериозни, имат силно чувство за дълг и са целенасочени. Верни приятели са и обичат да носят вериги като огърлици…

I’d write a comprehensive article about this degree if I’m sponsored.