Ebola Epidemics: Secondary Astrological Precondition

Ebola Epidemics: Secondary Astrological Precondition

Weak Mars

The activation of the 4-8th degree Scorpio area by the North Lunar Node is the main astrological precondition for Ebola epidemics. And its synchronicity with the epidemics is really impressive. But the influence of the Lunar Node does not explain the epidemics’ various length and duration. There are certainly other astrological preconditions too that account for the specificities in their development. The most important one seems to be Mars which is no wonder, because it is the classic ruler of Scorpio.

ebola-influences-nodes-mars-VirLib-EN-80The three major Ebola epidemics break forth when Mars is in Virgo and Libra, and the North Node is in 4-8° Scorpio (drawn as a two-height column). The duration of these influences is proportional to that of the epidemics.

The energizing of the 4-8° Scorpio zone creates the main physiological predisposition to the disease. Activating Scorpio any further and for long enough is capable of making it more severe and prominent. Mars’ growing weaker by sign satisfies this condition. The combination between a weak Mars in Virgo or Libra and North Node in 4-8° Scorpio invariably accompanies the three major Ebola epidemics and is their astrological precondition. (This combination is represented as a two-height column on the diagram). The combined influences of Mars and the Lunar Node perfectly coincide with the peak of the first two of the three major Ebola epidemics and with the start of the latest and biggest one of them and so far. This shows that the simultaneous effect of the North Node and Mars is a particularly strong trigger for epidemics.

Mars’ continued detriment is an astrological precondition for the manifestation of diseases having Scorpio nature, only if Scorpio is activated at the same time. In 1981 Mars remained for very long in Libra – from 16.12.1981 until 3.08.1982. This is a similar situation to the present one in 2014, but there was no Ebola epidemics then. This shows that Mars’ detriment on its own, without the North Lunar Node’s crucial influence, is not sufficient to cause an Ebola epidemic.

Duration of epidemics

Another remarkable synchronicity is that the time when Mars was weakened – being in an adverse sign or retrograde – before or during the outbreak of Ebola epidemics is comparable to their duration.

The epidemics in Sudan in 1976 lasted about 4 months – from June 24th until October 27th. That same year Mars spent about 3 months in Virgo and Libra – from July 7th until October 8th. The epidemic and Mars’ weakening began nearly simultaneously, but the epidemic lasted about a month longer. An epidemic is considered finished when no new diseases are registered for two incubation periods. But Ebola’s incubation period was unknown in 1976 and was only later identified as being 21 days. It is possible that the actual epidemic in Sudan in 1976 was shorter than 4 months, therefore its duration was even closer to the duration of the weakened Mars. The acute phase of the 1976 epidemic is that in Zaire (Congo). It lasted from August 26th until October 24th and was in almost exact synchronicity with Mars’ transit in Libra which lasted from October 24th until October 8th.

The case from 1995 the influence of Mars was a more peculiar one due to Mars’ retrograde motion. Nevertheless the duration of the epidemic is comparable to the period when Mars had been weakened before the outbreak. The epidemic lasted about 3 months, and Mars was 42 days in Virgo and 60 more days retrograde in Leo during the incubation period. In 2013-2014 Mars remained for too long in Virgo and Libra. It spent about 310 days in total in those two signs – from October 15th 2013 until July 26th 2014 – and the epidemic lasted that long at least for now.

Possible fade out of the 2014 epidemic

The period of weakened Mars before the outbreaks in 1976 and 1995 is similar to their duration. Can we expect the same for the current 2014-epidemic? Yes, we can, but under several conditions. It is possible that currently (22 October 2014) the epidemic has passed its culmination. It can be expected to noticeably fade out after new Moon in Scorpio on October 24th and after the Sun traverses the sensitive Scorpio degrees around the end of October (if it doesn’t begin to fade things could mean that we’ve overlooked other astrological influences). We can expect that the epidemic will die down in several months when Saturn leaves Scorpio on December 23rd, and after Mars gets half through Capricorn (around November 9th). However, Saturn will temporarily go back in Scorpio for about three months – from June 15th until September 18th 2015, and it is not impossible that there will be some instances of relapse of the disease.

Compared to the other epidemics, that from 2014 may last relatively longer than the period when Mars was weakened due to its significantly longer stay in detriment, to the coinciding sojourn of Saturn in Scorpio and due to the particularly tense Pluto which meanwhile is actively contributing to the current global crisis. The long detriment of Mars exhausts ill and susceptible people’s energy, the concurring Saturnian influence drains the energy thus preventing restoration its healthy level. Besides, the long epidemic creates conditions for energy mirroring between hospitalized patients. All of these factors generally increase morbidity. To what extent Pluto’s tense aspects could prolong the epidemic is hard for me to guess without conducting special studies, because it is quite rarely that the planet is in such a condition. Last time Pluto was in such prolonged cardinal squares was in the early thirties of the last century when it contributed to the Great Depression.

Incubation and acute phase of Ebola: Mars in Virgo and Libra
Acute phase: Mars leaving Virgo

A third remarkable synchroncity between Ebola epidemics and Mars’ motion is that they outbreoke exactly when Mars left Virgo. Thus Mars’ entering the next sign – Libra – acts as the trigger of two epidemics, and its return to the previoussign – Leo – of one of them. The full synchrony between Mars’ entering Libra which is its detrimental position and the beginning of the epidemics is astounding. The first Ebola case in Congo in 1976 was registered on August 26th, and Mars entered Libra only two days before that – on August 24th. The beginning of the 2014-epidemic is considered to be 6.12.2013, which coincides perfectly with Mars’ entering Libra.

Ebola 1995 distribution of deaths

Estimate of deaths caused by the Ebola epidemic in Zaire (Congo) in 1976

The 1995-epidemic is a more special case due to Mars’ retrograde motion. The outbreak preceded Mars’ entering Libra because it performed a loop and went back to Leo from Virgo thus provoking the disease in advance. However the epidemic hit its peak when the Moon transited Libra between May 11th and 13th while Mars was still in Leo, which shows Libra’s aggravating effect on the disease. The epidemic died down completely one month after Mars’ entering Virgo for the second time and almost one month before it goes to its detriment in Libra. This suggests interesting conclusions about the nature of immunity, as far as we consider it a function of the body’s energy density and structure.

Epidemics got officially registered when Mars entered Libra or some time after its returning to Leo from Virgo. The reason is that in both cases Mars got activated and energized its Scorpio degrees that are sympathetic to it which were at that time long stimulated by the Lunar Node too. Mars also rules the last decade of Leo and is especially strong there, and in Libra it is in detriment and overly tense. Besides, Libra is a cardinal sign and manifests itself quickly.

Incubation phase: Mars in Virgo

Libra is a sign hostile to Mars, but Virgo is not friendly either, although less hostile. Before the outbreak of the epidemics and during the disease’s incubation period Mars was in Virgo where he feels uncomfortably. In classic terms Mars causes bleeding, and Virgo rules the intestines. It is a statistical fact that Mars in Virgo predisposes to peritonitis, inflammation of the gastro-intestinal tract, dysentery, typhoid fever, gastroenteritis, cholera and intestinal diseases. Since Ebola causes gastrointestinal bleeding we may expect that it starts and runs in hiding while Mars transits Virgo.

Mars in Virgo directs excessive energy to the intestines, and in Libra – to the kidneys. These actions correspond to the symptoms of haemorrhagic Ebola. Ebola damages not only kidneys which are ruled by Libra, but the intestines too, which are ruled by Virgo, causing intestinal and kidney bleeding.

The most important of the extra astrological preconditions for the development of Ebola epidemics is Mars’ being weak for long. Its weak essential dignities are important because they are relatively long influences. Their duration affects the epidemic’s duration. The influence of the North Lunar Node and Mars are a good explanation of the time of outbreak, severity and duration of the three major Ebola epidemics.


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