Ebola Outbreaks: А Closer Astrological Outlook on
the Three Largest Epidemics

Ebola Outbreaks: А Closer Astrological Outlook on</br>the Three Largest Epidemics

The earlier onset of the 1976 Sudan epidemic

The Ebola epidemic 1976 spreads in two waves in Sudan and Zaire (today Democratic republic of Congo). It began in Sudan in June and faded in November. Meanwhile September it struck in Congo. it rapidly intensified there and faded October killing nearly twice as many people.

The 1976 Congo outbreak was acute and was precisely synchronized with the detriment of Mars in Libra. Sudan Epidemic, however, began earlier than the advent of Mars in Libra and even earlier than the weakening of Mars in Virgo. The first case of haemorrhagic fever was registered at 27th of June when Mars was still in Leo and ten days before Mars entered Virgo. The first patient died on 6th of July – the same day when Mars entered Virgo and Moon transited the first decanate of Scorpio. The epidemiologically most important primary case became ill half month later and died 27th of July when there was a New Moon in 5° Leo and Sun, Moon, Saturn together with Venus and Mercury were forming squares to the first decanate of Scorpio. These stress aspects to the sensitive Ebola-predisposing degrees of Scorpio as well as other astrological influences can explain the earlier onset of the epidemic. The most important and classic one is the advent of Saturn in Leo. It weakens the energy and predisposes to epidemics.

The weakening Saturnian influence began at 5th of June 1976 and continued to the end of 1977. It, however, is strongest at its beginning. 22 days later or an Ebola incubation period later the first case was registered. The arrival of Saturn in Leo coincides with the beginning of the incubation period of Ebola. Saturn transit in Leo perfectly explains the earlier onset of the Ebola epidemic in Sudan than this which Mars could cause.

At the time of the first recorded case Saturn has advanced a few degrees in Leo and therefore he has begun to exert tensions on the sensitive 4-8° Scorpio by forming square aspect to it. Then the North Node was at 12° Scorpio and was the end object in a stellium of four astrological objects that spread throughout the first decanate of Scorpio and directed the energy toward the generative organs. The other three objects were Uranus 2°, Quaoar 7° and the dwarf planet Ixion at 9° Scorpio. By means of the stellium the first decanate of Scorpio, the activation of which preconditions for Ebola, was galvanized some time before the North node has reached it. In addition, the large trans-Neptunian planetoid Sedna opposed the stellium from 5° Taurus. At the same time Mars was also well activated and was unable to serve as outlet for the energy accumulated in Scorpio. Mars was in the last decanate of Leo which he governs and in the sign of exaltation of Pluto. Besides Mars governs the degree and the term he occupied then which made him even stronger.

The acuteness of Zaire 1976 Ebola epidemics

Two months after 1976 Ebola epidemic began slowly in Sudan it severely struck in Zaire. Then Mars has just entered Libra where he is imprisoned and overexcited. The same positioning of Mars in 2014 sharpened the predisposition for Ebola and transformed it into epidemic. Besides all of the tertiary influences that provoked Sudan epidemic were still operative and even sharper and stronger during the beginning of Zaire epidemic. Then the three-planet stellium, the lunar north node and the perigee were all exactly in the sensitive and Mars-related Scorpionic degrees. The combination of these conditions and the overexcitement of Mars can explain the acuteness of the new Ebola outbreak in Zaire that was the acutest part of the 1976 Ebola epidemic. Supposedly without the Saturnian interference the 1976 Ebola epidemic would be synchronized with Zaire epidemic without being preceded by Sudan epidemic.

The acuteness of 1996 epidemic

The Ebola outbreak during 1996 was short and acute. It spanned about three months and had the highest death rate (81%) until then surpassed only by the 2003 epidemic. This has a classic astrological explanation. The acute course of illnesses is among the classic manifestations of Mars and fire element which are very pronounced during the epidemic.

In 1995 Mars is very strong and rules the year. During the epidemic he is in the fiery Leo and is additionally energized by a grant fiery trine with the other two fiery planets. Then Sun was exalted in Aries and Jupiter was in his fiery home Sagittarius. The second significator of Scorpio – Pluto – was also in Sagittarius. The fire signs with the fire planets in them rendered the fire element very strong during the epidemic and especially in its beginning.

Strong fire element accelerates illnesses, and makes them acute and epidemic. In the beginning of 1996 epidemic Mars was super strong and the signs its rules were overfilled with energy. Such a ‘burning’ Mars cannot serve as an outlet for energy but energizes Scorpio. At the same time the North Lunar Node was at 6° Scorpio and due to its Martian nature energized the gonads. The 1996 epidemic was fast and acute and has very high death rate because the fire element was super active.


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