Logic of Martian Influence in the Astrological Preconditioning for Ebola

Logic of Martian Influence in the Astrological Preconditioning for Ebola

Relation of zodiacal signs with their planets-significators

In astrology a planet rules one or two signs. The planet-significator and the sign it rules are in close energy interconnection. Energy is freely transferred between them. Both the planet and the sign operate with a specific type of energy or according to the bio-astrology they activate a given instinct. They work in tandem and are interconnected like communicating vessels. They can activate and deactivate or charge or discharge each other.

When the significator planet is energized the sign it rules receives more energy than it usually does. It is energized when it receives many aspects and when it is whether in a friendly or in a hostile sign. Difficult conditions activate the planet because they render its peculiar instinct ineffective which is compensated by overworking. The extreme conditions of a planet overexcite it and get transferred to the sign it rules, and vice versa. An overexcited instinct excites the sign and its ruler simultaneously.

Morbific energizing

Each zodiacal degree has its anatomical and therefore physiological correspondence. Overenergized parts of the zodiac tend to cause disease. This is especially valid for people who have similar energy excess in their natal charts or in their lives.

Energy overloading of a body part exhausts it, increases its acidity, and reduces its immunity and preconditions development of pathogenic microorganisms and infections. It can cause hyperfunction of the anatomically closest endocrine gland. Energy overloading forces cells to maximally differentiate and to synthesize nucleonic acids. This may equate to intracellular formation and multiplication of viruses and therefore may cause viral diseases and epidemics.

Epidemiological role of Mars in the astrological preconditioning of Ebola

The continuous energizing of sexual organs by the North Node’s transit in the first decanate of Scorpio is the major precondition for Ebola. Especially important is the area in 4-8 degrees Scorpio which anatomically rule the gonads and are ruled by Mars. The North Lunar Node has a Martian nature and Scorpio is ruled by Mars. In addition, Mars rules the first decanate of Scorpio; it is the principal ruler of the water signs that include Scorpio and of the term comprising the first seven degrees of Scorpio. Last but not least Mars rules 7° Scorpio where I find that the morbific influence disposing to Ebola is focused. The long duration of the weakness of Mars additionally energizes Scorpio and tends to transform the predisposition into sickness.

The astrological situation predisposing to Ebola is too Martian. There the super active Mars and Scorpio send energy to one another and overexcite themselves. Mars is a hostile sign and is mobilized to operate in atypical conditions while Scorpio and its most Martian part are overexcited by the long transit of the Node. The sign and its significator are overenergized and cannot discharge the Martian energy via each other for a relatively long period. This accumulates unusually great amount of energy in gonads and eventually starts RNA synthesis in them which is the physical precondition for Ebola.

Astrologically, the transmission of energy is between Virgo and Libra on the part of Mars and first third of Scorpio (especially 7°) on the part of Scorpio. Anatomically the firing is between the intestines and the kidneys where many Ebola symptoms appear, and the gonads where the disease survives the longest.

The overenergizing of Mars and Scorpio has two main physiological effects. The first effect is that Mars over energizes the organs ruled by the unfriendly signs he transits and causes hemorrhages in them. These organs are the intestines and the kidneys ruled by Virgo and Libra respectively. The second effect is that Scorpio and the gonads are brimming over with energy. The reason is that the imprisoned and weak Mars cannot act as a safety-valve but energizes them further instead of trying to send the energy it cannot spend to Scorpio.

Supposedly, energizing the first decan Scorpio, especially its 4-8°, initiates RNA synthesis in the gonads (testicles, epididymides, ovaries and Fallopian tubes). Subsequently RNA spreads throughout the body via the bloodstream and acts as Ebola virus. The endogenic virus urges undifferentiated cells to differentiate. The cells in the basal layer of the epithelium are the second most undifferentiated ones after the precursors of gametes. The basal epithelial cells among them are less differentiated and most liable to differentiation among somatic (haploid) cells. Skin, digestive organs, renal pelvis, urinogenital ducts are covered with epithelium. Ebola causes hemorrhages in all of these organs.

The additional energizing of gonads is a result of Mars’ prolonged imprisonment. It turned out to be critical. It made the disease epidemic and determined its acuteness and duration.

Mars’ passaging trough Virgo and Libra when the North Lunar Node is in the first decanate of Scorpio is the necessary and sufficient astrological precondition for outburst of Ebola epidemics. While Mars is in Virgo the disease is in its incubation period. When Mars leaves Virgo and enters Libra or Leo the illness becomes acute and the epidemics break out. The latent illness becomes acute because Mars becomes overenergized in the cardinal masculine sign Libra. Mars is imprisoned in Libra. It is most difficult for him to spend his energy in this sign so he becomes overexcited. In Leo and especially in its last decanate Mars is much energized too.

Mars is the second most important influence in the preconditioning of Ebola epidemics. It determines their timing and acuteness. Epidemics’ details are linked to tertiary astrological factors. Thus Pluto, as well as any other planet that directly or indirectly energizes Scorpio obstruct the spending of Scorpionic energy and contribute to the shaping of the epidemics’ characteristics. The transits of the slow planets in the above mentioned 4-8° Scorpio are a further factor of considerable importance. They tend to aggravate the illness. The classic mundane influences that dispose to epidemics are also in force.

Opposite-running energy waves flowing towards the gonads

According to the anatomical correspondence of the zodiac when Mars transits Virgo and Libra he pushes down the energy from the intestines and the kidneys and gets it closer to gonads. For a period before and during the epidemics the North Lunar Node also pushes the energy towards the gonads but in the opposite direction. It pushes the energy from the external sex organs upwards toward the gonads. Mars and the Node act as two energy peristalses which from two opposite sides pump energy waves into gonads. This bilateral energizing gathers energy in the most undesirable place – the gonads – and creates an explosive situation. Energizing of the gonads may activate basic processes of cellular differentiation that are accompanied with synthesis of polyvalent and multifunctional RNA.

Epidemiological role of Pluto

Mars and Pluto – the two rulers of Scorpio- can serve as safety-valves for the sexual energy. For a period before and during the epidemics in the majority of cases Mars was imprisoned so the safety-valve was clogged and excessive energy accumulated in the signs ruled by him. Particularly great is the energy heaping in Scorpio because of the sojourn of the North Node in it. The epidemiologic role of Pluto is similar to that of Mars. However, it is less evident due to the slow motion of Pluto. In 1976 Pluto is imprisoned just like Mars and is quite energized. In 2014 he is in Capricorn who is alien to him and is also overexcited by tense aspects.


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