Einstein against Zuckerberg

Einstein against Zuckerberg

Relativity versus Facebook

Alas, another explosion happened due to launch rocket at inappropriate state of “space-time continuum.” The rocket Falcon 9 carrying SpaceX satellite exploded during a test launch at Cape Canaveral on September 1, 2016.

The explosion of the missile took place during a solar eclipse and once again, it showed that some lessons cannot Albert Einstein and Mark Zuckerbergbe learned in the current scientific framework. Contemporary cosmology is so limited by physics that it ignores cosmic order and formally ‘explains’ it as a result of interminable series of random and catastrophic events. Ridiculously, the modern paradigm assumes that the planets are in a state of free fall towards the Sun, and therefore that the position of celestial bodies has nothing to do with earthly things. Culprit for this is Einstein’s theory of relativity, which equates gravity with acceleration and theoretically deprives space of properties. Of course, the main culprit is the willingness of scientists to accept such a simplistic and abstract vision.

The naive independence of relativity

The theory of relativity is absolutely blind to cosmic influences and completely rules them out. It deprives not only astrology from physical justification, but also space mechanics. The dogmatic relativistic attitude to cosmos has captivated the scientific world despite the numerous evidence of its inadequacy including the frequent occurrence of accidents with spaceships during planetary syzygies. Once I thought that there must be certain conspiracy of silence about cosmic disasters, but now I think it’s just simplemindedness and incompetence.

The cosmology based on compressible luminiferous ether offers a completely different and meaningful idea. It provides a logical and uniform explanation of cosmic movements. It allows not only astrology be rationalized, but also cosmic order. It considers that cosmic systems are in stable equilibrium. Planets move around their equilibrium with the Sun, which syzygies maximally disturb. During such deviations the system’s density peaks, the materials are exposed to greatest stress and accidents at high loading are expected.

Albert Einstein tongue, Mark Zuckerberg

The over-simplification taken up by relativity has not only made the cosmic order appear random, but also made mundane affairs seem independent of cosmic events and thereby harmed Facebook too. It also refuses to see the connection between persons, their projects and cosmos. Astrology does not suffer from such limitations and can unbiasedly monitor the absolute interconnectedness of things, which is inaccessible to Relativity

The invisible connection of Mark Zuckerberg and SpaceX

The satellite SpaceX that the explosion of the Falcon 9 destroed is on Facebook. Its owner Mark Zuckerberg hardly consciously has something to do with the time of its launch. However, the satellite, its explosion, and consequently the solar eclipse relate to his horoscope.

The transit

Uranus is the planet of innovation, radio broadcasting, free exchange of ideas, high flight and space satellites. That’s why its glyph is crowned with an antenna. The transit during the explosion of the satellite SpaceX hurts the Zuckerberg’s Uranus by joining Mars, the planet of fire, to it. Unification of these planets suggests a potentially explosive situation. Provided that the owner of the horoscope is also the owner of broadcasting a satellite, the literal meaning of this position is blowing it up. And exactly such is the case – as literal as it could be.

Uranus glyphThe transit also injures Zuckerberg’s Uranus by situating Saturn, the planet of restrictions, near it. Thus, Uranus is in a wide conjunction to Mars and Saturn and in an exact conjunction to their midpoint. This situation only adds trouble and portends collapse at work, a sudden illness, separation and accident especially with electronic machinery.

Uranus is the representative of the artificial space satellites generally, SpaceX satellites in the of Zuckerberg horoscope and of Facebook. The explosion happened during the new moon and eclipse, which in itself is a physical factor that conditions it. Moreover, then the Sun, the Moon and the Lunar Node were negatively placed to Zuckerberg’s Uranus while the classic villains Mars and Saturn were joining it. Uranus, the Sun, Moon, Mars, Saturn and Moon unit and therefore the new moon and solar eclipse appear major horoscopic factors that are active during the incident.

The planetary returns

The last returns of these planets to their places in Zuckerberg horoscope are particularly telling. His Solar return 2015 finds the Moon in Virgo, the sign of the explosion’s eclipse and Saturn and Mars over his Uranus, the planet of broadcasting and Facebook, but with swapped places. This placement bodes trouble with Uranian issues during the year following his birthday and especially during Virgo. Such a tense situation is a rare event to such a good horoscope. His Mars return (2.10.2016) gives similar indications as Saturn puts on his Uranus, the transit Moon casts also a tense square to it, and Mars falls on his Moon. Zuckerberg’s Saturn return (10.20.2013) is relatively favourable, but focuses tendencies similar to those that culminated in the loss of the satellite. Thus it connects Mercury with his Mars and Moon associating communications with fire, it places Mars in Virgo directing this association to sign of the solar eclipse at the explosion and finds the Moon close to Sun (only 6 degrees apart) hinting at times of new moon.

Mark Zuckerberg, Albert EinsteinZuckerberg’s Uranus return (10.11.1984) is remarkable, although it takes place so early in his life. It clearly indicates an incident concerning Uranian activities (broadcasting equipment) that takes place at a new moon or a solar eclipse and that links to fire. The exact conjunction within one degree of the Sun, Saturn, Moon and Mars eloquently talk about this. The opposition of the transit Moon to his Uranus emphasizes this even more. At the return Mercury is in fall, not far from his Uranus and opposes his North Node. This position of the planet of communications suggests that the Uranian crash that the planet’s return implies will concern public communications rather than personal relations.

As we said above, then the Sun, the Moon, the lunar node, Mars and Saturn also injured his Uranus. The eclipse fell in the last XII house of his chart that links to death and loss. It occurred in Virgo, a sign ruled by Mercury, the planet-messenger, which indicates difficulties in social message.

Once in a lifetime crash?

The Point of death also indicates a Uranian problem. At the time of the explosion that destroyed the SpaceX satellite it was at an absolutely exact conjunction1)within a minute of celestial latitude to Zuckerberg’s Uranus, the planet representative of both his satellite and social network. And this conjunction occurs only once in a lifetime!

Things are much more closely interrelated and predestined than we realize. But that doesn’t mean that we’ve to stop trying to understand them leaving relativity lull us to sleep.


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1. within a minute of celestial latitude

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