Frequently Asked Questions about
the Astrological Basis of AIDS

Frequently Asked Questions about</br>the Astrological Basis of AIDS

Certain logical questions arise in those who are not familiarized with medical astrology and with the astrological connection of AIDS. Although they are outside the scope of this site I will try to answer briefly some of them.

  • Is disposition to AIDS displayed in one’s horoscope?
  • Yes it is. I haven’t scrutinized the issue in great depth. For the time being my impression is that the horoscopic disposition to AIDS is very similar to that of a serious type of hepatitis such as type C. Yet, the horoscopic indication of hyperfunctioning endocrine glands enhances the disposition to AIDS.
  • Can you contract AIDS without having horoscopic predisposition for this?
  • Yes, you can in the same way you can be intoxicated without having an inborn metabolic weakness or defect. Everyone can be poisoned or irradiated up to a point where his/her immune system is destroyed. Hepatitis, AIDS and toxins harm immunity and the liver. Those who are predisposed to the syndrome have lower tolerance to noxious substances and can stand lower rates of intoxication. However, anyone exposed to systematic intoxication and exhaustion can develop immune deficiency.
  • Is it possible that the contracting or the development of AIDS can be avoided by prophylactic?
  • To me there is no doubt that the development of any astrological disposition can be slowed down and its strength and severity can be reduced given that sufficient prophylactic measures have been applied sufficiently in Since astrological influences put human energy into final shape, it follows that certain physical and psychological exercises (coordinated with the individual horoscope) might have prophylactic power.
    The preventive actions, however, work against the horoscopic matrix and require atypical efforts on the part of the patient. For that reason he usually dislikes the prophylactic regardless how mild it is and seeks occasions to postpone or cease it. Even the success of the prophylactic may provide an occasion for its termination. Often some times after beginning of the prophylactic exercises one feels too lazy to continue them. Meanwhile he has assumed that the betterment that he experiences as a result of the exercises is his normal state of being. Subsequently, any worsening ensuing from the lack of exercises, he is tempted to ascribe to unrelated external causes.
    Our sensory organs are mostly external and such is our reasoning that operates with the information they supply. The eyes see the world and not themselves. We are inclined to seek the cause of everything outside ourselves. We do not perceive our inborn subjectivity. We are born blind to our true inner motivation. To the distorting mirrors the world is distorted. We project our horoscopic matrix on the world and our actions additionally materialize it. In order for the prophylactic measures to be effective and the person not to avoid them they should be applied from childhood and continued through the years. Horoscopic prophylactic should be cultivated as a second nature.

    I believe that the medicine of the future will be mostly preventive, ‘by horoscope’ – as Peter Dunov once said. Then, physicians will know medical astrology, thus they will fulfil the requirements of Hippocrates – now missing from the Hippocratic oath – who insisted that his students studied astrology. ‘He who does not understand astrology is not a doctor but a fool.’, he said.

  •  Why are intravenous drug-takers a high risk group since AIDS is an energetic instead of a viral disease?
  • Because narcotics exhaust organism. They stimulate the nervous system and some of them increase muscular tonus but drain the body of energy and intoxicate it. Drugs weaken the immune system and damage the liver. Intravenous drugs are most harmful because they enter the body directly and in high concentrations. Normally the digestive system filters and rarefies the substances entering the organism including drugs, and reduces their damage.
  • Why do male homosexuals exhibit higher morbidity since AIDS is an energetic illness instead of viral?
  • Male homosexuals face a greater risk of developing immune insufficiency because the time of birth programs homosexuality to a great extent and because the horoscopic predispositions towards both male homosexuality and AIDS have characteristics in common. There are certain horoscopic elements that make people restless and unable to rest satisfied. They make people intense, productive and creative. On the other hand, the great inner tension and psychological intensity are qualities that are antipodal to typical womanliness. Those who have these qualities inborn in excess may dislike typical women. If they are men, they are predisposed to homosexuality.
    Some of the horoscopic factors that promote creativity disturb the spirit. They predispose men to both creativity and homosexuality. It is not an accident that homosexual men are very creative and are among the most prolific authors, untiring activists and notorious public figures. On the negative side, the same horoscopic elements that produce creativity predispose males to homosexuality, exhaust their energy and immunity and predispose them to AIDS.

 Vеergil S

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Astrological Basis of AIDS


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