Islam-related terrorism predictions for July-December 2017

Islam-related terrorism predictions for July-December 2017

Islamic radicalism has a specific horoscopic signature that distinguish it from acts of general violence. Islamic extremist organizations, leaders and terrorists have it in their charts. Combinations of similar influences in the sky activate them and is able to turn some of them into lone wolves. People with such inborn deposition need not be organized jihadists in order to perform spontaneous impulsive acts of terror.   

Following the astrological logic of Islamic extremism discussed in a series of articles, I made predictions about the most likely days of spontaneous Islam-related terrorist acts for the second half of 2017 in Europe. This is a quick forecast. It took me about an hour to cast it as I had gained the necessary acceleration in exploring the matter. The forecast is based on the model of Islamic extremism discussed in the last two articles on terrorism. It takes into account only the main astrological factors that trigger Islamic terrorism or responds to it.

The forecast doesn’t take into account the secondary components of the astrological signature of Islamic extremism as well as a number of mundane astrological factors traditionally related to violence such as eclipses, ingressions or horoscopes of religious leaders and organizations. My aim was to test the basic and easiest to compute dependence of the Islamic terrorism signature, and not to give a comprehensive forecast that would be a very laborious task. For the same reason, the forecast does not concern the location of the events: their assumption is even more complicated.

This is a sad prediction. Both its successful or unsuccessful outcome would expose a lack of self-knowledge. I hope that Islamic terrorism will stop by itself so I will strike off the dates in the list one after another due to absence of attacks. The fading of the Uranus-Pluto square in May 2017 and the collapse of the Jupiter-Pluto square in August mitigate the moods of ideological intolerance and give hope for a decline of Islamic extremism. Still, the most likely dates for the acts of Islamic and Islam-related terrorism in Europe seem to me to be the following:


predicted dates

corresponding events
(will be filled in later)


1-2, 9, 13, 17, 22, 26, 29

12, 2830


13, 19, 25

12-13, 17, 18-19, 25(3)


2, 6, 9, 15, 22



6, 12-13, 19-20, 27



3, 16, 22, 30



6, 13, 19, 27, 29


January 2018



Bold font indicates the influences of greater imperativeness, underlined font– of greatest. Actually, an underlined influence designates also the previous and sometimes the next day. This is especially true when the peak of the main terror-triggering aspect is at the very beginning of the day. Such is the case with 29 July, which actually should read as 28/29/30 – meaning a strong terrorism-triggering tendency beginning at 28, culminating at 29 and fading 30 July.

The third column of the table will contain dates of events that appear to be related то the predictions. I will fill it in gradually. The intensity of the color will be approximately proportional to the accuracy of the forecast.

The third column of the table will contain the dates of terrorist acts and violence events that took place in the Western world. I will fill it in gradually. The intensity of red color of the dates will be set so it is approximately proportional to the accuracy of the forecast. Lack of reddish coloring would indicated lack of agreement with the forecast.

Islamic terrorism predictions do not necessarily imply organized attacks. The terrorist acts may be self-organized under the celestial influence resonant to Islamic faith and sexual dissatisfaction that child circumcision supposedly produces. So formally the terrorists need not be jihadists in order to perform the attacks. Islamism or inborn disposition to Islam faith, however, is very helpful as the horoscopic analysis confirms. The same celestial influences that trigger Islamic terrorism may provoke can anti-Islamist violence. For that reason the predictions are concern Islam and Islam-related terrorism.

Predictions that appear to came true

July 1 – a close match but without Islam radicalism?

added on 4 July 2017

On 30 July 14:55 local time the New York Bronx hospital shooting took place. Dr Henry Bello, 45, killed one woman and left six injured, some of them critically, at the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital. The shooting was at 19:55 in GMT time for which the forecasts were made. Therefore the predication for 1 July covers the rampage.

The doer was a sex abuser of unknown religion and genital state. He was considered to be ‘a kind of crazy’, for which he was fired from the hospital. He was arrested at 23.4.2003 for kicking in the door of his ex-girlfriend’s apartment. Then Moon was in exact conjunction to Mars both opposing Jupiter and square Sun. At the Bronx hospital shooting Moon was conjunction to Jupiter and both were in square to Mars, Sun, Mercury and Pluto. In both cases Moon was in a strong applying aspect to Jupiter with and orb of 6 to 8 degrees.  The ex-doctor Bello must have had injured Mars and Jupiter in his horoscope, which the pattern of his crimes suggests. He may not been radicalized by religion or sexually desensitized by circumcision, but he seems to bear the other traits peculiar to Islamic extremists. He must be sexually dissatisfied and racially intolerant by horoscope.

July 2 – severe dispute or an attempt to anti-Islamic terrorism?

On 2 July 2017 in Avignon, France a shooting near a mosque took place. Four people were wounded at the scene, four more were collaterally injured and the shooters escaped. The shooting was not regarded as a terrorist act but a result of dispute.  However, a dispute near mosque may be between potential anti-Islamic terrorists.

July 28-30 – Islam related killings performed by non-jihadist Muslims

added on 31 July 2017

There was no terrorist attack in Europe on 29 July as predicted. However, they were three were three only hour before and after 29.  In the late afternoon of 28 July two attacks took place and in the early morning of 30 July – one. A knife attack in Hamburg supermarket around 14h GMT left one person dead and six wounded. Two hours later (16h GMT) a car ploughed into crowd killing one person and injuring several other in Helsinki. 34 hours later (2 GMT, 30 July) in the early hour of 30 July a nightclub shooting that took place in Konstanz, Germany killed one and injured four.

29 is one of the two most probable dates of July so its probability spreads on the neighboring days. Actually the peak of the terror-triggering influence is soon midnight after 29 of July. So, given that actually the two incidents of 28 July occurred only 8 to 10 hours prior the peak of the main triggering aspect and the attack of 30 July took place about 26 hours after it, I consider this prediction correct. 1)I could have listed 28 July in the prognosis too, especially given
that the applying aspect is stronger. However, in order to keep the list of dates small and tidy I didn’t do this. Besides I’ve explained that the bold underlined dates should implicate the neighboring days too. It was wiser to write 28/29/30 in the table instead of 29, but as I mentioned I made the prediction on the go. Still, I could have reflected with greater accuracy. Next time, if there is such, I’ll be more careful.

The Hamburg attacker sympathized jihadism. He acted very impulsively as he entered the supermarket and removed a kitchen knife around 20 cm long from the shelves. He ripped off the packaging and then suddenly and brutally attacked the 50-year-old man who later died’ police said. He shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ witnesses affirmed. The Konstanz terrorist was an Iraqi citizen who according to the police wasn’t a jihadist. He also was an Islamist but not a jihadist, police said, who probably has jealousy issues. There’s silence about the Helsinki attacker so was he an Islamist too has not been revealed until now.

The moment of Hamburg knife attack exactly correlates with mundane factors typical of Islamic terrorism such as Moon applying to Jupiter, Sun and Mars in religious IX house, and Pluto at cusp of III house. The highest position of Mercury suggests that mental instability allows the underlying Islamic complexes to upsurge.

At the Helsinki car attack Jupiter and the triggering terror aspect was highest position so obviously something religious or ideological triggered the attack. The house position of the rest of the Islamic indicators, however, is not so religious and not so sexually repressed and less oriented toward Islamic paradise as it is in the Hamburg knife attack. Still, some ideology or religious attitude may be involved.

The mundane situation at the Konstanz shooting shows definite jealousy involved so we can believe police about this. These could hardly lead to assassination of the rival unless there is chronic sexual dissatisfaction and ownership attitude toward women as it is for circumcised and patriarchal Muslims.  Therefore, we have a case of Islam-related terrorism not inspired by jihadi but programmed by Islam and its habitual psychosexual interventions


added on 7 September 2017

My forecast about Islam-related terrorism in the Western World for August 2017 proved to be quite accurate. On all of the three prognosticated dates – 13, 19 and 25 August – terroristic acts actually took place. Only the first of the violent acts doesn’t seem linked to Islamic radicalism but to other ethnoreligious and racial problems. The time of only one of the terrorist acts was not foreseen, namely the one that took place in Barcelona on August 17, which was actually the most gruesome attack in Europe for August. The fact that Barcelona terrorist act happened on an unforeseen date indicates that it is pre-arranged or that external circumstances have expedited it. As it became clear later, both assumptions are correct. The untimely execution of the terrorist act in Barcelona makes it less synchronized with the astrological influences that exacerbate the moods of radical Islamism and therefore reduce its effectiveness. Subsequently, this assumption was confirmed, as it became known that the terrorists have intended to blow up the city’s largest cathedral and other objects.

Considering all this, it can be considered that my astrological predictions for August are well fulfilled.

12/13 August

Charlottesville rally violence at which one woman was killed is hardly Islamic. It is, however, a clash between two ethnoses, cultures and religions, which are analogical in many respects to Islam and to the Western world. The prediction also applies to the rally because similar astrological influences resonate to it and to radial Islam.

My prediction defines 13 August as a probable date for terrorism. It was made for the time zone of London, England. The Charlottesville rally violence took place in America in the afternoon of 12 August, when it was an early evening in London that was only 5 hours prior 13 August, so the mismatch with one day is only formal.

17 August

On 17 August a van rammed into pedestrians on La Rambla street in Barcelona, Spain, killing 13 and injuring 130 people. As explained above the planned 2017 Catalonia attacks were ruined because their leader has blown himself up by mistake and a new attack was improvised instead before the cell is caught. The time of the day of the new attack is perfectly synchronized with the daily influences resonant to Islamic radicalism showing that the driver has chosen the moment of the attack. Were the date known, the time of the attack would be predictable.

At the time of the deadly van ride Jupiter was at highest place and 20 minutes to zenith revealing religious zeal; Moon was at descendant betraying dependence on women to which Venus in VII contributed; the Saturn-Lilith conjunction was rising linking death and craving. All these planets were in their daily peaks of force and their combined action is a trait of Islamic radicalism. The simultaneous enhancement of their influence is analogue to aspect between them. The simultaneous activation of Moon and Jupiter is a substitute for their actual aspect like the one that begins to form the next day and culminates the day after it and that produced the terrorist attacks of 18 and 19 August. Such preliminary symbolic and transient connections of the planets wasn’t considered in the quick forecast because their influence is weaker. The prepared terrorists, however, utilized it when required.

The Catalonia attacks ended with the attack in Cambrils at 1 o’clock in the morning of 18 August. They began only one day earlier than prediction and ended on the next date within its range. One could say that Catalonia extremism 2017 complies with the predictions to certain degree and he may be right. Despite this in keeping to the exactness I don’t color 17 August as fulfilled prediction in the table. However, I adhere to the formal spirit of the forecast and most meticulously do not цолор the date August 17 as confirming the prediction.

18/19 August

On 18 August in Turku Finland, a knife attacker who targeted to stab women killed two and injured eight people. Expectedly, the attacker must have suffered a severe sexual dissatisfaction by birth, which his circumcision has aggravated. Only the second supposition was confirmed, because his birth data is still not available.

Police has flagged the attacker as terrorist extremist risk. But it had too many tips to investigate. Only horoscopic analyses could help an effective filtering of the terrorist suspects.

The daily timing for knife attack is uncompromisingly perfect. At the moment of the attack Mars, the stabber, was at most elevated place – exactly at zenith. Yet, Jupiter has just risen resonating to religious motivation.  Uranus was exactly at descendant indicating interest in alternative relations or free love, seeking expression through love. However, it ruled IV house indicating treachery and separation from motherland or home.

This attack took place a day earlier than the prediction states. However, the most important aspects of the Moon on which the prediction is based culminate in the early hours of 18 August are already forming. So it is up to the sensitivity of the lonely wolf to resonate to them. And this particular one sensed the influence and echoed it with great precision about 12 hours prior the peak. The Finland knife attack inscribes in the prediction. Its earlier occurrence is only formal. If I have spent more time on the forecast I should have noticed this and should have listed 17 August too.

On 19 August a knife stabbing of unique location took place in Surgut, Siberia. The attacker injured eight people, two seriously, and was shot dead by police. The daily timing of the attack is virtually the same as that of the yesterday’s attack in Finland. Mars is at highest place, Jupiter has just risen and Uranus is at descendant. The only difference is that the main aspects of Moon are exact. The moment of the attack reveals that the attacker was motivated by Islamic radicalism. Correspondingly, ISIL claimed responsibility for the act.

Noticeably, the quiet period of exactly six days that followed ended at the next date of the prediction.

25 August

On 25 August, two lonely wolf attacks took place in London and Brussels. Earlier that day a suicide attack on Kabul Shi’ite mosque killed at least 30 people. My predictions are for Islam-related terror in Europe and US because these acts are still exceptional to the western World. The predictions must be also valid to the largest terrorist Islam-related acts in the rest of the world although extremism in Islamic countries has astrological specificity of its own. So the large suicide bombing at Kabul can also be considered in line with the forecast.

The knife attack in Brussels was perfectly synchronized with revengefulness and usage of knife (Mars exactly at descendant), with a women-related faith or Islam (Moon exact conjunction Jupiter 2)1 degree separating), with intense emotional involvement with the other sex and thoughts of death (Moon exactly at VIII house in symbolic fall), with linking temptation to death (Saturn-Lilith exact conjunction).

The Buckingham Palace knifeman, however, attacked about an hour earlier in respect the house position of planets than the attacker in Brussels. Then the influence that makes death alluring and invokes desire for restriction was rising and stronger. We may conclude that either something has forced the attacker to strike earlier, which also rendered his attack ineffective or that his main motivators were suicidal and depressive moods, of course operating on Islamic background, or combination of those.

   [ + ]

1. I could have listed 28 July in the prognosis too, especially given
that the applying aspect is stronger. However, in order to keep the list of dates small and tidy I didn’t do this. Besides I’ve explained that the bold underlined dates should implicate the neighboring days too. It was wiser to write 28/29/30 in the table instead of 29, but as I mentioned I made the prediction on the go. Still, I could have reflected with greater accuracy. Next time, if there is such, I’ll be more careful.
2. 1 degree separating

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