Free Totemic Archetypal Oracle Slideshow

Free Totemic Archetypal Oracle Slideshow


Try out our totemic archetypal oracle-slideshow. It’s free, but it’s fun and it’s pretty long because it contains 365 photos as the days of the year. Using it develops the intuition and the ability to concentrate. It can help you discover new inner horizons. With a slow internet connection, the loading of the page may be somewhat slower. If such is your case, please wait a moment for the page to load.

Using our totemic slideshow as an oracle is easy. Think of a question, start the slideshow and get answered by the first photo(s) of the slideshow. A random number generator arranges photos personally for you upon page reloading. Arrows allow you stop or reverse the slideshow. Each slide is linked to an article that can help your interpretation.

1. Frame your question.

Think of a question, concentrate on it and hold it in your mind for a while. It is helpful to right it down or to pronounce it. Then go to the bio-astrology home page or reload it. This shuffles the pictures of its slideshow randomly.

2. Throw the oracle slides.

Reloading the page is equivalent to throwing the oracle bones. The first picture in the slideshow that appears tends to hold the answer of your question. Some people assert that the next few slides are important too because they additionally illustrate and clarify the answer. You can stop or reverse the slideshow by clicking on the arrows to view the picture better. You can mediate on the pictures as long as you wish in order to decode their meaning.

3. Getting the answer.

It is you who has to come up with the answer. Use your instincts. Your subconsciousness knows the answer and the oracle slideshow only serves to present it to your reasoning. It’s like Tarot cards. The interpretation of the picture or succession of pictures is a task the one who asked. The slideshow contains 360 totemic and archetypal themes that awaken intuition. Prepare for mind-opening answers!

Besides, pictures of the slideshow are linked to articles. In case no flash of intuition comes on you, you may follow the link in search of a hint. However, use this as a last resort, because articles contain complex information that may thicken the answer.

Frequency of use

Remember, the question must be important to you and must be clearly formulated in order to affect the random number generator and be replied. In addition, do not use the totemic oracle slideshow too frequently. It seems that the instructiveness of its answers detonates with the frequency of asking. Perhaps the reason is in the inability of our mind to truly concentrate too frequently. Use the oracle slideshow once per day or at least a few hours apart especially if you have slept in the meantime.

How does it work?

Well, I don’t know exactly. However, the interconnection of mind and random number generators is widely known. Anyone can prove it for himself by experimenting with computer games containing such a generator. The medium for the mind-computer connection is the same as that which conveys telepathic or astrological influences. Call it as you wish, I refer to it as the omnipresent ᴂtheric field.

Although I have no doubt about the existence of a human-computer connection, I have not been able to determine whether the human mind influences the work of the generator or just reads its actions and chooses the answer.

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