From Laden to London

From Laden to London

ISIL forming, September 11 attacks, Charlie Hebdo, San Bernardino and Munich shootings, Brussels airport bombing and London Bridge attacks have a very clear-cut astrological trait in common. All of them took place during a Moon-Jupiter conjunction.

Islamic radicalism has unique and complex astrological signature, which a series of articles discusses. One of its characteristics is the Moon-Jupiter contact, the conjunction being the strongest form of it. Some kind of the contact is present in horoscopes of almost all Islamic extremists, their organizations and terrorist acts executed in Europe and US during the recent decades. The table illustrates this impressive fact. This is a part of the astrological knowledge that can help an effective preliminary filtering of potential terrorists by horoscope.

Islamic Terrorism:
Acts & Perpetrators

Moon-Jupiter Conjunction

Osama bin Laden
(al-Qaeda leader 1988-2011)

oncoming/applying (28-14°)

ISIL (forming/announcing)

exact (-4°/+4°)

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
 (ISIL leader)

oncoming (50°-38°)

September 11 attacks

applying/exact (13° °-12°)

– Marwan al-Shehhi
(9/11 hijacker pilot)

applying (18°-6°)

Charlie Hebdo massacre

conjunction (applying 9°)

– Said Kouachi
(Charlie Hebdo assailant)

oncoming to Sun/Jupiter conjunction (16°-30°)

Boston Marathon bombing

very wide oncoming (150°)

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
(Boston Marathon bomber)

oncoming (40°-25°)

Brussels airport/metro bombings

exact separating (2°- 3°)

– Najim Laachraoui
(Brussel bomber)

applying (18°-4°)

San Bernardino shooting

applying (17°)

Orlando gay nightclub shooting

separating 8°

Berlin truck attack

oncoming (36°)

– Anis Amri
(Berlin truck attack terrorist)

exact (-3°/+7°)

– Ahmad Khan Rahami
(Chelsea bomber)

oncoming/applying (30°-7°)

Ariana Grande (Manchester
 bombing after her concert)

exact (1° separating)

Palm Sunday church bombings


London Bridge attacks

applying 8°

Moroccan Oussama Zariouh
(Brussels Central
Station bomber)

oncoming (75°-60°) to Jupiter/Saturn conjunction;
Moon conjunction Jupiter (6° applying) at his last Jupiter return

Oncoming conjunctions

The classic conjunction has three phases: applying, exact and separating. In applying conjunctions, the faster planet approaches the slower planet, while in separating conjunctions it separates from it. The separating conjunctions are the weakest. Their number in the table is the least, which statistically confirms the importance of the Moon-Jupiter contact to Islamic terrorism. The table includes a new astrological term ‘oncoming conjunction’, because I have found that this position is important.

I have noticed that the first planet that Moon is going to meet on her way is a factor that matters. I termed this situation oncoming conjunction. Each oncoming conjunction ends with a classic one by merging into it. It seems to implant similar presentiments and expectations as the classic conjunction, but milder. The first Lunar conjunction (and perhaps any aspect) seems to colour emotionality to a considerable extent and to be of great importance. It is a type of latent conjunction, I may say.

Regularly in charts of Islamic terrorism lacking classic Moon-Jupiter aspects, Moon is heading toward Jupiter with no other planets situated between them. Such is the case of the one version of Muhammad horoscope, the opposition being the second.

The oncoming Moon-Jupiter conjunctions have a character of the conventional Moon-Jupiter conjunction but are milder and less impulsive. In them, the enthusiasm of the ordinary conjunction is moderated, rendered permanent, unobvious but may be far-reaching. Perhaps for this reason, they tend to occur in charts of religious leaders and backstage perpetrators.

The meaning of the Moon-Jupiter contact: Idealisation of women

London Bridge with Moon and Jupiter collage

Moon is the central symbol of Islamic faith. In astrology, she symbolizes women and Jupiter – idealism & faith. A Moon-Jupiter contact literally symbolizes idealization of women or of womanliness. It has sexual and religious character. To men the combination operates as a passion for women. It harmonizes with the patriarchal mind-set and with a woman-worshipping religion.

Jupiter is the great exaggerator. Jupiter-Moon contacts hyperbolize women and sexuality.

Women cult

The most popular Islamic symbols are the Moon crescent and Venus star. These are the classic feminine planets and they are depicted on Islamic flags. They define Islam as a faith in women.

Women have cult status in Islam. Virgins await the believers and martyrs in Islamic paradise. Islam is a cult of women and sexual satisfaction. It has built up a mass cult following of women. Muslim men overvalue women and sexuality.

Actually, Islam makes similar impression to non-Muslims. They find that Islam takes good care of men by allowing polygamy and infesting paradise with virgins.

The lucky contact mercilessly demands happiness at any cost

In charts of Islamic extremism, the ‘caring’ Moon as a rule contacts the ‘lucky’ planet Jupiter. At first glance, the relation of this blessed association to cruel atrocities may appear strange. However, the concern of the Moon stems from doubt, insecurity and diffidence. And Jupiter’s optimism and faith spring from displeasure of the current situation and are escapistic and unsatiable. Jupiter’s urge for instant change at any cost may be damaging. Its enthusiasm and religiosity may be destructive and hedonistic. Jupiter offers shortcuts to the ultimate goal. It offers a fast track to heaven. In its extreme enthusiasms Jupiter may be a relentless killer of non-believers.

That which Moon and Jupiter have in common is panic. It manifests as Impulsive and fearsome anxiety at Moon and as insistent and pressing impatience at Jupiter. An anxiety may operate as concern for others when exteriorized, but in essence, it is nervousness.

Overcoming fear and unhappiness are strong motivators. Astrologically, the exaltation of Jupiter in Cancer reflects this. Jupiter enthuses the unconfident Moon and their blend is effective and may be beneficial. The peculiar anxieties of the Moon and Jupiter underlie their helpfulness of their combination. The combination may easily become violent and fanatic when overzealous.

Insensitivity and lack of empathy make Moon fretful and aggressive. Imprisonment and repression of passion make Jupiter overenthusiastic and forceful. Inharmonious aspects of factors of life tend to express the worse sides of the contact. Sexual repression and insecurity inflame men’s interest in females. Dissatisfaction can make passion for women larger-than-life for dissatisfied men.

Chronic erogenous deprivation

The steadily occurring Moon-Jupiter contact in Islamic radicalism betrays that men’s sexual dissatisfaction and idealization of women motivates Islam. The fact that the lucky contact enrages aggression betrays the chronic unhappiness of Muslim men. This relates to the Islamic rite of circumcision that surgically removes the most of the erogenous tissue from the maturing boys. It also relates to the feminine planets Moon and Venus in Islamic symbolism, to Islamic polygamy, veiling of women and to the sexual bliss in Islamic paradise consisting in harems of countless number of virgins with renewable virginity awaiting the orthodox and the martyrs – all happy owners of eternal erections.  

Forced masculinization

The prepuce is the most feminine part of the penis and of a man at all, because it is soft, as sensitive as lips, yet it is much more sensual. The sensation it produces can make a man weak at the knees. Removing it reduces femininity, increases masculinity and makes boys men. Circumcision initiates into manhood, as they say.

We arrive at an alternative meaning of the Islamic symbolism. The crescent can be regarded as representing a yataghan and the star Venus – the soft feminine sensitive preputial flesh that is removed from Muslim men. What is taken away from the Muslim men becomes their guiding star. Indeed, Venus and Moon are embroidered on Islam flag and seem to be always on Muslim men’s mind. A condition lately recognized as the Circumcision complex.

Islamic terrorism as a crime of passion

In Muslim men’s imagination, the cortical projections of lost preputial pleasure receptors live their ghostly lives. The sexual bliss that the latent terrorists have not yet experienced beckons them from the great beyond where the souls of their foreskins presumably are. The sensation of womanly enthusiasm that the Moon-Jupiter contact inspires in radicalized Muslim men matches their belief that martyrdom will end their permanent dissatisfaction.

Love lacking satisfaction may turn violent. The happy Moon-Jupiter contact tends to grow brutal in conditions of pleasure receptors deficit. In essence, Islamic terrorism is a crime of passion that Islam utilizes and justifies as being socially useful.

Volunteer martyrs

Islam reduces erogenous tissue by circumcising youngsters and offers them compensation for the damage in hereafter. Islam fabricates chronic sexual dissatisfaction and then directs the inappeasable passions of believers by promising eternal sexual bliss in afterlife. Islam represses sexuality physically and channels its emotional power toward its own spiritual purposes.

While robbing boys of erogenous tissue Islam infests paradise with sexual objects. It is not surprising that Muslim men who are horoscopically programmed to feel dissatisfied and to be inclined to radicalization readily pursue the sex ideal in paradise. The paedocircumcision and religious upbringing combined with the horoscopic factors of Islamic terrorism such as those that indicate sexual problems, religious fanaticism, and dullness tend to produce volunteer martyrs.

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