Geminians in politics

Geminians in politics

Geminians are said to be intellectual, unemotional, sceptical, changeable, dual, adaptable, alternating their positions, and are mainly active in speaking. Undoubtedly, these qualities make them particularly suited to merchants and politicians. Indeed, political life in our country abounds with Geminians. The list of politicians below, who are described in our degree zodiac shows whether this statement is true.

Do not be surprised that most of them are men: the Gemini sign has a male polarity. Tsetska Tsacheva is the only woman on the list with Sun in Gemini. Moon in Gemini also implants Geminian characteristics, but not as obvious as the Sun. They are stronger in women, which explains why three women with this condition are on our list.

Gemini are masters of logic and calculation. They have rapid reactions, balance between past and future, live at the present and know not to take sides. They often lie unintentionally simply because they think short-term and do not remember their promises. Moral assessments, enthusiasm, religion, long-term plans are beyond the interest of Gemini and are a priority of their opposing sign Sagittarius. There are two Sagittarians in our list: John Kerry and Jean-Clause Junker, and Donald Trump has Moon in Sagittarius. Abundance of Geminians in politics speaks of a profit-oriented mindset and moral immaturity of society.

Trump nonfans noticed that he resembles Mussolini to some extent. There are astrological reasons for the resemblance. Mussolini has four planets in Gemini, and Trump has two. Part of the similarity is due to Gemini sign that they both have. The other part of similarity stems from the four planets in other signs they have in common. Trump and Mussolini are like multiple degree cousins.

The Western world relaxed as Trump dropped the customs duties on European goods and metals that he had recently upgraded – an act that threatened to launch a trade war between America and Europe. This happened at his meeting with Jean-Claude Juncker, with whom they have a two-way Sun-Moon conjunction. In other words, they both have a double marital aspect of the strongest kind. Trump is a Gemini-Sagittarian, while Juncker is Sagittarius-Geminian. This guarantees understanding between them and explains how Juncker has so easily trumped Trump.

Gemini Sun sign:

Gemini Moon sign:

Tsetska Tsacheva

Iliana Jotova

Boyko Borisov

Maya Manolova

Donald Trump

Mustafa Karadaju

Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha

Petar Stoyanov

Mihail Mikov

John Kerry

Rumen Radev

Barrack Obama

Filip Bokov

Vladimir Putin

Petar Stoyanov

Benito Mussolini

Boris Johnson

Jean-Clause Junker

Sokratis Kokkalis


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