George Michael died on his anti-birthday

George Michael died on his anti-birthday

The exact opposition of the transit Sun to a natal Sun I label anti-birthday.

Sun rules the heart. Opposition of Suns lowers the physiological indexes and mainly affects the heart. It increases the risk of health complications and heart failures. The unfavorable influence lasts about two weeks and culminates when the transit Sun occupies the mirror zodiacal position to one’s natal Sun.  

The anti-birthday period undermines health. Its weakening effect is next in strength to that of the Saturnian holes peaking a month round one’s birthday.

George Michael is born at the end of the 3° Cancer and died when the transit Sun was around the middle of the 4° of the opposite sign Capricorn. In other words, he deceased within half a day of the exact moment of his anti-birthday. We may assume that his heart must have been tired and his health must have been deteriorated at that time.

In addition, this year the progressive Sun of his equatorial direction was at exact conjunction to his natal Moon, which is one in a lifetime event. The conjunction signifies an significant and more or less stressful new beginning or energetic cycle. His Moon is in Leo, the sigh that rules the heart, which indicates the involvement of heart-related issues.

Venus of his secondary progression was an exact 10 angular-minutes conjunction to his natal Moon causing heart relaxation and romantic feelings. The progressive ascendant is also on the same degree, which together with the progressive Moon that entered Leo a few months earlier offers the reverse and intensifies the work of his heart. Venus and the ascendant have antagonistic nature and their combined action on one’s heart is simultaneous relaxation and increase of heart pace or a type of spasmodic arrhythmia.

Also, the Sun of the Michaels’s minor progression was in a one-degree conjunction to his natal Sun and at absolutely exact opposition to the transit Sun of his death, which is one in twenty eight years event. Once again, this burdens the heart and indicates heart problems. In this entirely different progression, Venus is again over his Moon and the progressive Jupiter turns out to be in Leo from a few months and to form a continuous conjunction to the Moon of the secondary progression.

The secondary and minor progressions relate to Moon. In the case of George Michael, they bear a special relation to the heart, because his Moon is in the hearty Leo.  Around the time of his death both of them tended to overburden and in the same time to relax his heart.

The three planets presided by Sun ruling the fire signs have close relation to the heart. On the pop George Michael’s last Jupiter and Mars returns1)5.4.2011 and 13.10.2015, the fire planets were joined and/or strongly stressed indicating a decade of heart hyperactivity. The exhaustion that this may lead to craves for relaxation. It seems that the comforting feminine influences of the progressive Venus sojourning over his Moon and the transit Moon conjoining his hyperactive natal Neptune gave the pop superstar such a peace.


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1. 5.4.2011 and 13.10.2015

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