The Great Eloquence of AIDS Horoscope

The Great Eloquence of AIDS Horoscope

The presence of the three malefic planets in Scorpio indicates a sexual problem. Psychologically, Pluto describes the problem as secretive, sexual, poisonous and skin-penetrating, Saturn – as chronic, long-lasting and morbid, and Mars – as acute and sexual. Considering the anatomical correspondence of the zodiacal degrees of these three planets, results in quite a detailed and adequate physiological description of the problem. On the official birthday of AIDS Pluto resided at the zodiacal degree ruling the urethra, Mars – at the degree ruling the anus and Saturn – ruling the foreskin.

It is only in males that the urinary duct is part of the sexual organs so the degree activated by Pluto indicated that the problem concerns male sexuality. The degree activated by Mars relates the problem to anal sex and therefore to male homosexuality. The degree occupied by the reaper Saturn insinuates that the foreskin would suffer from the situation. Indeed, although the foreskin is like a natural condom a great amount of foreskins have been harvested and still fall prey to the pandemic. This is so because circumcising ethnicities and religions have fabricated false and unscientific allegations that circumcision reduces or even eliminates the risk of HIV infection. In a most dishonourable way they have used and still use AIDS as a living advertisement for circumcision and as a religiopolitical implement for carrying out their ethnocentric goals. Meanwhile the religious pro-circumcision propaganda maintains the AIDS-phobia. This is profitable for the pharmaceutics and medicine, and they remain comfortably numb on the issue of circumcision. And the larger the pro-circumcision lobby among medics in a country, the more uncritical the attitude towards AIDS.

When heavenly influences stimulate certain parts of the zodiac they stimulate the corresponding organs and evoke thoughts of these organs in all people. The physicians who were interested in the syndrome before its official announcement were already apprehensive of the organs it affects. When the planets activated the zodiacal analogues of these organs (in the universal cosmic man) their influence resounded to the already existing feelings that the physicians had and enhanced them to an unusual degree. Thanks to this thought resonance the physicians expressed their beliefs of AIDS readily and rashly. The universal cosmic man affects all people. The raising of the heavenly Scorpio mobilized everyone’s individual Scorpio. That is why the public didn’t perceive the zodiacal suggestions as external and they came natural to it.

When AIDS was declared a separate disease the three malefics Pluto, Mars and Saturn were already in Scorpio, the sign that governs sex and death. The first two of these planets co-rule Scorpion. They have maximal strength in this sign and fanaticize it. The third planet made the Scorpionic mania permanent. The first two planets energize Scorpio while the third obstructs the spending of energy and accumulates it.

The AIDS concept is in concert with the ancient anti-sex attitude of monotheistic religions that treats sexuality as sinful and dangerous. Astrological connection, however, shows that the concept is a natural continuation of this attitude. It is not surprising that religious dogmatists liked the idea very well and referred to it as to an appendix to the Bible. They trumpeted it around as an example of God’s punishment and exploited it in their battle against homosexuality, lasciviousness and sexuality in general. The AIDS concept became a religiopolitical implement which further institutionalized the sexually repressive religions.

Under the intensified influence of Pluto – the keeper of the underground kingdom – even physicians asserted that unprotected sex would rapidly lead to the end of the world. Fifteen years later there would be no uncontaminated people left, they claimed. However, what happened during that period was that AIDS went out of fashion. It ceased to be so infectious and lethal and the death rate of immunodeficiency dropped and normalized closely to the levels prior the AIDS-mania. And this took place because Pluto left Scorpio in 1995. The fear of the invisible and of sex also normalized – at least to the degree allowed by the medical paradigm and pharmaceutical industry. The business, however, as it usually happens in medicine and pharmaceutics, continued and thrived. Still, it is precisely Scorpio the sign that governs shady business and drains other peoples’ money.


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