Harvey Weinstein Sexual Misconduct Scandal Triggered by Astrological Influences

Harvey Weinstein Sexual Misconduct Scandal Triggered by Astrological Influences


Julia Roberts with Harvey WeinsteinA wave of allegations of sexual harassment from the past began with Harvey Weinstein in October 2017. Dozens of other public figures followed, including former President George H. W. Bush, Kevin Spacey, Louis C.K., Ben Affleck, Oliver Stone and Mariah Carey. Just like other epidemics the hysteria of accusations in sexual misconduct was triggered by astrological influences. The scandal is synchronized with the transit of a heavily burdened Jupiter in Scorpio.

Uma Thurman, Harvey WeinsteinThe avalanche of allegations began when on 10 October 2017, the planet of exaggeration Jupiter, entered the sign of sex manic Scorpio. This astrological event occurring once in about 12 years unleashed obsessive and exaggerated thoughts about sexuality. The first publication against Harvey Weinstein was published on 5 October (New York Times), and the second – on 10 October 2017 (The New Yorker). The first one took place only 11 angular minutes before Jupiter entered Scorpio and the second that legitimized the accusations – on the day the transit commenced. The accuracy of the sync is impressive.

Hillary Clinton touches Harvey WeinsteinWhen Scorpio activates, the questions of sexuality emerge. The planets transiting the sign and those tenanting the signs that they govern determine the nature of the awakened attitude. During the Middle Ages, for example, the evil planets transiting Scorpio helped witch-hunts that among other things were based on allegations of sexual acts with devils. In 1984, the advent of both malefic rulers of Scorpio in their own sign as well as of the classical ‘reaper’ Saturn caused a sex-related death phobia and produced the AIDS epidemic.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Harvey WeinsteinIn 2017, the planet of enthusiasm Jupiter entered Scorpio and laid stress on sexuality. Jupiter’s transit creates similar conditions every twelve years. This time, however, Jupiter also governs the conservative and retrospective Saturn, that in turn holds the ruler of Scorpio. Thus, Jupiter intensifies its own action in Scorpio and emphasizes sexuality whilst being charged with pessimism, negativity, conservatism and stringency, and directs them towards the past. This combination accentuates that which is sexual and clandestine, and brings a sense of guilt and regret of past sexual experiences. It imposes sexual moralism and asceticism that search external targets retrospectively.

Harvey Weinstein with Julia RobertsAt the end of 2017, the mundane astrological influences exaggerated sexuality and mixed it with a sense of guilt. This charged the collective subconscious with regret for sexual actions that normally seeks an outside cause to blame. The time for sexual complaint and accusations has come.

Jupiter is conceptual, but not objective, and tends to exaggerate. This is especially strong when it is hurt. The antagonistic nature of Saturn frustrates it and turns it into a sexual moralist. Although Jupiter’s principle aims high and good, it is also destructive because of its rashness and bias. It readily acts as a prosecutor and must be controlled by unrelated archetypes so as not to hurt.

Moreover, the square between lunar nodes and Jupiter opposes unnecessarily love to sexuality. This tends to instil an accusatory attitude towards sexuality, since love is undefined and idealized. The aspect culminates on 24 December. Christmas may be forgiving.

Why are complaints made so late?

all the women who have accused Harvey WeinsteinThe delving in the past of the allegations against Mr. Weinstein stretched back nearly three decades, well match Saturn’s zodiacal cycle that is about 29 years. The allegations were made with procrastination of up to three decades because such is the period at which the moralistic Saturnian influence reappears.

How will the scandal develop?

Harvey Weinstein with womenExpectedly, the scandal must exhibit two peaks. The one should have manifested itself around 26-27 October and must have had a moral character. The second may be anticipated around 18 November and can be associated with new extremes in sexual allegations. The fall of the sexual planets Mars (22 October – 9 December 2017) and Venus (7 November –1 December) contributes to the emergence of all sex-related depressions as well as to financial and sexual extortions.

Lindsay Lohan sides with Harvey WeinsteinThe chain of planetary rulership producing sexual guilt will break on December 20, when Saturn leaves Sagittarius. Then the sex scandal may decline and enter it into an objective phase.

At this level of examination, I expect that at the end of the year, the accusations will lose power and the sexual scandal will begin to fade.

An enlightened justice should wait for this unobjective period to pass before judging the scandal. It should also look at the horoscopes of the accused and the accusers to get additional information.

Vehrgil, 14.11.2017


Other expressions of the influence

The simultaneous action of the planets in this chain of rulership activates Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn, and evokes regrets for the past that are related not only to sex and intimacy but also to secrets, law, morals, money and career. Therefore, the influence raises doubts not only about sexual misconduct and lasciviousness, but also about venality, underhand manipulation and corruption.

Examples of this influence can be observed at different levels. Such seems to be the escalation of the media war between Russia and the United States. On October 15, when the Moon visited Scorpio, where Jupiter, Sun and Venus already were, the Russian lawmakers approved “foreign agents” media law that Duma offered about a week ago. The influence can also be seen to operate in Bulgarian politics. Thus for some time, the socialist opposition that is historically and morally at the root of corruption, was overemphasizing and unconstructively overexposed the issue of widespread corruption and blamed the ruling party for it. On 14 October when the Moon contacted with Mars so that the celestial woman became aggressive, the Socialist Leader Kornelia Ninova completely overacted and insulted the Prime Minister personally. The instinctive synchronisation of her behaviour with celestial influences nearly caused a parliamentary crisis.


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