The Horoscopic Data Needed

Main data

To construct an accurate horoscope, the time and place of the person’s birth or of the event in question is required. It is important therefore that you specify as precisely as possible the time and the place of birth of the person or the event. Please specify the current location of the person whose horoscope will be examined if it is different from the birthplace.

The accuracy of the birth data and supplementary information can significantly impact on the reliability of the horoscope. If you do not know the birth time or other information, please do not guess or speculate, as inaccurate data is more detrimental to the process than missing or unknown information. Please therefore give as much detail as you know (i.e., just the date of birth if the exact time is not known) and state where there is any uncertainty or partial information.

Please ensure you clearly state the gender of the person and do not rely on the name being self-explanatory. This is important for horoscopic interpretation because certain astrological factors have gender polarity.

The name of the person is also important to detailed investigations. In cases where anonymity is preferred, please state where a pseudonym is provided to avoid any unwanted distortion of results.

Specific additional data if required

It may be necessary to provide additional information for more comprehensive services. Please see the corresponding article for details on this. For medical astrology, for example, the time of getting ill is important, while for horary astrology the moment of shaping the question is important.

Less specific supplementary data

Extra information, even where this is quite general or seemingly peripheral, is always welcome even when not explicitly asked for. This may include parental information or key events and people or strange occasions in the subject’s life. Please therefore feel free to provide such additional information but as stated above, please ensure this is accurate and not speculation.


To recap, this is the horoscopic information you need to provide:


  1. Birth data of the person (or event) in question: date, time and place
  2. The current location of the person
  3. The gender of the person


  1. Birth data of the person’s parents
  2. Dates and nature of events or birth dates of other relevant people
  3. Time and character of coincidences that appear to be connected with the subject of the investigation