Ignorance Empowers the Totem Spirits

Ignorance Empowers the Totem Spirits

People dislike being defined. For that reason mainly, they repudiate astrology.
But the freedom that ignorance gives is deceitful and treacherous.

Astrology shows that people receive animal characteristics at birth that do not come from their parents, but depend on their time of birth. The Indians have their totems with which they personify and shamans have guardian animals that help and empower them. Animal spirits instil into us, the children of the western world, too. Our rational civilization, however, is alienated from nature and does not recognize their existence. Ignorance makes the beasts in people invisible and gives them great freedom whilst the modern technology gives them unprecedented power.

Man hasn’t changed since millennia. Passions that have filled him in ancient times still possess him today. The same equally unruly instincts motivate him now. The year-round reproduction of human has made him a host many totem spirits. Their great diversity has increased significantly the number of human archetypes. Undoubtedly, this has intensified the intraspecies struggle and accelerated human evolution.

Halloween Sun_2014

Halloween Sun 2014

The huge variety of totem spirits has made man reasonable because it increased number of opinions to consider. However, it also increased social competition, deprived him of peace and happiness, embittered him and made him insatiable. It made man a passionate hunter and thief of good conditions and pleasure, and not their creator. Humanity hasn’t found peace, because it seeks happiness outside. It hasn’t changed for thousands of years, because self-knowledge is at a standstill.

Instincts are natural talents. They turn on by themselves, automatically but they are very difficult to stop. Instincts are insatiable, especially when implanted in the restless human mind. Armed with words and machinery they acquire frighteningly great power in modernity times. The technique makes totem animal strengths and prey, and people – potentially too dangerous. Development of only external technical knowledge is scary and even disastrous. But we cannot influence that which we don’t know. Ignorance of the totem animals empowers them. The advancement of civilization makes possible a single person to subjugate or exterminate more and more others.

The lack of essential self-knowledge gives uncontrolled power of the animalistic instincts in people. They weaken the reason of the individual and humanity. They control us and we are their puppets. We must learn to distinguish the irrational animal spirits that instil into people from time immemorial and guide them, in order to be able to tame them and make them safe. Astrology knows these animals and indeed provides a method for improving the future.


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