Don’t Rush at In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Don’t Rush at In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Be aware of existence of astrologically determined infertility periods:

Seasonal Cycle WheelThere are horoscopic indicators of infertility and infertile periods. Traditional astrology recognizes a number of inborn horoscopic fertility and infertility factors and fertile and infertile periods that many people go through.1)The factors include aspects, houses, rulerships, domiciles, decans, midpoints,
degrees and lots and their transits and directions.
They also reflect hormonal balance. It is prudent to respect them. In periods of infertility, conception is considered difficult or impossible. And undesirable, I could add, because the body is not in its best form through them.

It may be wiser to wait for infertile periods to pass

We are liable to a non-genetic infertility imprinting at birth. It is useful for infertile couples to know if their sterility is of monogenetic origin and if so whether it is temporary or permanent. It’s not only my opinion that it’s better for them to wait for periods of bareness to pass if possible instead of to waste enormous resources going against the nature’s grain and to perform in vitro fertilization (IVF).

IVF in vitro fertilization TreatmentIt is improvident to enforce Mother Nature to do that which she is reluctant to do. It is wiser to wait for her to alter her mood and then to ride the tide of vital energy. Perhaps it is also better for the progeny to be carried out in the times of normal energy surge than in times of scarcity.

Infertile couples must be advised to check whether they are within astrologically programmed infertility periods. And if they are, to wait for the period to pass if the age of the mother allows. I think it is healthier to postpone pregnancy than to try to outsmart nature. What’s more, the astrological consideration of the infertility may offer alternative methods for its alleviation and overcoming.

Unexplained infertility has an astrological explanation

fertilization of the moonThe couples that cannot conceive tend to resort to in vitro fertilization. The infertility of about a fourth of them2)in USA is medically undetectable and its cause is unknown. It is termed unexplained infertility. Surprising it may be to some, but astrology has an answer to this mystery. Medical astrology is able to identify inborn sterility of non-genetic origin, its strength and span of periods in life when it peaks.

What is more, medical astrology can describe the factors related to the unexplained infertility or even recognise its causes. More often than not, the unexplained infertility is astrologically explained.

IVF & C-section: unnatural beginnings of life

Conception and birth are synchronized with cosmic and physiological cycles. Conceiving naturally is possible only during short monthly intervals. Conception and natal horoscopes are conjugated and they both are decisive for the qualities of the native. Both artificial conception and induced birth are not synchronized with natural cycles and in this sense are unnatural. Nature still has too many secrets, and it is better not to mess up with her.

menstrual-cycleTime of conception, cosmic cycles and therefore, astrological influences determine time of birth. For this reason, natal horoscope indicates whether native’s birth was natural or induced. For example, a normal pregnancy lasts for an average of about 273 days, which is astrologically determined by the sun and the moon. Thus, ten sidereal months are 273.2 days and the sun casts a square to its place at conception for 273 (+/- 1) days. The square is operative for about 20 days, which outlines the boundaries of the normal pregnancy term. However, other transit influences can expand the range of the term even more causing preterm or delayed births. The mother horoscope is important to understand the astrological prerequisites for deviating from the term. The horoscope of conception is also important, but it is seldom available.

Some details of how this works

Let me try to translate the ancient astrological knowledge into terms of modern biology. Gametes of both sexes need serene, undisturbed, and optimal energy conditions to maintain their unspecialized state that makes impregnation possible. Astrologically, Moon and Venus provide for them.

I could say that during infertility periods mother’s organism is either deenergized and is unable to sustain development of the foetus or is overenergized and cannot condition fertility of gametes. Nearly the same is valid for men but with respect sustaining vitality of spermatozoids.

The mobility and orientation of spermatozoids, as well as the attractiveness of ova to them are crucial to fertilization. In my opinion, they are directly fed by environmental or bioelectric field gradients and are very sensitive to energy conditions.3)The field I’m speaking of here is an universal compressible ᴂtheric field that pervades all except true matter. The interactions between its gradients are currently recognized as separate fundamental forces. This field plays the role of the hypothetical morphogenic field that attempts to explain phenomena in biology and chemistry that still defy explanation such morphogenesis and telepathy. Unlike it, however, the universal ᴂtheric field and is measurable and its characteristics are similar to those of the luminiferous aether that was widely accepted prior relativity made it theoretically unmeasurable. It also explains the mechanism of astronomical motions and astrological actions in quite a realistic and uncomplicated manner. Abnormal field strength or gradient obstruct fecundation. Both insufficiently or excessively energized body and sex glands impede fertilization. For this reason, conception in cosmos hasn’t been achieved despite the great international efforts for creating cosmic babies.

Unhealthy times

Astrology indicates that infertility periods are not optimal to general health too. Therefore, IVF as a rule takes place in unhealthy times. One can hardly dismiss this as being inconsequential. In Vitro Fertilization is performed in unnatural environmental conditions the essence of which standard medicine does not recognize and which may be linked astrologically to atypical development of the foetus.

Barren times depressions

Astrologically, infertility and emotional depressions have common indicators and can run simultaneously. Approximately half of infertility indicators also indicate decreased vitality and psychological depression. During infertility periods, mothers may feel sad and lonely and may even more desperately want a child. Let them realize that it may be egocentric of them to hurry with having a baby and that to a child it is best to come in times of emotional prosperity and not of low spirits.

Let barren & sick periods elapse

a plane flying towards moonThe infertility periods may differ in spread and strength. Various astrological conditions such as transits, progressions and directions can indicate them. Some of the bareness factors have prolonged action that may spread up to several years. It is considered that the difficulty of conception and the risk of miscarriage is proportional to the number of simultaneously acting infertility factors. Therefore, all infertility indicators must be summarized and evaluated together.

Biological considerations for general avoidance of IVF

The unnatural selection accompanying in vitro fertilization

Evolutional biology considers that a substantial amount of natural selection takes place in haploid state during the sperm race to fertilize the egg. In other words, during fertilization natural selection is very active. Fertilization puts to a severe test the only set of genes of the haploid gametes (sperm and ova) prior formation of the diploid embryo. The natural selection during haploid state is considered important in selection of genes that control metabolism. Such a basic and multipurpose natural selection is very effective and is omnipresent among living creatures. It is possible that it carries out the larger and most vital part of natural selection.

In vitro fertilization worsens the hereditary material

IVF bypasses an important stage of natural selection and eventually aids defective genes be passed on. For instance, IVF allows weak or slow spermatozoids to fertilize ova and their weakness to be inherited. Of course, the overall effect of IVF on progeny is still uncertain and is of next generation’s concern. The children conceived in vitro today, may improve our knowledge on the effects of the procedure tomorrow. Currently, however, monitoring atypical selection following IVF is not performed. No one sponsors investigations of a lucrative procedure.

Outnumbering the unknown

Medics overcome the debilitated fertility by implanting more fertilized eggs in order to increase the chance for their survival. Consequently, several embryos are formed and parents have to select which of them to live and which to die.

IVF’s strategy is to beat an unknown foe by outnumbering it. The far-reaching consequence of this blind man’s buff is unknown. The only thing that is certain is that physicians will get paid.

Insemination during infertile periods may pose risk

Medical astrology associates the fertilization during a barren period with increased probability of miscarriage and with some health problems of the child in the future. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid conception during times of infertility. In vitro fertilization compensates for the increased risk of miscarriage with a large number of fertilizations. But this does not reduce the risk of other complications that may occur later and that will not be associated with the procedure.

Checking for infertility period in advance

Of course, the age of the mother matters. It is practical the women intending to have a child but postponing pregnancy for the end of their fertility to check whether an infertility period is not in store for them in the future.

Looking for gaps in infertility periods

Cracks in an infertility period can be sought if by some reason the candidate mother cannot wait and has no other chance to conceive natural. Of course, there is no guarantee for success, but the attempt is not costly.

fecundation of the moonFertility varies in time. Not all of the days in a barren time are absolutely sterile. There are fertile or at least less infertile days in periods of infertility and vice versa. This can be used in attempts to conceive the natural way. Fast transit influences can temporarily mitigate or perhaps even annul the durable barren influence. Currently, the efficiency of the gaps can be assessed only approximately. I’m convinced, however, that computerized research can dramatically improve the accuracy.

Males also suffer barren times.

Astrology recognises a multitude of horoscopic factors related to progeny. Traditionally, it regards barrenness mainly as unfruitfulness of women and tends to equate sterility of men to impotence. This, however, is somewhat outdated, since during the last century existence of male sterility apart of thephysical impotence. Even so, at least half of the classic astrological indicators of female infertility are applicable to male sex too. And this is not surprising at all. Therefore, both partners should be tested horscopically for infertility if such occurs.

The male and female reproductive glands are homologous organs. Obviously medical astrology is familiar with this since the zodiacal degrees ruling ovaries and testicles are neighbouring or overlapping. The role of these degrees in the fertility and infertility of both sexes is interchangeable. Still, I’m under the impression that Mars and zodiacal correspondence of testicles play greater role in male infertility, while Moon and Saturn – in female infertility.

The exact parameters and boundaries of infertility periods are difficult to estimate because they depend on both astrological and mundane context. Family history of pregnancies including length of terms, the horoscopes of parents and grandparents of the person under investigation will allow a more reliable estimation.

Avoiding parents’ guilt over elimination of the sibling embryos

female-silhouette-against-the-moon-40Choosing between unknown potentials is an unbearable task. Parents who select which embryo to survive take the role of a god or a natural selection. They are going to live with the doubt that their choice may not have been right. Such responsibility can hardly make a parent happy.

In vitro fertilization is expansive. Many parents cannot afford having a test tube baby. But the biggest problem accompanying IVF is not financial, but moral, and it is the decision parents have to make which embryo to save. Sadly, the effort to create a child ends with termination of a number of embryos. IVF poses an insoluble moral dilemma, resolved otherwise by nature or God.

No firstborns at IVF

There are no firstborn children in IVF. Instead, they are first-removed siblings.

Excuse doctor’s backs

Currently, medical astrology is in stagnation mostly due to the commercialization of medicine. Now more than ever the medical profession is a business enterprise and an investment. No physician is ready to waste his time or to endanger his career by performing heretic astrological research as, for instance, H.L. Cornell did a century ago. Consequently, medical astrology hasn’t been updated since then and as far as I know, male infertility hasn’t been specially scrutinized.

Existence of the horoscopic fertility/sterility factors is a proven statistic in astrology. However, the fact that modern medicine refuses even to check out whether there is something in the assertions of astrology concerning fertility betrays that something is wrong. Refusal to investigate simple, cheap and tested ancient methods and preference to new expansive techniques attests carelessness, shortsightedness and commercialism.


Plan 1: Approximate evaluation of one’s fertility

This check intends to detect the classic fertility indications shown in one’s horoscope as well as the presence of strong astrological transits that suppress it. If you order this plan, you’ll also receive a broad assessment of the person’s fertility, sexuality and sociability, because fertility and sociability have many horoscopic indicators in common. Thus, the inspection includes an outlook of the nativity’s proneness to marriage and becoming a parent. Of course, the horoscope and sex of the person are needed. The check will take me about оне hour. Order here.

Plan 2: Check whether one is within a period of infertility

This check will establish whether the querrent is going through an infertile phase according to the rules of classic medical astrology. To perform it I’ll have to consider the general fertility factors (plan 1) and the transits to, directions and progressions of the quitrent’s horoscope.

Of course, I’ll need the candidate parents horoscopes. You must clearly indicate the search period. You will be notified if the natives are within an astrological barren time. You’ll also receive an approximate evaluation of the strength and span of the infertility interval if such is found. This check requires a more intensive research and would take me about two hours. Order here.

Plan 3: A comprehensive check of one’s infertility phase parameters

This is an in-depth inspection of one’s astrologically determined infertility period. Its purpose is to make a detailed assessment of its limits and strength. To do this, I will have to complete plan 2, look at the grandparents’ horoscopes and the family history of pregnancies. Of course I will need the person’s horoscope.

Additional information is desirable. Let me know if the currently infertile person is known to have had fertile or infertile episodes in the past, because this knowledge offers a direct way to validate the strength and span of the current infertility. History of pregnancies concerning their timing and length of terms especially when they have been atypical is highly desirable. History of family pregnancies on mother’s part if they have been unusual can be useful too. The horoscopes of parents and grandparents of the person under investigation may be helpful for a more reliable estimation. A pollution coefficient of the environment is usefulhelpful too. The check will take me about three hours. Order here.

Plan 4: Scanning for cracks in infertility periods for one year ahead

This is a search for a possible weakening of an astrologically confirmed period of infertility. The check may be useful for women who want to try to conceive naturally during an infertile period or who are at the end of their fertile age.

I’ll need to manually scan for gaps in the infertile period caused by temporary weakening or cancellation of the barren influences. For this purpose, I must have established perods’ parameters first, which is plan 3. The additional information I need is the same as the previous plan 3. The inspection will take me about four hours. Order here.

The information needed to estimate the infertility periods parameters

First and absolutely necessary is the birth data of the candidate for parent that is needed to erect her or his horoscope.

The exact parameters and span of infertility periods are difficult to estimate. Additional data can improve the accurateness of the result. Family history of pregnancies including their length in days (or dates of conceptions and births), the horoscopes of parents and grandparents of the candidate mother may be helpful for a more reliable estimation. The additional information improves the effectiveness of the infertile period quest and is very desirable for plan 3 and 4.

To generalize the additional information needed at establishing one’s infertility parameters:

  1. Periods of fertility prior the current period of infertility
  2. Medical diagnosis of infertility if there is such
  3. The birth data of the mother’s parents and grandparents
  4. History of family fertility and infertility
  5. Pollution environmental coefficient (see below)
  6. Special cases related to the subject, with specified dates

Pollution coefficient 1-10

Polluted environment, unhealthy or stressful lifestyle and harmful food are environmental factors that cause infertility. Overdosing any of them may lead to sterility. They complement the astrologically imposed infertility. One’s unhealthy lifestyle can render the astrological study of their infertility unnecessary. I wouldn’t like to compromise astrology because of this.

So if you live in unhealthy conditions and want an astrological study of your infertility, please first estimate the degree of pollution in your environment under the 10-point system of 1 to 10. Let ten corresponds to the pollution in an industrial zone, five – to the conditions in a large city, and zero – in a green village without industry or mining. I will use this number as a coefficient for assessing your infertile periods.


The accurate estimation of the intensity and length of the astrologically based infertile period is difficult because it considers many factors that factors that are not subject to direct measurement. The result is by necessity approximate and boundaries of infertile periods are blurred. Despite this, infertility assessment is meaningful because astrologically defined periods of sterility are a statistical fact. I will do my best to estimate your fertility and improve your chance for conception, but I give no guarantee that you will actually conceive.


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1. The factors include aspects, houses, rulerships, domiciles, decans, midpoints,
degrees and lots and their transits and directions.
2. in USA
3. The field I’m speaking of here is an universal compressible ᴂtheric field that pervades all except true matter. The interactions between its gradients are currently recognized as separate fundamental forces. This field plays the role of the hypothetical morphogenic field that attempts to explain phenomena in biology and chemistry that still defy explanation such morphogenesis and telepathy. Unlike it, however, the universal ᴂtheric field and is measurable and its characteristics are similar to those of the luminiferous aether that was widely accepted prior relativity made it theoretically unmeasurable. It also explains the mechanism of astronomical motions and astrological actions in quite a realistic and uncomplicated manner.

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