Introduction to the Degree Zodiac

Introduction to the Degree Zodiac

Yak and Johannes BrahmsI am human, I consider nothing animal alien to me.

The ancient astrological tradition is fully relevant today. The similarities between people and animals unveiled the degree zodiac are neither accidental, nor fabricated or merely physical. They are inborn, natural and are implanted by the birth-time zodiacal position of the Sun and the planets. The animal totems determine the instinctual nature and the strivings of their bearer. To a great extent they determine his value system and therefore predetermine his actions and predestine their future.

Harrison Ford and catfishPeople have animal make-up. Man and all his activities are part of nature. Instinctual passions shape our physiognomies and inspire our talents. The predominant instincts and emotions determine intentions and behavior whilst the rational mind merely justifies their choice by assigning logical meaning to them.

Stefan Sofiyanski, Sea turtle ---|--- Стефан Софиянски, морска костенурка

Not only sex, warfare and sports but also politics and culture are drifted by subconscious flows. We are unaware where our thoughts spring out from but invariably assume we are right. We use more sophisticated expressions than most animals, but that does not mean that the motivation of our thoughts is different from theirs.

princess Elizabeth II, Adolf Hitler and Iggy Pop: Sun degree twinsThe great power of animal totems reveals how programmed human nature is. The resemblance of notable persons with their animal tutelary spirits shows how unfree is not only their will but that of their fans who have idolized them.

Sincerity doesn’t guarantee objectivity. Actually, in the social rat Indian elephant, Adolf Hitlerrace the strongest instinctual drives win. Only enlightenment can extract us from the vicious circle of automatic non-choice. And the degree zodiac in this website is one of the best visual aids in astrological physiognomy. It shows you what you haven’t seen, although it has been right under your nose the whole time.

An Enlightening Time Travel

Anthony Quinn and Queen Elizabeth II: Sun degree twinsAstrological influences operate on basic physical and biological levels and equally determine bodily proportions, instinctual nature and mental dispositions. Usually, the Sun is the strongest astrological influence and has the greatest imprinting power. Generally, its contribution to the physical and mental traits of individuals is more than 60% and up to 90%. The Sun’s influence determines both the physical resemblance of the persons to both their Sun degree totem and to other persons having the same Sun totem, i.e., born when the Sun has been on the same zodiacal degree.

baby Harold Lloyd and old man Joan Miro: Sun degree twinsNote that the physical similarity becomes increasingly difficult to observe with differences in age, sex, race and species. Nevertheless, it is here for all to see. Living things including man are not merely outgrowths of their genetic material. For they are also spiritual cosmic beings, a reality to which the modern materialistic science is still totally blind.

The similarity of the people and animals shown in the galleries of the degree zodiac stems from David Attenborough, Johannes Brahmsthe zodiacal influence of the Sun. Clearly, it is not of a material genetic origin. It is of spiritual nature. Observing the similarity may be an illuminating experience. It may evoke the feeling that something universal and stable persist through the ages. You can bring the feeling that there is something universal and sustainable time. This the cosmopolitan perseverance manifested through the forms is the spirit and the intent. It is at least as stable as the solar system is and is at least as widespread as life, since beings of all eras manifest it.

Elizabeth II and Joan Miro: Sun degree twinsThe astrologically grounded similarities are earthly incarnations of cosmopolitan spiritual qualities and laws. They can be felt in the eyes, intentions, gestures and colouration of the creatures – humans or animals. Although science has not yet recognized this non-genetic cosmic imprinting, it is shown here for anyone who is able to perceive it.Iggy Pop and Anthony Quinn

I wish you a pleasant journey in time. And in the mysterious spiritual truth too.




  1. Valeria

    Compliments on your astounding work, Vergil! IMHO, you are bringing astrology to a whole new level. As I was reading the intro, I couldn’t help wondering if your definition of ‘animal totems’ is somehow linked to the Jungian notion of symbols as portals to parallel dimensions? If so, your concept opens up vast new horizons…

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