The Islam-Related Terrorism in Europe June 2017

The Islam-Related Terrorism in Europe June 2017

The Muslim terrorist attacks in June 2017 in Europe occurred at the highest peaks of the green curve of the mundane aspect graph. These are critical points as they rouse passions and stimulate execution of actions that otherwise may remain suppressed and under control. In June, however, the green peaks are especially critical, because they coincide with and cover the tense aspects that encourage Islamic radicalism.

Mundane Aspects Graph for June 2017 with commentsThe reasons the green peaks to be particularly critical this month are complex. First, Islam terrorist attacks depend on position of Jupiter and Moon and on the Jupiter-Uranus opposition. The mutual position of Moon and Jupiter determines incidence of attacks half-month apart from one another – the one during the conjunction of Moon and Jupiter and another during their opposition. Currently the Jupiter-Uranus opposition is situated on the Libra-Aries axis and is harmonious to Sun. In June, the good aspects of the Sun coincide with the terroristic aspects and produce the peaks of the good-aspects green curve. The favorableness of Sun’s aspects overrides the negativity of the radicalism aspect. In addition, in June the Uranus-Jupiter opposition is dissipating and is not lift the red curve. Only the transiting Moon revives the religion-ideology opposition while favorably aspecting Sun and raising the green curve.

A similar coincidence of the green curve peaks with terroristic acts will occur on 13, 19, 25, August and 2, 9 September.

Reverse aspects reverse the attacks

Note that the London Bridge attack and the Finsbury Park mosque attack that is claimed to be a respond to the former are half a month apart. At London Bridge attack, the Moon was in conjunction to Jupiter while at the Finsbury Park attack she opposed it. In both cases, the attacker appears to associate himself with the Moon: at London Bridge attack, Moon blended the religious Jupiter and the terrorists acted in the name of their Muslim faith while at the mosque attack, Moon opposed Jupiter and the suspect combated all Muslims.

A similar synchronization of the attackers with the planets is evident in Finsbury Park and Champs-Elysees car ramming attacks that took place the same day during the Moon-Jupiter opposition in June. When the religious Jupiter was strongest for the day the religious maniacs attacked.

Thus at Champs-Elysees attack Jupiter was maximally accentuated for the day and was severely injured.  Respectively, the Islam fanatics attacked sacrificing themselves for their religion. Their attack of Islam terrorists was synchronized with the action of the religious planet. Then Jupiter epitomizing foreigners and religion was just rising and the foreign religion did the same. Mars, Sun and Mercury tenanted Jupiter’s house and the religious and afflicted Jupiter governed the aggression, willpower and reason that they stand for. The Moon/Uranus conjunction representing western civilization to Islamic radicals was setting in the house of open enemy and they assisted it with all of their might. The general astrological character of the attack is of religious radicalism and depression. Noticeably, the house positions have local importance and warn for activation of Islam zealots at this time for the Pars time zone.

Conversely, at the time of Finsbury Park attack Jupiter signifying foreign faith was on its setting course. Moon, Uranus & Neptune standing for homeland, western civilization and Christianity were in I house and heading towards rising as Moon opposed Jupiter.

Jupiter was in the house of open enemies (VII) and was heading towards setting. This symbolizes a foreign religion falling, which was in tune with the attacker’s attitude and he attacked. Sun, Mercury and Ceres were in the Moon’s house (IV) supporting acts of patriotism, chauvinism and nostalgia for loved ones and their rehabilitation. Mars is weak and afflicted in Cancer and implants intolerance to home(land) invaders, protectiveness and tendency to violent scenes and moving. The general astrological character of the attack is depression, xenophobia + jingoism.

These examples remarkably illustrate the analogy between the monthly and daily cycles of the Moon, its relation to Jupiter and their effects on Islamic terrorism.

Ineffectiveness in absence of strong Moon-Jupiter contact?

The patriotic Christian attacked the alien believers somewhat earlier that the Jupiter and Moon joined the corresponding angles. A possible reason for the earlier assault may be due to the depressive influence of the Mercury-Saturn opposition that maximized at the time of the attack. The depressive mood could illuminate the ridiculous ‘ineffectiveness’ of the attack.

Another ineffective attempt for bombing took place the next day in Brussels Central Train Station. To outside observer it appears that the terrorist was not well prepared for its killing mission but wanted to die. An astrologer analyzing the horary map may find that the extremist missed the moment of appropriate energy and was in a period of irrational reasoning, megalomania and interest in the underworld owing to a combination of transit and progressed factors.

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