Yes, Andreas Lubitz did it, part 3:
General horoscopic evidences

Yes, Andreas Lubitz did it, part 3:</br>General horoscopic evidences

Germanwings’ improvidence

The next day the birthday of the Andreas Gunter Lubitz, the suicidal killer co-pilot of the deadly Germanwings flight 9525, became available. Only a glimpse at it confirmed my suspicions. Clearly, his is a chart of a depressive and very probably a suicidal person. Therefore, it’s nearly certain, that it was Andreas Lubitz who intentionally crashed the plane.

Few days later, I examined the chart in greater detail. I didn’t hurry to publish my observations. In the end, the central message of this article would hardly be heard soon. It’s not about the astrological connection in this particular mass murder or plane crash. It’s about the public ignorance of the science of astrology. The neglect stems from love of oversimplification and materialism, mistaken social or political correctness, and avoidance of responsibility all of which give false sense of security. It’s improvident of flight companies to neglect astrological information regarding the pilots they employ. Frankly speaking, It’s an inexcusable stupidity and irresponsibility on their part.

Different astrological methods confirm that Andreas Lubitz’s natal chart shows an unreliable and psychologically unstable person having intensive and depressive personality with fanatic, and possible destructive and suicidal propensities. I’ll regard below only selected classic and traditional astrological factors so any astrologer could understand and confirm my conclusions. I don’t know the exact birth time of Lubitz so I’m going to consider only these astrological factors that poorly depend on it.

Known general personal traits of Lubitz

Despite Lubitz caused an awful drama, not much is known about him. There is silence on who he was and what his motivation, views and beliefs were. There are only unconfirmed data that he was an Islam convert. It seems that the western society does not comprehend what and why happened and prefers the disaster to be forgotten. It lets the sleeping dogs lie hoping they will never awake whatever they actually are. It is a modern superstition that the things which science is unable to recognize are accidental, inessential and unpredictable. From astrological point of view, however, the psychological condition including suicidal tendency and its culmination is predetermined. Therefore, the tragedy, at least in theory, was not incidental but foreseeable and preventable. The current series of articles illustrates this.

We know only that Lubitz was an amateur marathon runner, a commercial pilot who was polite with neighbors but performed suicide killing 150 people at once together with him by intentionally crashing the plane he was navigating. It was announced that he suffered a depressive period 2008-2009 and that he had problems with sight perhaps of an psychological origin. It came to our knowledge that his former girlfriend said that he stated that he is going to do something great with which he will be remembered. Finally, when I had already finished this study and was about to publish it, I learned that Lubitz was treated for suicidal tendencies few years ago.1)The co-pilot was treated for suicidal tendencies several years ago, and it is believed problems with his eyesight may have been psychosomatic in origin. Let’s firstly check whether these general traits have something to do with his horoscope.

The pilot in the chart of Lubitz

The combination of strong Sagittarius/Jupiter and strong Uranus/Aquarius tends to produce pilots at that such who love extremes. Howard Hughes , the renowned American aviator, is a perfect example for this. He has strong Sagittarian influence as he has three planets including Moon in Sagittarius and he has strong Aquarian influence as he has Uranus in conjunction with his Sun, and Mars and Saturn in Aquarius. Andreas Lubitz has both Sagittarian and Aquarian influences strong too. He is a Sagittarian having four planets in this sign including Uranus. Moreover, his Uranus is strong because it is in close conjunction with his Sun. Furthermore, his Jupiter – the planet that governs Sagittarius – is also very strong. It is at the degree of Sun’s exaltation and is in trine with his natal Sun and therefore with Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius.

Unsuccessful flight in Lubitz’s chart

The combination of Sagittarius/Jupiter and strong Uranus tries to make the native a jumper of a very high jump. In the Lubitz’s chart, however, the ‘lead’ Saturn is added to the combination and it weighs like a weight to his leg. As a result, the feeling of falling of a great height must have been implanted in Lubitz. Or the feeling that he flies a large plane that is doomed to fall. He may have had dreams in which he flies but being too heavy falls. Flying a large plane that is doomed to fall, it is one of the most literal projection of the major solar part of Lubitz’s horoscope.

A direct association of Saturn-Uranus union in Sagittarius is a high rebound as from a springboard with weights or shackles on one’s legs. Sun and Sagittarius add narcissism and arrogance. If we add the Sun, which is in Sagittarius and is in conjunction with both planets, we get the association for an exciting and glorifying high jump with weights. A rebound that ends with a shattering collision, that, however, instantly (Jupiter, Uranus) leads to a serious, significant, important, extolling (Saturn, Sun) and radical (Uranus) spiritualization (all in Sagittarius and strong Jupiter).

And in order to complement the association with the importance of his fallen, combust and repressed Mercury that is in conjunction to these planets, we can add extreme subjectivity, one-sidedness, pessimism, factual helplessness or inclination to wishful thinking. Things the medieval astrologers understood as a weakness of the mind.

Horoscopic instincts are automatisms. The pilot, which they construct in Lubitz’s case, is a heavy airplane autopilot that is programmed to fall when opportunity occurs.

The marathon runner in Lubitz’s chart

Lubitz was a marathon runner. Running and jogging are Sagittarian sports because this sign rules and energizes the thighs. In Lubitz’s chart Jupiter, the Sagittarian planet, is very strong by aspect, sign and degree. It is on the degree of the ostrich that produces runners and travellers. Outdoor running is a direct physical manifestation of the rashness and escapism that the Sagittarian instinct contains.

Propensity to unwise courses in the chart of Lubitz

Sun and Uranus are antagonists. Their influences are strong and intermingled in the map of Lubitz due to their conjunction as well as to the involvement of Sun’s exaltation degree that Jupiter activates. Some of the effects of this interrelation that are evident in both Hughes and Lubitz are ‘… rebelliousness, perverseness and obstinate persistence in unwise courses.‘2)C.E.O. Carter

Depressive and suicidal tendencies in Lubitz’s chart


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1. The co-pilot was treated for suicidal tendencies several years ago, and it is believed problems with his eyesight may have been psychosomatic in origin.
2. C.E.O. Carter

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