Kim Jong-un’s Fear of Snakes and Obsession with Nuclear Submarines

Kim Jong-un’s Fear of Snakes and Obsession with Nuclear Submarines

It is interesting to note that in the beginning of 2016, the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un developed a phobia about snakes. As a result, extermination of snakes become a state policy. “The key message from the Party was that the South’s National Intelligence Service had released snakes as part of a ‘cunning scheme’ to challenge our unity.” Some people consider the leader’s phobia a sign of his mental aberration. In my view, however, this conclusion is not correct. Astrology offers a logical response to this irrational state as well as many others. In short, it is the following.Astrology offers a logical explanation of this irrational state, as well as of many other conditions, and therefore the fear of snakes is not a disease. What is abnormal is the social system that allows the phobia to flourish and become a party policy. In short, the explanation is as follows.

Kim Jong-un salutes as child and adultAt the very beginning of 2016, the Pluto began its transit over Kim Jong-un’s natal sun. This event can happen no more than once in a person’s life and lasts about two to four years. It acts particularly strongly on the North Korean leader, because his sun degree is already ruled by Mars and Pluto. The Pluto-Sun conjunction makes the dictator particularly suspicious and militant, creates a sense of hidden threat, strengthens his latent phobias, disposes him to secret revenge, invisible weapons, and to the use of nuclear power (Pluto governs nuclear energy). By mid-2017, the conjunction became even more exact. Respectively, the North Korean supreme commander threatened the United States and began provocative nuclear missile tests. The North Korean dictator turns out to be a very dangerous person with too much power and in a very dangerous period.

One is most sensitive to the things he carries within himself. Many people do not even recognize realities other than their own. One tends to see merely what is innate to him, and unless conditions do not force him, he remains that way. One naturally attributes to others their qualities and intentions, and acts accordingly.

Horoscope is the source of inborn bias, of irrational likes and fears that do not depend on sensorial experience. The solar degree has a particularly strong role in determining them. If one’s totem is pleasant, safe, or at least acceptable to one’s consciousness and if its zodiacal degree is not injured, one usually likes it. The resemblance of people with their favourite animals is due to the fact that the bodily energy structure of which a horoscope is a reflection, determines the body proportions of beings, beasts or humans, to a great extent. Pet owners choose self-like animals to care for.

I have noticed that if the totem is evil, dangerous or poisonous, his bearer is predisposed to experience dislike or to develop phobia to it. He is inclined to attribute to others his totem’s malevolence. I believe the snake phobia of the Korean dictator has sprang out of his sun totem. Growing up in tyranny only has encouraged his totem and has helped him develop a phobia about it. And that the acute manifestation of his phobia in 2016-2017 is determined by astrological aspects, of which we only mentioned the most important one.

It must be natural for a sea snake-human to use submarines for military purposes, including for launch of murderous or “super-poisonous” nuclear missiles. For Kim Jing-un this is especially true this year. His behavior proves that the free will of man is animalistic, and therefore potentially dangerous.

Kim Jong-un smiles in front of an atomic submarine: the sea serpent-man is proud of the military analogue and deadly substitute of his venomous sun totem


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