An exemplary list of lectures I can deliver:


theric cosmology: order and equilibrium in space *

  • why mainstream relativistic science doesn’t recognize them

    Gravity is a unidirectional force and is unable to explain either the structure or the density of cosmic systems. The etheric physics of the 19th century, however, is free from the dogma of relativity and effortlessly reveals the causes of the cosmic order. It proves that the planets aren’t falling into the Sun but are in a dynamic equilibrium. It doesn’t need black holes to explain the density of cosmic matter. Moreover, it shows that all parameters of the solar system including size of planetary orbits are natural, predictable and therefore universal.
    Knowing that we are part of an ordered and logical system, instead of a product of accidents and catastrophes, is comforting and transforming.

Little known toxins of the modern world: identification and avoidance

The risk from the most widespread harmful factors of civilization is often unknown. This is so because the impact of ubiquitous factors is difficult to prove statistically and because they affect the interests of a vast number of industries. The hidden toxic factors are especially malicious because they act upon us constantly and undermine our health in a covert manner. But should we continue to be harmed until the toxicity of another factor is officially recognized? Should we rely on the mercy of those who enrich themselves at the expense of our health?
Now my generation regrets that we’ve devoured too much aluminium with the milk and chocolate and thus raised the morbidity of Alzheimer, but it’s too late. Will ignorance be our justification before our children for allowing them to be poisoned? Or the Alzheimer that our parents’ ignorance has drawn upon us?

Planning time for pregnancy and birth-moment with the aid of Astrology

  • Need, morality, unwanted consequences of caesarean section,

Astrologically determined periods of infertility

  • Essence, establishment, waiting for them to pass, potential disadvantages of conception during such periods

Non-chemical interactions: еessence, examples

  • Universal field, Telepathy, Radiesthésie, Synchronization, Astrological influences

Induction of birthmarks (pigmentations) in the embryo during pregnancy

  • Examples, nature, prevention, association with allergies and recurrent nightmares, non-genetic inheritance of stress

Medical Astrology: Introduction *

Astrological influences and body proportions

Astrological physiognomy: basic principles, examples, practice

Mundane (political) astrology: basic principles

Climatic Astrology: some principles

Homosexuality in horoscope

Horoscopic traits of radicalism and terrorism

Astrology of dreams: the most direct access to physiological archetypes

Degree Astrology: the micro zodiac signs *

Biorhythms & biorhythmology: basic notions

  • where the biological clock is located

Biolinguistics – the universal meaning of speech sounds: an introduction *

Astrology of Names: horoscope of names – basic principles

The reason why people cannot live on Mars

Correspondence between zodiacal signs of Chinese and Western astrology

Bio-astrology: zodiacal signs as instincts; elements & metabolism *

The psychological effects of circumcision and their consideration in astrological readings *

Astrology and palmistry: the intimate biological connection *

* with a potential for a more detailed course




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