List of Services

List of Services

Medical astrology:
Health analysis; Body asymmetry
Sounds & names astrology
Dream Astrology
Horary Astrology
Electional astrology
Mental deviations; Love & infidelity; Unclear states;
Horoscopic analysis; Quit Smoking; Totems


Medical astrology

Health analysis of birth charts

medical-astrology-bl-orThe health analysis of the horoscope can be is extremely useful. The horoscope shows the energy structure of a person that determines both his health and character. It allows examination of congenital predispositions to chronic diseases and indicates the time of their exacerbation. It is an invaluable tool for understanding conditions that lack clear diagnosis. It can be used to make personal health recommendations..

Is your body asymmetry normal?asymmetric-crab-sm-60

Body and facial asymmetries have an energy rather than genetic origin. Genes do not distinguish left from right, act in a symmetric fashion, and cannot cause them. Asymmetries are usually horscopically implanted and should not be treated. I know the cause of mine. Do you know about yours?

Personal Graphics

Preparing astrological graphics

The graphs of astrological transits, progressions or directories marvelously illustrate the state and development of the person or group concerned and can be extremely useful. The charts can be for individuals, groups, alliances, as well as events and ventures. They can also be drawn up in view of a desired indicator and period.

Sounds & names astrology

sound-wave-motion-animation2Choosing astrologically appropriate name

Both sounds and planets associate with vibrations. Names have horoscopic analogues and sharpen or soften the talents of their bearers. A proper name eases the life of its owner, and vice versa. Changing the name is an effortless way to change.

Help with choosing name of newbornschoice

Both names and horoscope have melodies of their own. It is good they to be in harmony or at least the name to mitigate the excesses of the horoscope. A proper name can ease the being of its bearer.

Find the right company/product name

The names, like horoscopes, have the power to invoke a matching attitude toward their owners. A proper name can make a product or service preferred regardless of its other qualities. Names alone are goods. Names are valuable goods in their own right.

Dream Astrology

child-moon-dream-wallpaper-to-rrDreams are the shortcuts to the self

Was your dream a play of astrological influences? Or it was a telepathic connection? Why somebody appeared in it? What does it indicate? Dreams are the true royal road to the self. Horoscopes of the dreamer, dreamt persons and dream are needed.

Horary astrology

Our actions are carried out through us. Horary astrology reveals their purpose and motivation.

It is known that only a small part of our activities are conscious. Horary astrology reveals our true motivation and makes evident that the subconscious manages almost everything.

horary-chart-70At the birth moment the etheric cosmic cycles load us with intentions that one’s natal horoscope betrays. Subsequently, the going through the cycles prompts us to fulfill our intentions at a certain point in time. Our vital energy is part of the universal ether and our will follows its motions.

Each of our actions, whether volitional or not, is synchronized with the cosmic wheels. Horary astrology can read the real driving forces of events and the truth of the motivation of the actions. For example, what is the real reason for someone calling, speaking or acting? Or where is a lost thing? Or will your desire be fulfilled? What is needed for a horary reading is the moment of the act or the idea. The horoscope of the doer may also be of help.

Electional astrology

Elections – Selecting Time of Events

time-to-act-warpEvery enterprise has a birthday & a horoscope affecting its potential. Elective astrology picks it. America & Greenwich were founded this way & work as planned. Are our private events less important?

Electing the right time to act

To ride the wave or to swim upstream? If you know what you want, it’s good to know when it’s easy or at all possible to achieve it. Untimely action is more unsuccessful than inaction


Mental deviations in the horoscope

Mental disorders are often implanted by horoscope. They’re of energetic nongenetic origin & poorly depend on personal experience. Insanity is standard and that is why it must be kept on a short leash.

ebtapdeHoroscopes can be quite indicative of the mind-set and mental state of their owners. Usually horoscope quite satisfactory describe and specify the mental inclinations and disorders of any kind. Conditions ranging from attention disorder and depression to neorosomatic hormonal misbalance or split personality can be detected and scrutinized. The periods of their appearance and activation can also be specified. The range of the conditions observable in horoscopes is limited only by the psychological and psychiatric terminology that has labelled them.

Psychiatric and psychological labelling of the mental conditions only limits and misleads their astrological interpretation and must be avoided. In the end, astrology and psychology are antagonists. The former observes the inborn energy matrix from which all traits including mentality emerge, while the latter attributes them to unconscious experience.  

Besides the horoscope of the person in question, those of his parents are required, and of his grandparents are desirable. The condition, the time it appeared too. At first, at least two hours will be needed to find and describe the condition.

induction-of-labour-pinc-balloon-study-at-materTime to fall in love & to be unfaithful

There are days in which one is most amorous & inclined to infidelity. Yet, the horoscope indicates how long the enthusiasm will last. If I knew this in my youth, my life would have gone some other way.

Understanding states of unclear nature


Astrology is indispensable in grasping the essence of obscure states, experiences, diagnoses, and motivations. The queen of sciences explores changes in the fabric of space and is truly interdisciplinary. It shows us how inseparably we are interconnected with both terrestrial and extraterrestrial life..

Horoscope analysis

aquarius-avatar-60The information in the natal chart is too much to be exhausted in one session. But nothing develops self-awareness more than knowing one’s own true motivation. And astrology is the best at this.Live reading is most effective.

Help with quitting smoking

The inclination to smoking is innate. It is not genetic, but energetic and is well visible in one’s horoscope. It has drops that allow easier quitting. Find out when they are.

Find out your zodiacal totems & meet your inner menagerie

Zodiacal totems offer the most direct visualization of man’s hidden nature. Meeting the inner menagerie is the only way to tame it and to judge one’s freedom of will. Knowing our inner menagerie enables us to understand others, to learn self-control & to turn our demons into guardian angels.


It’s uncertain how long a service will take me, because the depth of the analysis is individual. Some of the services would normally take me hour*, but most of them would take away more. Order one hour* or two hours, and then pay in addition if you have to, which will become known in the course of our communication.

The list of services does not deplete the spectrum of phenomena that can be analyzed with the methods of astrology.


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