Manchester Arena bombing is predictable by astrological means

Manchester Arena bombing is predictable by astrological means

Generally predictable timing of the attack

The suicide bomber attack in Manchester Arena on 22 May 2017 happened on the most critical day of the month regarding the actual astrological aspects. The highest monthly level of the red curve representing the hard aspects as well as its closest approach to the green curve indicates the criticality of the moment at the graph showing the actual mundane aspects for May 2017. Similar was the case with the Westminster terror attack in London on 22 March 2017. The annual and monthly two-line aspectual graphs for 2017 along with an instruction how to read them can be found here.

Mundane Aspects Graph for May 2017 with comments

At the time of the Manchester Arena terror attack Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto were severely afflicting each other in a T-square while Mars opposed Saturn, Lilith and ascendant. These aspects collectively created an atmosphere of antagonism, ideological crisis, revolutionary intolerance, vindictiveness, subconscious fears, sexual psychological complexes and alienation.

Generally, the qualities of the bad aspects formed on May 22 symbolize a deadly ideological explosion and a violent revenge that is stimulated by feminine temptation. The astrological aspects during the Manchester Arena suicide bombing are characteristic of Islamic terrorism. Therefore, the timing of the attack was predictable.

Tearing by wild animals

On May 22, a T-square formed between Jupiter on the one side, Pluto on the second side and Moon, Venus and Uranus on the third side. The same aspectual figure existed on 22 March during the London terror attack. The same planets took part in it with the difference that Venus of Manchester Arena suicide bombing replaced Mercury of London’s terror attack. The replacement is quite literal given that both planets occupied the same 17° Aries with difference only five angular minutes! Interestingly, among other things is that this degree is associated with sacrifice, pain and with tearing by wild animals. And isn’t suicide bombing a perfect modern equivalent of it?

To whom the wild animals were set on?

The analogy between the two terrorist acts and the character of the planets occupying the 17 degree Aries runs even deeper. The Westminster terror attack targeted pedestrians, which planetary representative is Mercury, the planet that then tenanted the degree. The Manchester Arena suicide bombing targeted the concert of a seductive young woman whose planetary analogue is Venus, the planet that occupied the degree at the time of the suicide bombing. Besides, young girls were victims of the suicide attack and they were possibly secondary targets of the bomber.

ISIL signature

A Jupiter-Neptune quincunx1)formed on 7 May, exact on 17 May and lasting until 15 July kindled ideological tensions and religious conflicts that Islam and Christianity typify. As in the London attack, the astrological influences and planetary aspects accompanying Manchester suicide bombing are the most congenial to radical Islam for the entire month. Many of them but not all pertain to the T-square mentioned above. Actually, the aspects of 22 May bear the clear astrological signature of Islamic State. They have a potential to move radical Islamites.

At the moment of the suicide booming Moon was at nadir that is the point of the daily circle at which she is strongest and indicates maximal emotiveness. Jupiter was still in its own house IX where it had entered about an hour earlier and where it is stronger for the day. Thus, the combined Moon-Jupiter influence achieved its daily peak, which is a quick mark of Islamic radicalism.

Emotional vendetta

Like in London attack, in Manchester bombing both Martian and Scorpio influences were very strong. Mercury, Moon and Uranus joined in Aries so Mars ruled all of them by sign. Mars also ruled all the other planets by disposition as it was atop the planetary disposition chain. The applying Mars-Saturn opposition inclined to violence, sadism and terrorism. The extremely strong but injured Mars was at descendant, the mundane place where he is in fall and tends to extreme and open hostility and encourages acts of aggression and vindictiveness. At the time of the suicide, the oppositions of Saturn and Lilith to Mars aligned with the ascendant–descendent axis coming to the daily peak in problems with temptation and cruelty.

A tempted harem holder

The nice aspects of Mars to Moon and Venus, his opposition to Lilith that casted a square to Neptune connected him, the masculine principle, to all of the female planets. The rising of Lilith betrays that at the time of the suicide bombing the female temptation was very strong, almost physical and at its daily peak. The occurrence of the Moon-Venus conjunction in nadir enhances and makes even more distinctive the peak. This is good news to Ariana Grande as she relies to sex appeal. However, it is critical for sexually dissatisfied Muslim who believes that suicide will catapult him into the heavenly harem of young virgins.

This day Mars directly governed free planets by sign: Moon, Venus and Uranus. In other words, he controlled the women, insecurity, emotion, happiness, liberation and free love archetypes of the universal man. Venus ruled all other planets by disposition whilst she was ruled by Mars. He also connected to the four feminine planets Moon, Venus, Lilith and indirectly to Neptune by his square to Lilith. The opposition of Mars to the latter made him feel sexually challenged by young women and sexual dreams.

On 22 May, the masculine beginning was in a macho mood. From a men’s standpoint it resonated to the attitudes typical of a harem owner who is provoked to subdue an independent young girl. Or of a poor single man who believes in heavenly virgins and craves for love. Certainly, those aspects will move a man who nourishes similar ideas.

Unhappy loneliness

At Manchester Arena attack, Venus, the planet that symbolizes womanhood, was very weak by sign and the masculine Mars ruled her. Actually, being atop of the chain of planetary detriment she was the weakest planet from a few days then indicating the central role of unhappiness and emotional dissatisfaction in the subconscious motivation of the bomber. Unhappy Venus resonates to unhappiness and dissatisfaction. She relates to reduced erogenous sensitivity such that circumcision of Muslim boys causes.

Venus casted a square to Pluto, the nocturnal Mars and ruler of the underworld, which frustrated her even more by charging her with apprehension, bitterness, envy and linking her to afterlife. The square implants the sense of dissatisfaction, isolation and aggravates various psychological problems and erogenous deficiencies. It must affect at the most the unhappy loners, who suffer a chronic dissatisfaction and think of death. The effect of the square harmonizes well with the erogenous desensitisation of circumcision and with belief of sexual bliss in Muslim paradise.  

Femme fatale in force again

On 22 of May the Moon joined Venus, connected it favourably by trines to Mars and Lilith. The female planets united that day and formed a heavenly ‘harem’ of planets referred here as the femme fatale that is a characteristic feature of the Islamic radicals and terrorist acts horoscopes.

That day the heavenly femme fatale was imprisoned and owned by Mars, the macho. Still the most playful side of her bantered him. Yet she connected to the invisible reality and hereafter presented by Venus-Pluto and Lilith-Neptune squares. This picture closely illustrates what might be in the head of a sexually dissatisfied, radical Islamist who readily resonates to the heavenly influences at the time of the attack. The erogenous desensitisation ensured by the Islamic rite of circumcision and horoscopically implanted religious zeal help to amplify the resonance and to activate the terrorist.

Time and location indexes: the solar eclipse

By charging zodiacal degrees with tension, a solar eclipse points to the most possible time of terroristic acts. By situating the charged degrees directly overhead at certain places, it appoints them as most probable targets. The last solar eclipse on 26 February 2017 foreboded explosive radicalism due to the Mars/Uranus conjunction and its opposition to Jupiter all casting squares to Pluto. The eclipse pointed mid-Britain’s longitudes and therefore Britain’s largest cities.

Solar Eclipse 26 February 2017 and planets at zenith and nadir

During the solar eclipse, an exact and explosive Mars-Uranus conjunction took place at 22° Aries. The conjunction happens to be at zenith at longitudes 0°11’W for Mars and 0°43’W for Uranus. It was exactly at zenith in London and a degree aside in Manchester at the peak of the eclipse. Thus, the zenith was at 23° Aries at London and at 21° Aries in Manchester. The projection of Jupiter at 23° Libra that opposed the Mars-Uranus conjunction from nadir is east of London at 0°07‘E.

The occurrence of the explosive conjunction at highest place and its opposition with religious Jupiter at lowest place situated them at the mundane angles or at the most prominent mundane position at the longitudes of London and Manchester. The eclipse relates to ideological or religious conflicts and migration and marks this longitude a possible location for terroristic actions. The solar eclipse clearly alerted Great Britain especially London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Portsmouth, Sheffield, Bradford, Liverpool, Bristol respectively ordered by closeness of the conjunction to zenith and size of the towns.

The exact Mars-Uranus conjunction during the eclipse – the 17 degree Aries – also indicates the zodiacal degrees that will tend to unleash the terror.

Religiosity and sexual dissatisfaction behind Islamic terrorism

The solar eclipse charged certain zodiacal degrees, especially 21°-23° Aries/Libra that were tenanted by planets of the Jupiter-Mars/Uranus opposition. At the time of Manchester Arena bombing, Moon was at 21° Aries and the mundane zenith-nadir axis was at 23° Aries. Thus, the discharge centred at 22° Aries/Libra took place at 22.30 on 22 May in Manchester, when the main axis of the T-square and mundane axes overlapped.

When the suicide bomber exploded the zenith-nadir line was exactly upside down on the same axis as it was during the solar eclipse. Jupiter was in his house from about half an hour signifying that the activator of the bomber is religiosity and impatience. Moon was exactly at nadir providing the suicide with the impulse to detonate himself. Moon was in conjunction to Venus and Uranus forming a mini harem led by a free from moral inhibitions partisan of free love suggesting that terrorist’s subconscious motivation is achieving emotional and sexual satisfaction and liberation. Venus was at 17 degree Aries where Mars-Uranus conjunction was at the solar eclipse directing extremism toward young women.

Moontown: other location indexes pointing to Manchester, England

Predicting the time of terrorist acts by astrological means is the easier task, especially when the motivation and psychological profile of perpetrators are known. Suggesting the type of place is more complicated. But predicting the geographical location is the most difficult task. This is so because the strength and suggestions of location indexes change with earth’s rotation and because not all places have astrological correspondences assigned. Manchester is known to be ruled by Moon and the terrorist act confirms it. It took place exactly when Moon was at the cusp of her own house, the mundane place where she is most powerful. There are other towns in the world considered to be ruled by Moon. However, none of them is named after her or has the Mars-Uranus conjunction exactly at zenith during the last solar eclipse. Therefore, Manchester is two steps ahead the other candidate towns with these two indexes. 

Usually horoscopes of terroristic acts are informative of location in some way. They are especially telling when terrorist acts are spontaneously executed and acted of terrorists’ own discretion. This comes to show that intricate it may be, but the place of the attack is deductible.

Islamic terror indexes

The main astrological indexes of location for the Islamic terrorism are depicted on Islamic flags. They are Moon and Venus. On May 22, both planets were in conjunction in Aries and therefore were ruled by their antagonists Mars and Pluto from both of which they also received aspects. The sign position of Moon and Venus points at a country ruled by Mars such as Britain.

It is considered that Moon rules Manchester, Gemini – west England where Manchester is located and Aries hence its significators Mars and Pluto ruler Great Britain. Therefore, the strongest indexes for Manchester are Moon, Aries, Mars and Gemini.

On 21 and 22 May, Aries is the strongest sign for the month, which is an alert to Britain. Mars is in Gemini from 21 April on focusing the attention, among other countries, on western England, where Manchester is situated.

A Moon-Jupiter bridge over time

At 10:00 on 22 May, the Moon opposed Jupiter and revived the temporarily dissipating T-square that existed during the solar eclipse and that has a radicalizing nature. In addition, then Moon was exactly at the same mundane place as Jupiter during the eclipse. At the solar eclipse, Jupiter was exactly on the cusp of Moon’s house in Manchester. Thus, there is a virtual Moon-Jupiter conjunction of the eclipse and the bombings – a benchmark of Islamic terrorism bridging the two moments in time.

At Manchester bombing the Moon revived the conflicting fanatic digress 22° Aries-Libra and 1° IV house that the solar eclipse has charged with religious intolerance and pointed at the Moon-governed Manchester as a probable target for Islamic terrorism..

Horoscopic angles are the strongest places in a mundane figure. At the very moment of the suicide bombing in Manchester the location indexes of Manchester – Mars and Moon – were very strong both being at angles, accentuated and connected. The Islamic terrorism indexes Venus, Moon and Lilith were all situated at angles too.

The Moon reinforced the T-square by abridging Venus and Uranus. She was exactly at the cusp of its own house, a position that lasts about a dozen of minutes, which proves that she is the main trigger of the terroristic act and the main index of location. And she indicates Manchester.

At the same time, Mars is at descendent indicating and resonating to open hostility. Both Mars and Moon are in exact applying sextile of 0’.6” that is exact about an hour later, their union resonating to Manchester, England.

At the Manchester suicidal bombing Venus also connects to Mars and Uranus over time as she occupies the same degree they were at the eclipse, which as we’ve already discussed tends toward a the relentless and sexist attitude to women.

Type of place

The mundane position of Moon and Venus at the time of the bombing in III and at the cusp of IV houses respectively describes a place where crowds of young people particularly girls socialize, behave freely, enjoy female art especially music and feel at home. A female pop star show in a large concert hall such as Ariana Grande performance in Manchester Arena fits perfectly this description. Knowing that Manchester is alerted by the last solar eclipse and that 22 May is one of the most possible dates for Islamic terrorism allows the time of the day and location to be deduced and known in advance.

A small harem formed in the sky by the two classic fame planets Venus and the same spot where the explosive or extravagantly sexualized and unquenchable Mars-Uranus conjunction was at the solar eclipse. It indicates an impatient rebellious unappeasable sex lust. The aspects the mini-harem received (most of them mentioned above) made it revengeful, greedy, impatient, rebellious, explosive, and sexually provocative. This makes a show of a female performer having free and sexually provoking behaviour extremely attractive to potential terrorists having reduced sexual sensitivity and believing in Islamic paradise. Such seems to be the performances of Ariana Grande, a young diva. Her musical videos are like pictures of the Islamic heaven. They show young but sexually appealing and provocative girls dancing, singing and alluring the receptive believers. A sexually dissatisfied potential terrorist believing in Islamic heaven will be subconsciously attracted to such a place. The suicide bomber in Manchester blew himself while intending to enter the concert of Ariana Grande, a mundane analogue of the Islamic heaven.

Expectedly, if Ariana Grande attracts Islamic terrorists, her horoscope must be reciprocal. And the closeness of her horoscope to the Islamic ideal is amazing. Ariana Grande horoscope is an epitome of the Islamic heavenly harem. Its essential characteristics are an integral part of the Islamic extremist horoscopes.

Moon towers above Manchester

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1. formed on 7 May, exact on 17 May and lasting until 15 July

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