Maternity Astrology

Maternity Astrology

Choosing a birthday is a non-genetic modification of qualities

maternity-astrology-p-10The choice of birth time can be compared to genetic engineering, but such that proceeds at gene expression level. I can say that this choice concerns the genes’ style of work, not their essence. Birth time largely determines temperament, body proportions, health and propensities. In confirmation, siblings usually differ in agreement with their horoscopes. Choosing birth time can be used as a method to adjust large sets of qualities. Or as a way of avoiding unwanted deviations that a predetermined date of birth can implant.

But let the possibility of applying non-genetic engineering does not tempt you to proceed to induced labor. I want to make it clear that I’m not in any way pushing you to caesarian delivery. I encourage natural birth because I see how precisely it is synchronized with natural cycles and how poorly we know nature. In addition, there are abundant statistics showing a link between caesarean section and certain psychological tendencies. However, these data are systematically neglected due to a lack of scientific explanation for their mechanism. Use astrology to choose time of delivery only when the induced birth is medically required or simply to choose a month to conceive.

Planned conception at natural birth

Conception is only possible on a certain day of the month during ovulation and the duration of the pregnancy is known. This allows us to control the time of natural birth simply by choosing a conception period.

Here we are not talking about predicting the exact day and hour of birth, which is more or less conditional and requires other calculations, but about an easy, inexpensive, very effective and natural way to generally modify sets of linked qualities of the native.

The qualities associated with zodiac signs vary from year to year due to the movement of the planets in the Zodiac. One year, some of the signs are weak and others are fine, and vice versa. Planned conception allows selecting the signs that are better in the desired period. The appreciation of the longevity of the zodiac signs that I would perform is in terms of a horoscope giving optimal conditions for the physical and mental health of the native according to the canons of classical medical astrology.

In my opinion, it is wise to avoid conceiving children for whom the likelihood of suffering from emotional and health problems is greater, however much. Mother’s horoscope and her ovulation days are needed. The check for favorable months for conception for a period of two years will take about two hours. Order here.

Select time for а caesarean section

I know the untold harms that cesarean section can do to natives and I wouldn’t support it. I am also aware of the great responsibility of the astrologer in determining birth time. But I’ve seen enough irresponsibly set dates for birth by medical illiterate astrologers. So I offer my help.

The choice of cesarean time can be made with respect to different parameters. The most important thing is to look for a date that is best for the child in terms of its health – physical and mental – in the future. A date may be sought that imposes certain qualities that parents find desirable, such as those that make the child similar to its parents, in order to improve mutual understanding in the family or qualities that are closest to those that the natural delivery would impart.

Parents will determine the search priority. The choice will take about two hours if the parents have clear requirements and twice more if they don‘t. Additional information is desirable. Order here.

Checking for horoscopic anomalies of an already fixed date for c-section

Typically, the day and time for caesarean delivery are set for convenience of medical staff. However, the time of caesarean section must be analysed from an astrological point of view and tested for the health and reason it conveys. The date and time of c-sections can and should be changed if their horoscopes contain potential for health, emotional or psychological risks. And these risks often go together. Preventing the implanting of malignant tendencies from the moment of birth is the wisest and most effective medical strategy.

For example, delayed mental development or autism that is not due to chromosomal mutations is invariably more or less detectible in one’s horoscope. Therefore, nongenetic autism largely, if not entirely, stems from the damaged mental capacity at birth. Similar to the tests for genetic anomalies of the fetus the analysis of future horoscopes must be universally introduced.

It is true that not every person having horoscopic factors of mental inhibitions develops autism. But this does not downplay the horoscopic indications of autism since all autistic people have such. This simply signifies that there are still unknown horoscopic or other non-genetic factors that affect mental development.

Autism is mostly attributed to people who have difficulty in speaking, while many other forms of autism or delayed intellectual development that are horscopically detectable are classified as oddities of character and remain hidden. The horoscopic examination of the time of induced birth could aid evasion of such anomalies too. The check will take about two hours. Additional information is desirable. Order here.

Predicting the time of natural birth

Natural birth is synchronized with cosmic cycles. Astrological influences stimulate birth contractions. Strong transits may cause premature birth, and weak – delayed labour. One may be forewarned. I would hardly miss out to be informed on the possibility of surprises, if I were in the corresponding condition. The attempt to predict when natural birth is most likely to take place will take me about two hours. Additional information is desirable. Order here.

Is labour induction really needed?

Births and contractions that cause it are triggered by astrological transits that act on both the mother and the embryo. In “quiet” skies, delayed birth is normal and there is no need for labour induction and disturbing embryo’s biorhythms in vain. This’d take me about three hours. Additional information is highly desirable. Order the check here.

Skipping conception on unfavorable days

As mentioned below, infertile transit and progression influences are considered unfavourable to the embryo and to the pregnancy. It is considered that fecundation that happens on such days may not be good. A classical Saturnian influence, for instance, explained the boom of mind-blowing that took place in Bulgaria a few years ago. It is not unreasonable for women to evade conceiving at such times, especially if they have a family history of difficult pregnancy. It will take me about an hour to find these dates for a year. Ordering.

In vitro fertilization (IVF) may wait

Before you resort to IVF, you could check whether you are within an astrologically determined infertile period and if so when it will end. You’d save a lot of effort & health.

The information needed:

The birth data of the candidate-mother for all tasks of delivery astrology is necessary. Her ovulation period must be known for planned conception. Additional data can improve the accurateness of the result. Family history of pregnancies including their length in days (or dates of conceptions and births), the horoscopes of parents and grandparents of the candidate mother may be helpful for a more reliable estimation. The additional information improves the effectiveness of the reading and is desirable.


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