Microsigns: the 360 Animals of the Zodiacal Circle

Microsigns: the 360 Animals of the Zodiacal Circle

The zodiacal circle is a heavenly belt of animals. A sign of the zodiac means a sign of a beast or of an animal. The condition of the zodiacal circle in the sky at the time of birth implants in the creatures that are born on earth and raises corresponding animal passions in them that subsequently try to steer their lives.

The zodiacal sign has a large share in the determination of many important qualities such as temperament, general body proportions, health predispositions, inclinations and preferences. According to bioastrology, each zodiac sign implants a characteristic instinct that defines secondary all its other manifestations. The zodiacal sign is a basic, yet a comparatively general category.

Smaller steps with which the zodiac characteristics change are the zodiacal degrees. They are 360 ​​and approximately correspond to the days of a year. The Sun, which is the strongest astrological factor, goes through the 360 degrees of the zodiac for a year and resides approximately a day at each degree.

Nature quite distinctly differentiates the days of the year. To living organisms, each day of the year is different and unlocks specific natural processes. In most cases, these biological processes are instigated independently from temperature or light intensity. The great sensitivity of life processes to the day of the year or month shows that a factor that depends on the mutual positions of the Sun and Earth affects biochemical processes at a basic level. And that this factor relates to light, but is not light and is more fundamental than light is.

The zodiacal degrees are degrees of arc. They are the smallest distinct qualitative steps of the zodiac. Their number is thirty times larger than that of the zodiacal signs because each sign contains thirty of them. The zodiacal degrees are more difficult to learn and correspondingly are less popular. Knowing their power, however, which bioastrology illustrates and promotes, we may realize that learning is worth.

Theре aref 365.25 days in a year and 360​​ degrees in a circle. The (twenty-four hour) days are of equal length, but the velocity with which the Sun crosses a zodiacal degree varies during the year. The zodiacal degrees only approximately correspond to the days of the year and aren’t identical with them. The adopted system of leap years periodically shifts the dates a zodiacal degree forward in order to compensate their gradual falling behind and further violates the correlation between degrees and dates. Consequently, depending on the year a given date the Sun turns out to be at any of three consecutive zodiacal degrees. To find out, which is your Sun degree as well as other active degrees in your horoscope, you may ask an astrologer.

We can make the following analogy to the biological taxonomy. The zodiacal circle contains 12 classes of animals or zodiacal signs, as each class includes 30 different species. Therefore, the entire zodiacal circle contains 360 species. We can refer to them as to micro zodiacal signs or microsigns. Anyone can be convinced in reality their existence after examining the degree zodiac galleries.

As the year has four seasons so the zodiacal circle has four analogue parts. Everything has a beginning, middle and end, and every season contains three qualitatively different subseasons corresponding to the zodiac signs. In the degree and medical astrology, the quadruplicity is well represented. Each subseason or sign contains 30 animal totems or elementary degree microsigns. Therefore, the entire zodiac circle holds 360 microsigns of the zodiac. The microsign is a 30 times more specific feature than the zodiacal sign. Thus, the degrees of the zodiacal arc are the smallest physiologically meaningful parts of the biological cycles. Not surprisingly, every degree has exact anatomically correspondence, a fact that is particularly useful in medical astrology.

Sun Totem: the chief of the personal menagerie

Each person is a unique menagerie because in it many (micro)signs of the zodiac coexist. However, the Sun’s influence is strongest and dominates others. In practice, it determines, say, between 60 to 90% of the horoscopic characteristics. Its strength depends on both the structure of the horoscope and the favourability of external conditions. A strong manifestation of the Sun totem alludes to certain qualities of both the horoscope and the environment. The lack of internal horoscopic inhibitions and external deterrent or culturalizing factors may increases the relative strength of the Sun instinct and renders the Sun totem domineering. The tenseness of the horoscope and, albeit to a lesser extent, the unfavourable external conditions can enhance the negative manifestations of the Sun degree. The Sun totem of creative personalities and uncultivated people may be very prominent.

To sum up, the chief totem or Sun microsign depends on the zodiacal degree occupied by the Sun at the time of birth. Sometimes another planet is particularly strong in the horoscope. Then it strengthens different degree and makes its totem a rival to that of the Sun. The degree zodiac section of the site that we proudly present to your attention illustrates this.


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