Moon-Jupiter contacts in Islamic terrorism

Moon-Jupiter contacts in Islamic terrorism

Moon-Jupiter contacts in Islamic terrorism

The Moon-Jupiter association is a one of the simplest horoscopic features of Islamic terrorism. It occurs so frequently that it can be taken for an Islam radicalism alert. Conjunction is the strongest contact. Square, opposition, trine and semisquare follow it. Other forms of Moon-Jupiter blend are sign and house positon, midpoint relations, mutual receptions and disposition chains.

‘conflict with foreign powers‘

Jupiter enthuses while Moon doubts. Their combination gives restlessness ranging from interest in speedy changes, generalizations, religiosity and travel. The tense Moon-Jupiter contacts tend to lead these qualities to the extreme. They cause intrusiveness, hedonism, religious zeal and dislike to foreign things, primarily ideology, religion or sexuality and escapism.

Here is what Chalets E.O. Carter says of a tense Moon-Jupiter aspect: ‘The native [having an inharmonious contact] either dislikes religion or quarrels about it. In the same way, there is usually misfortune in regard to foreign countries or foreigners, and these contacts occur often in the maps of statesmen or soldiers who have been in conflict with foreign powers. […] It [the inharmonious contact] often leads to enforced and more or less unpleasant residence in foreign countries.’

A quick test of terrorism

Tense Moon-Jupiter contacts tend to migration and religious conflicts and terrorism at the same time. They can be used for a speedy preliminary filtering of migrants for terroristic inclinations.

The harmonious Moon-Jupiter contacts tend to fill natives with sympathy to the supressed and unhappy, make them friendly, helpful, generous, advising, religious and popular. However, the difference between good and bad aspects is conditional and is a matter of balance. Culture has to maintain it, but religion and centripetal self-centred ideologies can easily disturb it.

The line between helpful enthusiasm, wanderlust, lust, impatience and threatening intrusiveness is thin. Both harmonious and inharmonious aspects occur in the maps of Islamic terrorism with frequency depending on their strength of the aspect rather than on their type. The Moon-Jupiter contact is an essential part of the horoscopic signature of Islamic terrorism. It reelates to tribal enthusiasm and religious zeal, while religious radicalism are due to other aspects. Such strategy must be used in the horoscopic filtering for terrorism.

Any Moon-Jupiter contact warns of Islamic terrorism. Still, the cruellest terrorists seem to have tense aspects such as squire in their maps.

The answers that that the Moon-Jupiter combination seeks tend to be passionate, speedy, superficial and general. In conditions of religious upbringing, sexual repression and irrational thinking, the easy solutions that the Moon-Jupiter blend offers may be dangerous and it warns about potential Islamic extremism.

Varieties of Moon-Jupiter contact in maps Islam terrorism

Moon and Jupiter are usually linked and accentuated. They may be afflicted or very strong. A Jupiter/Sun conjunction enhances Jupiter. The same does Jupiter’s sojourn in Jovian signs – Sagittarius or Pisces. Moon or Sun are often in Jovian signs so Jupiter rules or co-rules them. Jupiter may be in Cancer where it is exalted and Moon rules it. Moon and Sun may be in Cancer, the sigh of Jupiter’s exaltation. Men with Jupiter-Moon contacts like such women and are liked by women having contacts. Void of course Moon occurs relatively often and speaks of suggestibility, susceptibility, credulity and gullibility.

Neptune and Jupiter may interchange or share roles. The same is valid for Venus and Moon. Jupiter afflicted, weak in detriment or fall tends to pragmatic militant religiosity. Jupiter-Neptune opposition or square tend to religious fanaticism, relentless xenophobia, antichristian disposition in Muslims and vice versa and symbolize Islam-Christian conflict. Jupiter-Neptune, Jupiter-Uranus and Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions betrays spiritual ideologists, reformers religious and messiah.

In charts of Islamic terrorism Neptune-Uranus contacts especially conjunction signify antichristian disposition.

Jupiter or Neptune atop the dispositions tends to religiosity. Saturn atop the dispositions chain relates to sexual repression and suicidal tendency; Pluto – to strong sexuality, aggression, control mania and suicidal tendency.

Venus often contacts Moon, Lilith and Neptune symbolically forming the heavenly harem referred here as ‘femme fatale’. In few atypical cases, Jupiter may glances at the other celestial women such as Venus and/or Neptune instead of Moon.

Moon often contacts Mars, Pluto or Uranus, which is a habitual trait of aggressive maps. Mercury afflicted and weak weakens and logical thinking and facilitates radicalisation.

The Moon-Jupiter blending of the most important Islamic radicals, terrorists, terrorist acts and organizations that were brought to my attention are listed below. The Moon-Jupiter contact is an essential part of the horoscopic signature of Islamic terrorism. It can be used for a quick pre-test for Islam extremism. In addition, it can help to suppose the closeness of suspects and their belonging to an organization.

Islamic Terrorism:
Acts & Perpetrators

Moon-Jupiter contact
& related influences


Jupiter in detriment;
Moon trine Neptune;
Neptune afflicted

Osama bin Laden
(al-Qaeda leader

Jupiter in detriment and afflicted by Sun;
Moon trine Neptune;
Neptune afflicted;
Sun in Jovian sign Pisces

Osama bin Laden declares
war to US 1996

oncoming/applying conjunction (28°-14°)
Moon in Jovian sign Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter;
Jupiter in fall, afflicted but trine Sun: religiously endangered but strong;
Mars atop the disposition chain: aggressiveness;
Neptune-Uranus retrograde in a fading 3-years-long conjunction: faith reformism;
Node to midpoint Jupiter/Pluto: far-reaching political activity

Ayman al-Zawahiri
(al-Qaeda leader

Moon in Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter (70% of time);
Moon severely afflicted: combativeness;
Jupiter in detriment and afflicted;
Jupiter-Neptune opposition


exact conjunction (-4/+4°);
Neptune square Uranus: idealism-extremism

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
 (ISIL’s leader caliph)

wide oncoming conjunction to Jupiter & Neptune (50°-38°) ;
semisquare to Jupiter or sextiles to Neptune;
Moon aspects nearly all planets and rules all planets besides Sun at the chain of sign disposition;
Jupiter-Neptune conjunction

September 11 attacks

conjunction (applying 13°);
Moon in IX (Jupiter’s house);
Jupiter exalted at highest mundane position;
Neptune-Uranus exact conjunction: launching new religion

– Marwan al-Shehhi
(9/11 hijacker pilot)

applying (18°-6°)

– Mohamed Atta –
(9/11 hijacker pilot)

possible square;
Moon ruled by Jupiter in Jovian sign Sagittarius

Charlie Hebd shooting

conjunction (applying 9°)

– Said Kouachi
(Charlie Hebdo killer)

oncoming to Sun/Jupiter conjunction (16°-30°);
Moon accentuated: trine Neptune, square Uranus, sextile Pluto, Lilith;
possibly void of course Moon;
Jupiter accentuated: conjunction Sun, square Neptune, sextile Uranus, Pluto, node

– Cherif Kouachi
(Charlie Hebdo killer)

Jupiter at prenatal new moon, and rules Sun , Uranus,, Venus, Mercury, Neptune in Sagittarius

Brussels airport/
metro bombings

conjunction (2° separating);
Jupiter-Neptune opposition

– Najim Laachraoui
(Brussel bomber)

conjunction (applying 18°-4°);
Moon strong in Cancer & conjunction Mars or
in Leo conjunction Jupiter or both;
Jupiter square Uranus;

– Ibrahim El Bakraoui
(Brussel bomber)

Moon in Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter or
Moon sextile Jupiter & conjunction Neptune;
Neptune rules both Jupiter and Moon;
Jupiter square Uranus

– Khalid El Bakraoui
(Brussel bomber)

possibly sextile;
Moon in the Jovian sign Pisces co-ruled by Jupiter;
Sun trine Jupiter;
Saturn atop the dispositions chain

– Mohamed Abrin
(Brussel bomber)

Moon in the Jovian sign Pisces co-ruled by Jupiter;
(Moon possible sextile Jupiter);
Jupiter in fall;
Moon conjunction Mars;
Pluto atop the dispositions chain;
Neptune-Sun conjunction

suicide bombs in Moscow

opposition (9° separating);
Jupiter in its own sign Pisces

San Bernardin shooting

conjunction (applying 17°);
Moon opposition Neptune (3° applying):
Sun in Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter & square Neptune = Jupiter-Neptune square;
Neptune badly injured but strong in its own sign: faith endangered, but strong;

– Tashfeen Malik
(San Bernardino shooting

opposition (2-14° separating) – liking of Jovian males;
Jupiter in its own sign Pisces;
Sun in Cancer trine Jupiter: she embodies Jovian womanliness;
possible void of course Moon

– Syed Rizwan Farook,
(San Bernardino shooting)

possible square;
Moon connected to Lilith & Venus;
possible void of course Moon

Quebec mosque shooting

Moon in Jovian sign Pisces co-ruled by Jupiter & conjunction Neptune (applying 5°);
Venus, Neptune, Jupiter in mutual reception

Parris November 13

square (4° separating);
Moon ruled by Jupiter sign Sagittarius

– Abdelhamid Abaaoud
(Paris November 13

trine (more or less exact)
his Jupiter conjunction Sun & exactly hit by prenatal Sun eclipse, exact square to Neptune and atop the chain disposition chain

– Hasna Aiboulahcen
(Paris November 13
female terrorist)

Moon in Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter;
in mutual reception by sign with Jupiter;
Jupiter exalted in Cancer;
Jupiter and Neptune severely injured: radicalism Venus weak and unaspected: unhappiness

– Salah Abdeslam
(Paris November 13

Moon ruled by Jupiter in the Jovian sign Pisces;
in mutual reception by sign with Jupiter;
Jupiter exalted in Cancer;
Jupiter and Neptune severely injured: radicalism

– Ibrahim Abdeslam
(Paris November 13

Moon trine both Jupiter and Neptune (exact);
Jupiter-Neptune conjunction;
In mutual reception by sign;
Jupiter-Neptune conjunction

– Bilal Hadfi,
(Paris Nov. 13 terrorist
– the baby-faced
 and beheader)

possible sextile or no contact;
Jupiter in Sagittarius strong but afflicted;
Jupiter rules Venus and Moon by disposition;
Jupiter-Neptune conjunction;
Jupiter and Neptune rule all planets by disposition

– Samy Amimour
(Novemeber 13
Batakan terrorist)

both Moon and Jupiter strong and afflicted;
Mars square Neptune: militant religiosity;
Pluto atop the disposition chain

– Fouad Agad
(Novemeber 13
Batakan terrorist)

possible trine or no contact;
Jupiter in detriment but very expressed: confused reasoning

– Omar Ismael Mostefai
(Novemeber 13
Batakan terrorist)

Moon in Jovian sign Pisces;
Sun=Saturn exact suicidal tendency

Orlando gay
nightclub shooting

conjunction (separating 6°);
Jupiter & Neptune opposing & severely afflicted

Omar Mateen
(Orlando club shooter)

possible quintile; Moon severely hurt by masculine planets & void of course: sexual problems and touchiness;
Jupiter in own sign Pisces

Seaside Park bombing
(1st of 3 days succession
NY/Jersey bombings)

Moon opposition Jupiter & Sun;
Sun conjunction Jupiter;
Neptune ruler but injured

Chelsea bomb explosion
(2nd of 3 days succession
NY/Jersey bombings)

Sun conjunction Jupiter;
Moon quincunx Sun/Jupiter in XII Jovian house;
Moon conjunct Uranus at Uranus/Pluto midpoint

– Ahmad Khan Rahami
(Chelsea bomber)

oncoming/applying conjunction (30°-7°);
Moon in Jovian sign or in the same sign as Jupiter

Nice truck attack

Moon in Jovian house IX, exact conj. Mars & rules Sun by sign;
Jupiter in detriment;
wide Jupiter-Neptune opposition

– Mohamed Bouhlel
 (Nice lorry attacker)

Jupiter in fall but conjunction Sun: constant choice between footbrakes and rushing

Munich shooting
at shopping centre

Moon in Jovian sign Pisces & conj. its ruler Neptune (appl. 7°);
Jupiter in own house IX;
Ascendant in Sagittarius

– Ali David Sonboly
(the Munich gunman)

Moon conjunction Neptune and/or Uranus;
Neptune, Sun and Moon severely hurt: sadistic inclinations;
Jupiter strong in Jovian sign Pisces & conjunction Venus

Anwar al-Awlaki
(al-Qaeda imam)

Moon in the Jovian sign Pisces co-ruled by Jupiter &
possible trine Jupiter;
Jupiter strong in own sign, conjunction & mutual reception Neptune & atop the chain of planetary dispositions;
Jupiter-Neptune conjunction: spiritual ideologist

Istanbul airport suicide

Moon-Uranus conjunction in Aries;
Jupiter-Neptune opposition

Volgograd suicide
bombing, Russia 2013

Moon in Jupiter’s house IX

Clackamas Town
Center shooting

in shopping moll
Portland 2012

applying opposition Jupiter 5°;
exact square Neptune;
Moon in Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter;
Jupiter sentagon Neptune;
Jupiter in detriment;
Moon opposition ascendant & Lilith

Reutlingen knife attack /
2016 Ansbach bombing

Moon at Uranus/Neptune midpoint:
weak Moon-Jupiter contact;
but very strong fire: great impulsiveness

Berlin truck attack

oncoming 36°;
Moon opposition Neptune

– Anis Amri
(Berlin truck
attack terrorist)

exact conjunction (-3°/+7°);
his last Jupiter return conjunct last Lunar eclipse:
spontaneous decision

Cairo bombing at Coptic
Christian complex

Moon in IV; Jupiter in IX:
Sun in Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter & conjunction Saturn: Jupiter opposition Uranus (applying2°) both square Pluto;
depressive deadly ideology: the day is chosen beforehand, hour improvised

Westminster bridge
 truck attack

Moon square Jupiter and Uranus;
Moon conjunction Pluto

Stockholm truck attack

Sun exact opposition Jupiter & at cusp of Jovian house IX;
Moon very strong at ascendant; Mars at MC;
Neptune atop chains of disposition & of detriment

Manchester Arena
suicide bombing

opposition, conjunction Venus & Uranus;
Moon in her own IV house, Jupiter in its IX

– Salman Ramadan Abed
(Manchester bomber)

Moon in Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter (except for late night);
Jupiter ruler in its own sign Sagittarius;

– Ariana Grande-Butera
(Manchester bombing
after her concert)

exact conjunction (1° separating); Moon/Jupiter at cusp of IX;
she is Cancerian with Jovian Moon who is loved by Jovian types with Moon-Jupiter blend;
accentuated Neptune-Uranus exact conjunction trine Venus: loving spiritual eagerness, a sensitive liberated lover;
she is a personification of the Muslim men’s ideal of woman

Boston Marathon bombing

very wide oncoming conjunction 150°;
Moon at cusp Jovian house XII;
Mars at descendant: open revenge
(mundane time chosen by terrorists) Jupiter cusp V;

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
(Boston Marathon bomber)

oncoming conjunction 40°-25°;
Moon conjunction Mars;
Uranus-Neptune conjunction: spiritual ideologist

Tamerlan Tsarnaev
(Boston Marathon bomber)

square (sole aspect); imperative
Jupiter in Jovian sign Pisces & with sole aspect square to Moon and without planets between them

Palm Sunday church
Tanta, Egypt

oncoming/applying conjunction ;
Moon and Jupiter severely afflicted; all planets ruled by Neptune and co-ruled by Jupiter; Jupiter at Mars/Neptune midpoint; Pluto at Sun/Jupiter midpoint

London Bridge attacks

conjunction (applying 8°);
Sun-Jupiter trine & Sun-Neptune square;
Jupiter-Moon in Jupiter’s house IX;
Venus-Uranus exact conjunction at cusp of Moon’s house IV: polygamy & free love motivators.

– Khuram Shazad Butt
(London bridge attacker)

possible trine;
Moon rules Jupiter in Cancer;
Moon conjunction Mars;
Jupiter In Cancer & opposition Uranus/Neptune;
perhaps Sun in Moon/Jupiter midpoint;
Uranus-Neptune conjunction: spiritual ideologist
Saturn atop of disposition chain;
Sun square Point of Life, Sun trine point of death

– Rachid Redouane
(London bridge attacker)

Jupiter in Jovian sign Pisces, exact opposition; Venus both square Uranus and Lilith;
Moon joins these at the end of the day; Moon & Lilith conjunct at attack’s sun: possible trigger of the attack

Finsbury Park mosque ramming van attack

opposition (separating 3°);
Moon severely hurt spontaneous aggressive jingoism: (conjunct Uranus; in Aries, sextile Mars, square Pluto, MC, IC; opposition ASC & Jupiter);
Jupiter accentuated and severely injured: clash with foreign religions/powers;
Jupiter quincunx Neptune & Venus;
Moon, Uranus rising: patriotic revolt rises;
Jupiter in VII towards setting: foreign religion falling;
Moon, Uranus & Neptune in I towards rising: patriotic Christian rising;
Mercury/Sun-Saturn opposition at angles: strong depressive tendency;
Sun & Mercury in the Lunar house IV: desperate chauvinism;
General tone: depression + jingoism

Champs-Elysees car
ramming attack

opposition (separating 11°);
Moon severely hurt aggressive jingoism: (conjunct Uranus; in Aries, quintile Mars, square Pluto, MC, IC; opposition ASC & Jupiter);
Jupiter accentuated and severely injured: clash with foreign religions/powers;
Jupiter quincunx Neptune & Venus;
Mars, Sun, Mercury in Jupiter’s house IX: religious radicalism;

Jupiter rising: foreign religion rising;
Moon/Uranus setting: local freaks falling Mercury/Sun-Saturn opposition depressive tendency;
General tone: religious radicalism + depression

Brussels Central
Train Station
failed bombing

quincunx (lasting only about 3 hours);
Jupiter strong at highest place MC and just entering his own house IX;
Moon at cusp of V just leaving her own house;
This is the only minute of the day when the two planets are in their own houses;
Moon most aspected: conjunction Venus, sextile Mars & Neptune, trine Pluto, quincunx Lilith, semisquare Sun: high emotions;
Jupiter at Moon/Neptune midpoint: idealization of woman; powerful imagination;
Jupiter quincunx Neptune & Venus; challenging distant femme;
Sun at Jupiter/Neptune midpoint: self-deception, lack of self-control;
Mercury at Jupiter/Neptune midpoint: intense imagination, idealistic/ religious inspiration;
weaker motivators: failed terror

– Moroccan Oussama
(Brussels Central
Station bomber)

oncoming conjunction (75°-60°) to Jupiter/Saturn conjunction;
possible sextile Jupiter (30% prob.);
possible opposition Mars (50% prob.);
Saturn atop of disposition chain: depressiveness;;
Moon conj. Jupiter (6° applying) at his last Jupiter return

Spontaneity of the attacks

Spontaneous terrorist attacks performed by lonely wolves tend to occur at applying or exact Moon-Jupiter conjunctions, oppositions or squares. Exceptions occur, because the terrorists are prone to perform their deadly acts during the same Moon-Jupiter contacts as those their nativities hold.

The deficit of attacks lacking Moon-Jupiter connection reveals that prearranged attacks are very few and that the terrorists usually act on their own accord.

The perpetrators of attacks targeting certain events are not free to determine the date, but only the hour of the assault. The mundane Moon-Jupiter enhancements that regularly occur during such prearranged attacks attest this. We may say that the maximal daily strengthening of Moon and Jupiter influences chooses or activates the extremists of the planned attacks. The Boston Marathon bombing is an example of this. And the fact that the younger Boston bomber horoscope contains also an oncoming Moon-Jupiter tells his active role in the bombing.

Ansbach bombing is the only attack of those listed below lacking strong Moon-Jupiter contact, which suggests that suicide bomber horoscope is anomalous or his motivation wasn’t religious.

Authorship of the attacks

Important long-planned attacks may also take place during oncoming Moon-Jupiter conjunctions due to the fanaticism and great sensitivity of their organizer to mundane influences. For instance, September 11 exhibits obvious connections to horoscope of Osama bin Laden. The passing of the transit Moon over his Moon, her contact to Jupiter and the exact opposition of the transit Sun to his Sun are among the indications revealing that he has organized and triggered the 9/11 attack.

Authorship of terrorist organisations

That Osama bin Laden is the founder of al-Qaeda is beyond question because of the great similarities of their maps respecting intolerant religiously. Aspects denoting militant religiosity that both maps have in command are Moon-Jupiter square; Moon trine Jupiter and Jupiter & Neptune afflicted.

The second al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri has aspects of similar meaning showing that he is true follower of the cause.

Likes attract

The conjunction of Ariana Grande horoscope is only one of the horoscopic factors that make her embody Muslim men’s ideal of woman. Perhaps she served as an attractor to the suicide bomber.

Double circumcision

The nativity of Omar Mateen, the Orlando nightclub shooter lacks major or anyMoon-Jupiter aspect. He may has a quintile for no more than ¼ of the day, but even so, this aspect is the weakest among all terrorists. On the other hand, he has serious sexual problems owing to a combination of strong sexuality, severely afflicted and weak masculine planets, dominating feminine elements and repressed feminine planets. The overall result will tend to instil a difficulty in masculinity, but also an inability to sympathize, to be tender and sensitive. The low self-confidence may be compensated by machismo and aggressive behaviour, bulling and rejecting femmes.

He may be portrayed a potential homosexual with blocked sexuality. The probability of his Moon to be void of course is 75%, showing susceptibility and touchiness. His weak or absent Moon-Jupiter contact indicates that his motivation is not religious despite that he insistently claimed the opposite. He repeatedly pledged allegiance to ISIL as if to cover his true motivation. The sexual components of his chart indicate that his aggression may stem from inborn chronic dissatisfaction, difficulty in sexual orientation, bisexuality or bipolarity. His physical circumcision and his homophobe religion only aggravated these. His cruelty stemmed from inborn confused and repressed sexuality, physically removed erogenous sensitivity and patriarchal homophobic religious upbringing. His crime was a crime of mixed up and repressed passion allowed to discharge via Islam.

He was doubly circumcised: by horoscope in heart and by Islam in flesh.

Radicalization online

Interestingly, as a boy Omar Mateen boasted that Osama bin Laden is his uncle. This fantasy has its astrological explanation. Mateen and Laden horoscopes have remarkable similarity as regarding active zodiacal degrees and areas. Only few planets of the one are not in conjunction to planets of the other. Mateen and Laden are multiple-degree twins. They are horoscopic kin, which the younger terrorist instinctively felt.

The subconscious mind is capable to identify and evaluate visually the horoscopic or energy structure of another person in a seconds. A quick glance at one’s picture is often sufficient to determine his or her psychological traits. A proof of this is that the horoscopes of the people who are acquainted over internet exhibit similarities just like those who met in person.

Therefore, radicalization online is as normal as dating online. Besides receptive subjects, radicalization needs nothing more than communication. In democratic western world it cannot be stopped. It can only be prevented.

Fighting terrorism is only possible if the potential terrorists who are ssusceptible to radicalization can be recognized in advance. Astrology makes this possible, as the series of articles demonstrates. Moreover, astrological methods can show not only one’s inclination to religious fanaticism but also the time when individual potential extremists are most prone to be radicalized and to commit suicide. Moderate religious fanatics have only one or few suicidal periods in their lifetimes. Astrology offers effective methods for the early diagnosis of terrorism, allowing its prevention and pre-treatment.

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