The ‘Mother of All Bombs’
was dropped at the right time and place

The ‘Mother of All Bombs’ </br>was dropped at the right time and place

‘Mother of All Bombs’ is the larger conventional non-nuclear weapon. It was detonated for first time in Achin, Nangahar, Afghanistan on 13 April 2017. The bomb was released in 19:32 local time. Its aim was to destroy bases of ISIL jihadists. Only a few people, however, know how precisely the explosion was synchronized with the heavenly influences.

The same day there was а bomb blast in heavens too

sun-conjunct-uranus-y-600-60That day the Sun was in exact conjunction to Uranus. The Sun Uranus conjunction is an annual event. The Sun and Uranus sojourn at a degree for one day per year. This was the only day for a year in which the two bodies are within one zodiacal degree. At the time of the explosion, Sun was only half a degree afore Uranus in Aries.

The astrological symbolism of this day for an entire year is most consistent with the detonation of a nuclear bomb or with an explosion of similar magnitude. Not surprisingly, these days North Korea provoked the worlds with nuclear missile tests and fired one on 16 that luckily blew up at launch.

The Sun is the strongest indicator of the world will, Uranus – of spasmodic liberation, radiation and blasts and Aries – of attacks. Their union in the sky incites performance of such actions on earth.  ‘Mother of All Bombs’ is a substitute or imitation of a nuclear bomb that is associated radiation. The dropping of MOAB is synchronized with celestial events having similar archetypal significance. In this sense, it was committed under orders from above.

ISIL on the heavenly gunpoint

There are several strong indications that Islamic State (ISIS, IDIL, Daesh) would be the target of the explosion. For instance, the exact conjunction of the last solar eclipse to ISIL’s Neptune indicates an imminent collapse of its creed and dispersion of the chaos that it creates. By the exact conjunction of Mars and Uranus in Aries, the eclipse also suggests the zodiacal degree that will bring a devastating fire.

The day of MOAB detonation the transit Jupiter formed an exact conjunction to Mars of the terrorist group specifying urgent and possibly military actions in which it is involved. At the same time, the opposition of Jupiter to its Uranus indicates revolutionary ideological intolerance. The conjunctions of the mundane Ascendant and transit Moon to its Saturn signify destabilization, destruction, confusion and chaos in the organization. They also hint that emotional and sexual repression motivate the discipline of ISIL warriors.

Two wide oppositions that were formed 7 and 10 days earlier respectively must have played roles in the selection of the target. These are the opposition of Sun-Uranus conjunction to ISIL’s Mars1)exact on April 6, indicating a powerful win over smaller and meaner opponent and the transit Mars – ISIL’s Saturn2)exact on April 3 opposition signalling a severe antagonism.

ISIS Sun was just rising in Washington

We learned that the day and target of MOAB dropping pretty well inscribe in heaven’s schedule. But why the bomb was released exactly at this moment? Whose will has had the freedom to determine the exact timing of its launch? Did Washington directly lead its release? My analysis shows that almost certainly heavens prompted someone in Washington to issue the order.

At the time of the MOAB detonation, the Sun degree of Islamic State chart has just risen at Washington.3)11:02 Only about 13 minutes earlier4)10:49 ISIL’s Sun degree was right on Washington skyline. If the Sun were there, it would still be invisible. It would take a few minutes for it to rise enough so it be seen in Washington. The rising of ISIL’s sun degree at Washington has put on standby somebody authorized and had his finger on MOAB trigger.

Furthermore, at the time of bomb dropping the Sun-Uranus conjunction falls right on the cusp of XI house in Washington. This is the mundane place in the horoscope, at which the liberating impulses of Uranus are expressed at the most and often explosively.

This day Uranus is the strongest for an entire year, because the sun joins it. The passage of Uranus in the cusp of his own house happens once a day and lasts about four minutes for each location on earth. It seems that it has pulled the last ‘trigger’ for the bomb in Washington.


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1. exact on April 6
2. exact on April 3
3. 11:02
4. 10:49

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